Creating a Relaxing Home Decorating Experience in Your Summer Bedroom

Whether you’re planning on decorating the master bedroom or thinking about adding some furniture or accessories, enjoy this tour of my Summer Bedroom.


Waking up before my kids. It’s a total miracle that all 4 of my kids sleep in until about 8:00 a.m. every morning. I get to enjoy a couple of hours all to myself each day in complete, reflective, and productive silence.


Chore charts. Another miracle – they are working still! My 3 girls wake up and get to their morning tasks with only a slight nudge.

Unless we have to run errands early, they make their beds every day, read books and scripture, get ready themselves, practice their music lessons, and help me with daily tasks like watering plants and dishes, cleaning bed frames, and sweeping.


Connection. I’m not even going to pretend we don’t have sibling fighting and some disobedience, but there have also been grand moments of connection.

The connection between siblings, and re-connecting with my older children, who usually spend most of their days in school.

Freedom from the schedule. Mind you, I love my schedules. But to only have my son’s “maybe” nap time as our only scheduled activity most days, is freeing.


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