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Do you bother to decorate your master bedroom for the seasons?  Read on to find out why I think you should, and see our Colorful Christmas Master Bedroom.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

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Here I sit, the night before a deadline and pushing it way too close for comfort . . . when complete and total writers block hits.  Nothin’.  Nada.  Brain has gone to bed!

Not much is more frustrating to me, because I really enjoy writing.

So I decided to take a break and see if Mr. TIDBITS could help his girl out.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

I said to him that I had all these images of our Master Bedroom decorated for the Holiday’s, and nothing to say about it.  In his great wisdom, he says to me, “Well, why do you even bother to decorate our bedroom.  No one even see’s it, right?”

Of course, his smart little self knew, that’s the exact question I needed to answer.  The exact thing I should be sharing with you.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

You know how when you visit a home, be it family or friends, the Master Bedroom feels like the taboo space.  You just don’t openly go in there, right?  It’s like the mystery room.

Will there be loads of laundry hidden in there?  Did they make their bed?  What does it even look like?

The fact is, the Master Bedroom is a private space.  An intimate space.  I venture to even say, a sacred space.  A space to wind down, a space to connect or disconnect, a place of rest.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

So, Mr. TIDBITS asks of all of us . . . “Why do we even bother to decorate it?  No one sees it, right?”

After much thought, I believe the fact that no one sees it but you and your closest loved ones is exactly why you should bother to decorate it and make it a place where you can be entirely you.

You can embrace this space with the knowledge that you have no one to please but yourself, and perhaps a significant other.  That knowledge should welcome creativity, self exploration, and freedom.

When I stepped back and looked at what I had added to this space this Holiday season, it all made sense.

Why did this twinkle light painting of a big white barn jump out of the screen at me while shopping on

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

The answer was obvious.  Mr. TIDBITS and I have a long standing dream to build such a barn as a much needed community asset.  We just need the property 😉 .

It’s our dreams that we hold together that give us so much purpose in life, and see us through the difficult times.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

Then I thought on the pink touches that I had chosen for the room.  Now in complete transparency, Mr. TIDBITS always allows me freedom to decorate as I see fit (he’s a good man), and he says he wasn’t surprised or bothered at all by my choice of pink touches for Christmas.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

Initially, I was adding pink and blues because they were part of the color scheme for our Colorful Christmas I am creating this year.  But I added color to our bedroom in a subtle and smaller amount because this is my place to wind down.  I knew deep down, too much color would not sit well with my neutral and white loving soul.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

But soft pinks and blues are so soothing to me, so they naturally showed up in this space, in a very simplistic manner.

(Pink chunky knit throw blanket also a Kirkland’s find).

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

For just a moment, I’m going to assume you are all like my sister Marci (the one who blogs about food on TIDBITS).  I may be able to convince her of the importance of making her bedroom a place she loves, but I imagine she would scoff at my recommendation to decorate her bedroom for Christmas.

Why waste the energy and time, right sis?

Right, friend?  Maybe you think that only bloggers with deadlines would do such a thing.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

But I’m going to share 3 reasons why I think you should try to add some subtle Christmas touches to your Master Bedroom, even though no one but you will see it.

REASON 1:  Freedom to try something you wouldn’t dare do elsewhere in the home.

Like add dried roses to a glass Christmas tree . . . even if your kids thought you were silly, because there is supposed to be candy in there.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

That freedom is fun, and challenging and rewarding.

REASON 2:  Keep the Spirit of Christmas alive and well inside of you.

Perhaps sometimes it feels like there is an obligation to decorate the living room and main areas for the Holidays.  Some years, it feels more like a burden than a joy.  So try the Master Bedroom first.  Add some Holiday cheer just for you.  I think you’ll find a renewed drive to finish the rest of the house, you may find freedom from expectation, and it will warm your heart each December morning you wake and each cold winter night you go to bed.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

REASON 3:  To give you a reason to make your bed.

What’s the point in sprucing up the room for the Holidays, if you are going to leave a messy, unmade bed for the day, right?

And just like if you give a mouse a cookie – if you make your bed in the morning, chances are . . .

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

You are going to rock that Christmas to-do list and bust out a productive day like nobodies business.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

So fluff them pillows, clean up the clutter, turn on them twinkly lights, day dream of big white barns to come, and savor every single moment of the Holiday season in your very own sanctuary – that you decorated just. for. you.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

Because you deserve it.

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

So tell me, how do you feel about decorating your Master Bedroom for the Holidays?  Do you agree with me, or agree to disagree?

If you do seasonal decorating in there, why do you do it?

I’d love to know!

A colorful Christmas master bedroom.

If you want to know some of the sources for items in this bedroom, please take a moment and shop around!  Though, I will say, many of the items were handmade by me or my hubs, thrifted or found at antique stores.  That’s how we prefer to roll 😉


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  1. Wow!! You have a beautiful Christmas Master Bedroom. I would love to do a makeover for my room just like yours. Thank you for sharing this one. 🙂

  2. Cami,
    I love all you ideas…until saw it with my own eyes I would have never guessed pastel blue and pink could be Christmas colors…. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I really like Laura Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair . It looks comfortable and would bring some color to my livingroom.

  4. Why not decorate your bedroom? I have never done it but 2017 is the year I am going to start. Wowee! I think it is a wonderful idea.

  5. I love the Bronze Pipe Candle Holder..I love to display candles in my home and this would look fantastic in my living room

  6. I absolutely LOVE your Christmas bedroom! I’m a blog stalker and don’t comment just dream. But you also have inspired me to decorate my bedroom for Christmas. Twinkly lights are a must! One question where did you get the barn picture? My husband and I are wheat and cattle farmers and have a barn. Sooooo. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Oh that sounds darling! Silver, Gold, and Pink perfection! The older I get, the more I notice how much our atmosphere impacts every part of our lives and for our family. A Merry Christmas to you as well! Thank you for coming by!

  8. It’s lovely, Cami! And I totally agree with you! When I read your comment on Instagram, this morning, I immediately thought, ” What better place for a creative soul to decorate just to please that self-same soul?”. Now to finish some of the remodel stuffs so I can even think about some of the decorating! Lol

  9. Your bedroom is gorgeous. Love, love that barn picture and the pink throw. All your little touches are so pretty right down to those pink roses. I put up a little mini white Christmas tree on the dresser and hang a white wreath on the footboard. It only takes a few minutes and you can see the glow of the lights on the tree through the bedroom door at night. I’m a sucker for mini lights, candles and night lights at any time of the year.

    1. Now you have me wishing I had a footboard 😉 . I bet that is so pretty. So true, just a couple minutes of effort pays off big!

  10. Hi Cecilia! Thanks for coming by again! I know what you mean, those lit prints are darling! My kiddos love when they turn on. I didn’t even think to look at apparel, but oh my. That robe would be so so perfect to lounge around in the morning. Why must you tempt me like that 😉

  11. Way fun to be on the same tour together! I do love to switch out some subtle things in my bedroom. On my way to check out your tour! XO – Cami

  12. Looks pretty and peaceful, should help give you a restful sleep. I decorate my bedroom with a Christmas pillow and a tiny tree.

  13. Thank you for your comments about dreaming and having something to look forward to. Our two-story home has become the bane of my existence. Two knees need replacement because of osteoarthritis and I cannot do the stairs easily. Our bedroom is upstairs so I sleep there and never see it again during the day (one trip downstairs in the mornings and one trip upstairs at night.) So, why decorate it or any other room upstairs? As I read, I realized I’ve given up dreaming and have adopted a very fatalistic attitude about my life. Perhaps this Christmas is the time for me to start dreaming and hoping and believing there can be a better tomorrow!

    1. Oh Helen. Your comment touched my heart so much. I am so sorry to hear of your discomfort, and it absolutely makes sense that going up would only be out of necessity. I feel so humbled that my words may have encouraged your spirits to be lifted and offered hope. I couldn’t ever hope for any more than that to come from my posts. I would suggest even the smallest of decor would make a difference. Start with a fresh flower or evergreen clippings propped in a small vase beside your bed. Switch up a throw blanket or decorative pillow. If you have some favorite meaningful ornaments, hang them somewhere in your room. I can recall having postpartum depression so bad after a baby, and even these small efforts were helpful. My heart goes out to you. I truly pray you find yourself dreaming and believing again. God bless!

      1. Cami, thank you for taking the time to reply to my comments! Knowing there’s a real, caring person in blogger land touches my heart deeply. I will start small with a vase and a fresh flower! Thank you! Keep writing- I really love all that you write and do for your family and those in your sphere of influence (including me!)

        1. Thank you Helen! I try desperately to keep up on comments. I don’t always succeed but each and every one means so much to me! Excited you are starting small. XO

    1. Catalina, I had to go check out what you were talking about. That birch crate!! AHHHHHH! So cute! Thanks for coming by.

    1. Thank you so much Ramona! The rest of the house is more catered to my children this Christmas, but I felt much better keeping it calm and peaceful for my bedroom. Sure appreciate you coming by!

  14. WOW!!! So nice to wake up to such beauty … you are an inspiration Thank you for the chance to win a Kirklands I love them It would be great to win I could finish my Christmas shopping

    1. Finish up your Christmas shopping . . . oh dear. I haven’t even started! But at least my bedroom is decorate 😉 . Thank you for your kind words. It is so nice to wake up in here, but I’ll admit, crawling into bed at night is my favorite 😉 . Take care!

  15. Thank you Cami. Your blog this morning really hit home.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and have never been considerate enough to slow down thank you.
    I have used so many of your ideas in my home and as gifts for family and friends. Thank you for each idea you share!
    We have been in a home for 3 1/2 years that was a true fixer upper. The origanal owners must not have loved it but we do. We have repaired and sanitized every inch of the home and replaced the abused, broken or out dated parts.
    Now to the question to decorate or not, I agree with decorating the bedroom. I like things simple and clean so I keep it that way.

    1. Jill. Your comment warmed my heart to the tippy top! No need to feel bad about not commenting, I am just so honored and humbled that my ideas would inspire you. It sounds like you’ve had quite the project at hand, and I’m so impressed you’ve given your home so much love! Ours isn’t really a fixer upper, just needed updates, so I doubt it has been as intensive as yours. And yes, so agree. Simple and clean in the bedroom is so best. I want to be able to make my bed, and go. I even go as far as telling my kids toys aren’t allowed in here, only snuggles 😉 . Best of luck to you and your fixer upper! I hope to see you around again 😉