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Homeschool room ideas! Check out the small room in our pole barn house that we’re using to homeschool, educate, craft, and create. This tiny room is a bustling space in our home where we learn, sew, gather, explore, work, and truly enjoy life. We have made good use of every corner. I look forward to sharing all the design details with you!

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This space was originally supposed to be all mine. My very own at-home work office where I blog, create, and grow my 3 online businesses.

Well, it seems with a funny little twist of fate—what was once mine, has again become theirs—meaning my 4 children.

Mainly due to the events of our current world situation, I decided to pull my kids from school and homeschool for the first time.

view of the homeschool room, revealing a round table with chairs, a desk, pulldown maps, and cabinets

We wanted a space where our kids could have a designated space for learning. Of course, we also wanted all the homeschool supplies to be tidy and organized!

So, I adapted my home office vision to create this homeschool space that we all love so very much.

Homeschool Room Ideas for a Tiny Room

Let’s take a look at the overall room layout and design.

view of the homeschool room from the living room, showing all the furniture and havsta cabinets

These are all ideas for utilizing furniture and decorating the space, while also giving the kids room to learn.

Storage Cabinets

On the back wall, we placed our IKEA Havsta cabinets that we hacked for an upgraded look and for much-needed closed-door storage.

storage cabinets installed along the wall in a homeschool room

I do still want to swap out the hardware for some brass hardware. But I didn’t get to that yet and wanted to go ahead and show you the space anyway.

storage cabinets installed along the wall in a homeschool room

I think that brass hardware will make a big difference to elevate these cabinets as well.

Round Table

At the center of the room, we opted for a round table where we could all gather together for our group history and science lessons.

flowers in an antique vase that's placed in the center of a roundtable

The best memories happen right here! And it is usually the favorite place for a kid or two to hang out while they do their homework.

For the record, it is rarely this clean and can usually be seen covered with our homeschool supplies.

The table is also from IKEA as well as the wooden chairs in the back. It’s been nice to also have this table in here as an overflow for when we have company over. (I cannot find the direct link to the table and chairs. I’m not sure if they are available at IKEA anymore).

wooden chair placed next to roundtable

I particularly love how the wood on the chairs looks with the darker walnut wood on the table. It is a really nice tone-on-tone effect!

Computer Desk

I was able to squeeze two desks with more storage on either side of the walls.  It makes for a snug space, but it is so functional for us!

blue chair and desk in a homeschool room with floating shelves installed above it

This desk serves as the computer desk where the kids pull out their laptops for any computer work they need or want to do.

two containers holding pens and pencils on top of a desk

I keep a jar of pencils handy (Ticonderoga is the best pencil!) for the kids here at this desk, and a cup of my favorite pens – The TIDBITS Pen – since we are constantly grabbing for a writing utensil.

Sewing Desk

The other desk is often used as a creative or study space, but I have designated it as the sewing desk where we will pull out the sewing machine as needed.

blue chair and desk placed in homeschool room in front of a pulldown classroom map

I keep most of the sewing supplies on this desk so it is quick and easy to start up a sewing project or teach my kids a few skills.

view of the homeschool room, revealing a round table with chairs, a desk, pulldown maps, and cabinets

These desks were ones I found at RC Willey, bought in store.

Blue Chairs

These blue chairs were a bit of a design risk for me. I’m not usually brave enough to use such bold color, but I felt the kids would like it. They do tie in nicely with the maps.

blue chair, a desk, and two pulldown maps in a homeschool room

When the time comes for us to all gather at the round table, we just turn the blue chairs around and up to the table and quickly grab a nearby stool for the 5th person and we all fit nicely. It is working great!


I think the highlight of the space is our super large roll down classroom maps.

four kids looking at a world map in a converted room used for homeschooling

We have a large USA map and a large world map which have both been amazing as we have studied history and geography together.


Concealed behind the maps is a very large whiteboard, because how can you have a schoolroom without a whiteboard? This should be at the top of the list when it comes to homeschool room ideas!

kids writing on a whiteboard in a homeschool room

Home Depot sells large sheets of whiteboard material and we simply framed it out with some trim. It is used for all sorts of fun and learning.


I was very mindful of each piece of decor I brought into the space. As we were hurrying to bring it all together, we bought most things new.

planner, sketchbook, notebook, and journal placed on a bookshelf with decor items

I much prefer to add vintage and antique pieces so each room has a nice blend of convenience and character. Since all of the furniture was new, I wanted to add that character through the decor.

I dug around our storage for some “old school” pieces that I had collected through the years and also used the excuse to go antique shopping.


Continuing our list of homeschool room ideas, I recommend installing floating shelves. They are affordable, stylish, and easy to install. If you don’t have a lot of room for storage, these can help with storing school supplies!

My husband cut down some of our scrap marble remnant slabs from bigger projects to make some floating shelves for me to decorate with.

Bookends holding up a bookshelf on a floating shelf

We installed them with these heavy-duty metal brackets made for really heavy materials and screwed them securely to the studs.  

I’ve placed all sorts of treasures on the shelves that remind me of a charming “old school” style.

Bookends holding up a bookshelf on a floating shelf

I love these school boy bookends and collected some old worn books to place between them.

I found a cool old marble stamp moisturizer, and some horse bookends hold my TIDBITS Planners collection up for me to see and grab quickly to use.

planner, sketchbook, notebook, and journal placed on bookshelf

Up above I’ve placed a couple of American flags inside a jar. Behind it is this really neat old Chinese Checkers game board which was such a great find.

Mason jar holding a United States flag. The mason jar is on a floating shelf.

I’ve got some really worn children’s books, a jar of old rulers gifted to me by a dear friend, some framed vintage art in cool old brass frames, and lots of little goodies to enjoy on display.

Art Piece

Below the shelves, I’ve put on display one of my favorite art finds of all time, an original by Arlene Fisher.

two floating shelves with boos, art and decor above a desk

It was an art splurge for me since I usually find a way to get art for free or basically free. But something about it stole my heart and it felt like the perfect piece for our schoolroom.

wall art depicting scene of farming communities with charming homes, roads, animals and people out enjoying the land

The colors are darling but the scene is basically one that we all enjoy dreaming about. How charming is this little community with charming homes, roads, animals and people out enjoying the land.

wall art depicting scene of farming communities with charming homes, roads, animals and people out enjoying the land

I told my husband if I could envision heaven – this would basically be it with all our family and dear friends surrounding us in such a simple way of life.

Bulletin Board

Speaking of art, I wanted to create a spot where the kids could display their art projects, which they are working on constantly!

cork bulletin board made with grain sack fabric, used for displaying art and inspirational quotes

Anyway, I simply got some grain sack fabric and stapled it onto a store-bought cork bulletin board.

The kids happily rotate their art around and it is never boring on here. We also have our school and homo motto for the year pinned up here as a nice reminder.

Dough Trough

I wanted to tell you about this vintage dough trough I placed above the cabinets. It was a fun find but I was very mindful of why I put it up there.

dough trough placed above havsta cabinets

I have never really done such bold black before in any of my rooms, so these cabinets felt risky to me.

However, I felt like adding that splash of old wood above them would really help warm up the color scheme and add a bit of natural texture to the harsh black.

It really did the trick for me and it felt right immediately.  I’m sure some brass hardware will help too and I’ll have to get those soon.


The room gets some great natural light, but occasionally we turn on our big light fixture. This brass chandelier was a really affordable find on Amazon.

chandelier hanging in homeschool room with havsta cabinets and dough trough in the background

I’ve included this chandelier and other items I love on my shop page. Check that out if you want to dig around for more resources.


I don’t always keep flowers in the center of this table, but a room reveal always needs a splash of fresh flowers.

flowers placed in antique vase that's used as a centerpiece on a roundtable

They feel so nice in here, I just might try to keep some clippings in here regularly as it really sets a soothing tone for learning.


Over on the windowsill, I just keep our handy sand timers at a quick grab.  I can’t believe how much my kids use them!

sand timers and jars filled with miniature pom poms on a windowsill

I also have a little pom pom reward system here that I use to get my kids to get up and going in the morning with their chores and homework.

When their jar is full they get to pick from a prize box full of little trinkets.  Go figure this still works for the 14-year-old. Like magic! You just never grow too old for some things.


I wanted it to feel cozy but I knew a rug would get in the way of the rolling chairs and often curl up with them.

gray rug with stripes underneath a roundtable

I also bought a 5×8 rug and turned it sideways to just go under the round table leaving the rolling chairs hard floor space to roll easily.

It works perfectly! I bought this rug from Studio McGee, when I fell in love with it. I love it in this space.

Well, that sums up our homeschool room. This is one of the many rooms in our pole barn home that feels complete. It’s hard to believe we’ve lived here a year already!

Did you like any of our homeschool room ideas? Which ones would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great topic, very interesting for me, thank you. I like such very professional materials. Studying at home is tedious and you need to somehow entertain yourself, read something interesting or watch educational videos.

  2. I’m obsessed with your ikea hack and I think I will try it (though must have the marble done by a pro). Can you tell me what paint color you used in the school space? Love it!

  3. It is a beautiful environment for growth! The maps are wonderful for gaining a true perspective. Homeschooling is an investment for sure but the dividends are measureless. Can tell your heart is in the right place:) Wouldn’t change a thing just love it all!

  4. What a beautiful space! I love the mix of wood and paint. Those blue chairs are gorgeous: just the right dose of color! I’m still envying you for your maps! Gorgeous lighting and furnishings! Love the sand timers and pom-pom jars idea too!

  5. I love the whole space you did a marvelous job, you planned everything out so well. I love the maps, white board, the shelves with those great old pieces, and that picture is wonderful.

  6. What a fabulous room! You did a beautiful job of mixing old with new. The maps are so perfect – they teach and look great.

  7. Oh my word! The Arlene Fisher piece. Sooo checking with my husband to see what he thinks of that for a room in our house. Also, I love your vision of Heaven! It’s important for us to have one. And, while I’m a farm girl all the way (albeit a hobby farm!), I envision God allowing me the opportunity to tumble and roll down a grassy hill (picture the English countryside) holding on to a lion’s mane and just laughing with him. I can’t wait!

  8. Love it all Cami! My favorite parts are the maps, pom pom reward system, and wall mounted pencil sharpener. We used to have one way back when I first homeschooled and I think it’s time for a revival. You did such a great job of making this space work and I’m definitely inspired.