Creating A Christmas Memories Keepsake Book

You could create a Christmas memories book in so many ways, but I was excited to discover a couple of resources that are helping me create this new tradition and beautiful keepsake.

First of all, we took some fun pictures around our Christmas tree. I simply propped up my tripod, set my camera timer and hoped for the best! I don’t know if it is because my kids are getting older, but I was so pleased with how smoothly it went. We had just a few silly shenanigans.

Then I quickly designed some Christmas cards from the best holiday cards section of Basic Invite.

Then I noticed you could print and buy samples! This is where I got really excited. I wanted to create a beautiful card with each kids pictures for their own keepsake book. 

So I searched their merry xmas cards and found a good collage layout, and changed the colors and elements to coordinate with each of their outfits.

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