Homeschool Room Set Up Ideas

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On the back wall, we placed our IKEA Havsta cabinets that we hacked for an upgraded look and for much-needed closed-door storage.

Storage cabinets

At the center of the room, we opted for a round table where we could all gather together for our group history and science lessons.

Round table

This desk serves as the computer desk where the kids pull out their laptops for any computer work they need or want to do.

Computer desk

I keep most of the sewing supplies on this desk so it is quick and easy to start up a sewing project or teach my kids a few skills.

Sewing Desk

These blue chairs were a bit of a design risk for me. I’m not usually brave enough to use such bold color, but I felt the kids would like it. They do tie in nicely with the maps.

Blue Chairs

I think the highlight of the space is our super large roll down classroom maps.


Concealed behind the maps is a very large whiteboard, because how can you have a schoolroom without a whiteboard? This should be at the top of the list when it comes to homeschool room ideas!


I much prefer to add vintage and antique pieces so each room has a nice blend of convenience and character. Since all of the furniture was new, I wanted to add that character through the decor.


I recommend installing floating shelves. They are affordable, stylish, and easy to install. If you don’t have a lot of room for storage, these can help with storing school supplies!


Below the shelves, I’ve put on display one of my favorite art finds of all time, an original by Arlene Fisher.

Art Piece

Speaking of art, I wanted to create a spot where the kids could display their art projects, which they are working on constantly!

Bulletin Board

I felt like adding that splash of old wood above the dark cabinets would really help warm up the color scheme and add a bit of natural texture to the harsh black.

Dough Trough

The room gets some great natural light, but occasionally we turn on our big light fixture. This brass chandelier was a really affordable find on Amazon.


Over on the windowsill, I just keep our handy sand timers at a quick grab.  I can’t believe how much my kids use them!


I  bought a 5×8 rug and turned it sideways to just go under the round table leaving the rolling chairs hard floor space to roll easily.


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