Frozen Crio Bru

Frozen Crio Bru is a cold version of my favorite hot drink and perfect for a light, chocolatey, cool down everyday of the week. Healthy + Chocolate + Pressure Cooker = My happy life with Crio Bru.


– Crio Bru – Water – Milk – Heavy cream – Cocoa powder – Powdered sugar Swipe up for the full list of ingredients.


Pour water, milk, syrup, and Crio Bru into the pressure cooker pot.


Secure the lid and turn pressure release knob to a sealed position. Cook at high pressure for 5 minutes.


When cooking is complete, use a natural release for 10 minutes and then release any remaining pressure.


Place a fine mesh sieve over a large bowl and pour Crio Bru through the sieve to filter out the grounds.


Let Crio cool slightly, then pour into ice cube trays (my trays fit about 1 tablespoon per cube). Freeze until solid then transfer to a gallon size freezer bag.


To make Frozen Crio Bru: Add 12 cubes of frozen Crio Bru, milk, and banana to a high powered blender and blend until smooth. Add more milk if needed to help it blend. Grab a spoon and a smoothie straw and Enjoy!

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