DIY Interior Stone Accent Wall

Have you ever wanted an indoor rock or stone wall, to give a newer house some dreamy old world charm?

Check out this step-by-step DIY interior stone wall tutorial and learn how to create the accent wall of your dreams!


– Stone – Water barrier – Wire mesh – Hammer and nails – Screws and drill


Before you do anything, make sure that the surface of your wall has a moisture barrier.  The mortar that you’ll be using to construct your accent wall needs water to cure.


A wall without a moisture barrier can draw the water out of your mortar and interfere with the curing process. For us, this was easy because our wall was already painted.

Next, nail, screw or staple wire mesh onto your wall. Attach securely at the studs. You’ll want to cover the entire work area with this mesh. This won’t be seen in the end so perfection is not required.

If you are using a drop cloth or cardboard, set that out under your work area to make clean up easier.


In a large bucket, combine your powder mortar mix with water to the correct consistency. You want the mixed mortar to be spreadable, but not too thin.


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