Looking for an easy fun craft to make, that the whole family will enjoy?  Try your hand at this easy DIY reversible chalkboard & whiteboard – no power tools necessary.

I love to see my kids drawing things out on non-digital surfaces, and connecting with each other through “non-connected” means.

On one side I used chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard surface. And on the other side I used some whiteboard sticker paper to create a whiteboard surface.

SUPPLIES: - Wood - Craft knife/blade - Chalkboard Paint - White milk paint, - Krazy Glue - Whiteboard sticker paper - Wood Clamps - Sandpaper

Unless you were able to find the right size of frame wood pieces at the store, you can easily cut the thin pieces with a craft knife.

I like to use white milk paint to give my wood a white washed/stain look without the stronger fumes from wood stains.

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