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Classic Holiday colors make a comeback in our Red and Green Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom.  Welcome to this years Holiday Housewalk tour, as I take you through a space that used to be . . . and a story to go with it.

*This post is Sponsored by Piper Classics – bedding of your Farmhouse dreams my friends!  All opinions are my own.

It’s a good week to be touring some homes all decked for the Holidays!  The Jeniffer Rizzo “Holiday Housewalk” is something I look forward to every year and am so honored to participate in.  I am House 27, so if you are coming from At The Picket Fence – I welcome you!  Vanessa is such an inspiration in both decor and words!

If you are just getting started on the Housewalk, feel free to swing over to Jeniffer Rizzo’s to start at Day 1.  You won’t want to miss a single home!

Now before I show you my home and tell you my story of “The Unfinished Christmas”, let me catch my new visitors up to speed.

red cranberries on string, silver ornaments.

I’m Cami and you’ve landed on my blog TIDBITS, my place to share inspiration for do-it-yourself living.  Here is our life in a bulleted list for the past year:

  • Pretty close to finishing the updating of our 1990’s home.
  • Decided to take advantage of a “hot housing market” and move into a “decent” rental home to sell our house.
  • Looked forward to buying land and building the home of our dreams.
  • Sat on 2 house payments for 6 months (while sweating profusely).
  • Finally sold at the right place and time (after the trial of our faith!)
  • Fell into a miraculous opportunity to buy 25 beautiful acres of our dream land!

There is much to look forward to, but here we sit in a dark-ish rental home still (which is hard when your style is light and bright and you are a home decor blogger) while we jump through multiple hoops just trying to get started on our house.

Christmas bedding, red and white

Now that you are caught up, let me tell you my story of “The Unfinished Christmas”.

The preparation for this Holiday Housewalk started way back in August.  I jumped on a phone call with Piper Classics and we discussed a good way to share their products with you, which I strongly felt would be perfectly dreamy for Christmas time.

Christmas bedding, red and white grain sack striped. Perfect for Christmas.

I mean, red and white Farmhouse ticking bedding . . . can you imagine anything more festive and beautiful to crawl into at night?!

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

There was just a minor problem.  We were planning to close on our house in a couple of weeks, which had remained staged for months, but I HAD TO have my light and bright bedroom to photo this incredible bedding.  HAD TO.

Christmas bedding, red and white.

So in my typical mindset of “sure, I can pull this off” I had the product rushed to me.  As soon as it arrived I began decking and fluffing and ringing in the Holidays . . . in August . . . a day before closing.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

The soon-to-be new owners and realtor did their final walk through, most likely baffled as to why the whole house was empty except for one very festive bedroom.

Brass candlesticks

As quickly as this Christmas scene went up, it also came down.  But not before the kids and I sat near the tree and the twinkling lights and talked and laughed at the irony of this blogger life.  It was an evening I will never forget.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

My littles were catching the Spirit of Christmas!  In August!  I listened as they talked about what they wanted from Santa this year.  We spoke of all the Christmas’s we had enjoyed in this house.  We felt both saddened and excited to be leaving it behind for someone else.  Had I thought ahead and stocked extra toilet paper in the bathrooms, we probably would have spent the night all bunked in this dreamy master bedroom filled with empty gift boxes, candles, fresh greenery, lights and cozy blankets.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

Let’s fast forward in time.  Here I am, months later, the night before my post for the Holiday Housewalk should go live, editing pictures and writing a post last minute because of too many “sure-I-can-pull-that-off” commitments.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

I’ve stared at these images thinking, “Oh there you are Cami” and “I forgot you had that in you Cami”.  Sure, I’ve kept the blog going with lots of small projects, trying to creatively adapt for not having a light space so that TIDBITS remains close to what my readers have become accustomed to.  But oh how I’ve missed styling spaces and creating a place where our whole family felt at home.  I miss creating the magic of change.  I miss the feeling of progress.  I’ve missed the feeling of accomplishment when a job is finished.


Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

Looking at this room again made me think how unfair that this space did not get to finish Christmas!  We would have loved it the whole season long.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

It’s almost like I created the magic for my children – for myself – then destroyed it before the magic hour, leaving an empty hole in our hearts.  To top it off, I’ve told myself over and over that this kind of perfect magic could not and would not be created in our rental.  The magic would have to wait.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

It would have to be the year of “The Unfinished Christmas“.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

As I went about my day, I pondered on this sad fate I had created for myself.  While the kids were at school I decided I needed a computer break and instinctively shifted some furniture to make room for a side table to finally have a surface for our Nativity, handed down from my Grandma.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

As the kids came home and happily noticed the lovely wood figures now placed out, they began to enjoy their own instinctive shifting and imagining.  My son began again to play with the train around the tree, and my oldest started playing Christmas music on Alexa.  Someone turned on the flickering lights placed on our sparse Mountain tree.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

That’s when I realized I had been wrong all along.

The magic of Christmas is not about perfection.

The magic of Christmas is not about finishing something.

No matter how decked and fluffed and styled a space, we can still miss the mark.

The magic of Christmas is in Christ.

He was perfect, so we don’t have to be.

He finished the work, to provide a way for us to return to Him.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

The magic and miracles happen when we walk our paths full of faith, striving for progress and leaving behind just a small part of the gifts we’ve been given to bless the lives of others.

He will finish the rest.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

Whatever Christmas looks like for you this year, I just hope you’ll find peace and contentment in all of life’s stages, like I am striving to find.  I hope the Author and Finisher of our faith will bless and comfort you this Season!

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

Thank you for joining me for this tour!  I’d like to leave you with some sources for the beautiful bedding and accents you see in the images, but hang tight as I’ll be back to share what the Holiday’s look like in our rental home.  Yep, I’m swallowing my pride and embracing vulnerability!  Be sure to sign up for my email updates so you don’t miss a post!

Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.

Next stop on the Holiday Housewalk today is a favorite of mine.  She is kind, talented, and a trusted friend.  Go say hi to Julie Blanner, for what is sure to be a classic Christmas you’ll never forget!

Thank you so much for reading!  I’d love to hear your comments below, and let me know what Christmas “looks” like for you this year.  Decor theme or life situation . . . I’d love to hear!

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Classic red and green farmhouse Christmas bedroom tour.


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  1. We are having an unfinished Christmas of sorts this year too. We sold our home in a small town and moved to the city. We are in the process of building our new home now, so we are also in a rental. We have been spoiled with a rental that is beautiful but lacking in windows so not as bright as I would like. It helps to remember that it is temporary though. I know my kids will have memories of this home so I hope there will be some good ones in there! Our rental is pretty small so we attempted to pull out the Christmas tree and I couldn’t stand the thought of our large tree imposingly on our already limited space! So our Christmas tree this year is the “kids” tree set up on a plastic storage box with a faux fur blanket thrown over it. It’s cute, and it will be different next year! I feel for you living in a dark rental, it can be so hard to make those spaces feel “right”! Thank you for the reminder that we don’t need to be perfect and finished – we just need to look to Christ!

  2. What a lovely post. Beautiful decorating, but more importantly, beautiful sentiments. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Beautiful post, Cami, both in pictures and thoughts. My Christmas is a little sparser this year – decorating two spaces got overwhelming- we don’t get to spend Christmas at the farm this year so I tried to keep most of the decor in the “winter” theme instead of Christmas-y. The city house is not overdone either – 4 bins sit in the attic – perhaps next year I’ll pull it all out. I’m rather enjoying the less cluttered look though. I want to enjoy the season and keep Christ as the focus.
    I have to admit I’m looking forward to seeing your rental decked out. I bet you’ve made it look fabulous!

  4. The room is just beautiful, even in August! 🙂 Isn’t it amazing when we change our thoughts how our kids can pick up on it. Always love reading and visiting you and your beautiful blog.

  5. Thank you for a lovely heartfelt post. I love your simple style, family stories, white and bright rooms, and the personal statements of faith!

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful truth with such honest vulnerability. You create such lovely spaces for us to enjoy, and more importantly you create a home for your family which reflects the peace and joy of Christ. Well done!

  7. Amen a million times over!! It’s all because of Him! Thank you for sharing this beautiful room and even more beautiful truth-filled words. I’m so glad we shared this tour day! xoxo

  8. Beautiful! Not just the decor, but the entire article <3 We moved into my grandparents old farmhouse 4 years ago. I haven't done much paint or decorating, in general! And I let my kids talk me into blue Christmas decor this year, so we aren't using a lot of our traditional ornaments and reds. Not my thing, but I wanted to take their opinions. Can't wait to do true farmhouse/rustic decor and they can have blue in their rooms. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Well said! All the houses on the tour are beautiful but this was the most meaningful. We live in New England so we stick to classic red, green and gold. Each year I try to simplify to fit the spirit of simplicity, gentleness, and the beauty of Jesus. So encouraged to see that your trial has brought forth gold. ❤️

  10. Best house tour ever. I think you discovered the true meaning of the season, thanks for the reminder. Merry Christmas