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I am sharing the design mood boards and some bathroom inspiration images that have inspired our marble and gold master bathroom.

Master Bathroom Design Elements

With our new pole barn home kitchen now finished and shared with you, we have turned our focus onto the second most important space to finish in our home.  If you have ever lived with only 1 small bathroom for 6 human beings . . . you know what space that is.

The master bathroom!  Oh, how I simply cannot wait to have a functioning second bathroom!  We’ve already made some progress, which you can see on my Instagram Stories in my saved highlights.  

But today I want to share bits of the planning process with you.  I’d like to share these 3 things:

  1. My digital design mood boards
  2. My bathroom design elements
  3. Some of my favorite marble bathroom inspiration images.

I think bringing together all of those things is very important in the planning stage of any space.


Before I have anything physical for the room, I like to bring my prospective design plans together in a digital mood board first.

This really helps me make the best decisions before I purchase anything.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to do this yourself, I shared a video and post all about how I create a digital mood board.

For now, let me show you what I’ve come up with for our Master Bathroom.

Master Bathroom Design Mood Board

Marble and gold finishes is what it is all about!  It is not a very large bathroom, so I felt empowered to use materials that I wouldn’t likely be able to afford to use on a bigger bathroom.

Here are some of the sources for the items pictured above, incase you see something you like as well. Not all have actually been or will be purchased, but are serving as inspiration for when the times comes that I can go shopping!

I’d love to hear what you think of all these design elements! They feel very soothing to me.


Having received many of the items already, I had some fun laying out the goodies and taking some images of how they look together.

Master Bathroom Design Elements

I love how the marble brings in the cool tones, and the gold warms it all up.

Master Bathroom Design Elements

The textures feel natural, organic, and you can never have too much marble! (in my humble opinion).

Master Bathroom Design Elements

I do feel so grateful and honored to be partnering with Floor & Decor for this project and the posts to come. They have such an amazing marble selection, and I’ll be sure to be back to share our process for installing all the marble tile and more details as it all comes together.


I don’t think I need to share a ton of images for you to see how lovely and timeless marble and gold are.

Case in point, this beautiful bathroom by STAGG Design.

It’s the image that convinced me I needed big rectangles for the walls.

Another lovely marble bathroom belongs to the talented Chestnut Hill & Studio.

This bathroom, while not huge, feels crisp and clean with the marble and gold. It’s the bathroom that convinced me we needed to add a half wall to our shower.

And this image from the same source convinced me I needed a bench with a cute cubby on the other side of the half wall.

This is my “someday bathroom shower”, where the marble trim is installed in picture frame moulding style. Image from At Home in Arkansas.

It was past our budget to do so, but we did manage to fit in some beautiful marble baseboard and chair rail like above. Because our bathroom is so small, it worked into the budget.

I’ve always been inspired by the marble walls inside the bathroom of French Country Cottage.

It adds such a beautiful elegance and sings to my marble loving heart.

Finally, an image just to show how well marble and gold go together . . . incase you don’t agree with me yet. A lovely shot by Lace and Locks.

I have been asked on Instagram if the upkeep of marble was worth it. We did a marble bathroom in our last house and I loved it!

French Cottage Bathroom Spring refresh for family

It does need to be re-sealed every once in a while, but to be surrounded by such beauty is well worth it for me. I find it wipes down easily and stays looking beautiful for a very long time. I keep some A-Ben-a-Qui on hand to scrub the grout, and it helps a ton.

I hope you’ll check in as I share our progress and reveal with you soon! Of course, we are DIY’ing everything so it takes a little longer – but it is always worth it!

I’d love to hear what you think of marble and gold, or if you prefer a different combo.

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. I think these books will be of great benefit to both beginners and more experienced professionals. Thanks for the selection, I found a lot of new things.

  2. Are you at liberty to disclose your source(s) for the gold rimmed oval mirrors in front of your sinks AND the polished brass hinges/hardware for your shower door?

  3. Love all of your choices. We are redoing our small guest bath that has a shower and I am loving this look.

  4. I’m so impressed by the shower! And I love the fact you are including a bench. Such a smart thing to do. There are several situations in life that the bench makes so much sense. I’m a cancer survivor and would have loved to have had a bench (not an ugly shower chair) to use in the shower when I was not feeling my best. It’s great for new mom’s after a C-section, people who have a broken arm or leg and may need that extra comfort measure and of course for elderly people. I no longer understand why anyone would not include a bench if they have the opportunity to incorporate one in their shower. How much easier to shave your legs! Looking forward to seeing the completed project!

  5. It looks amazing, of course! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to see the reveal!!

  6. I think marble and gold is so timeless, it will always be, now and in fifty years beautiful. I am anxious to see your bathroom.

  7. I also love the bathroom at French Country Cottage!! Looking forward to seeing your finished bathroom!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful combination. I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom.
    BTW..I started following your blog after seeing you on Lavender Lane. I’m so happy I did.