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Walk through the reveal of our European Farmhouse Kitchen, designed with organic textures, an elegant simplicity and cozy farmhouse vibe.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

It’s an exciting day on TIDBITS!

It’s finally the day to reveal our new European Farmhouse kitchen in our new pole barn home – which is in fact the very first room we’ve finished since we moved in to our construction chaosWe do have a finished laundry/mudroom, because I was blessed with sponsored work with Home Depot before we moved in.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

I can’t tell what makes me more excited – to share this with you, or to be able to finally move on to another space! Either way, let me walk you through our kitchen tour and share all the details with you. 

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


*Mind you, beautiful photography of interiors will always be my favorite jam, but the video tour is fun too!


When we moved in, we had to adapt to our state of chaos pretty quickly.  The kitchen, being the busiest space in the home, needed to have some sort of order first and foremost.  To adapt, we simply made some quick plywood countertops with black contact paper stapled on top, we had a fridge (without handles), sink and range just quickly set in place, but hardly any cabinet fronts and drawers. We did the best we could day by day, and worked hard to bring this space together in whatever time and money we could devote to it.

How to Design a Kitchen - the DIY way!

3 months later, we have a lovely finished eat-in European Farmhouse kitchen, full of character and beauty!

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

Before I jump into all the details, I want you to know that I’ve created a kitchen shop page with all the products I’ve bought for this space that have a source – though many of the items are DIY or from my antique shopping trips. You’ll also find many of my favorite general kitchen items. I hope this very visual source is helpful for you.

Ok!  Let’s jump into the details!


Being the first space for us to complete, I felt I needed to settle on the style of this new home – and give it a name, if I could, to help guide all my design decisions. 

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

I really liked the sound of European Organic Farmhouse Design, because I basically draw inspiration from many styles that can be found in European countries, and I love organic textures like nubby linens, raw wood, timeless metals, textured walls – to name a few.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

And the term “farmhouse” just felt fitting for a pole barn home – even if the farm is yet to come.


You are going to hear me use the term, “eat in kitchen”, which is a design choice that is common outside of the states in smaller homes, particularly European countries, but rising in popularity everywhere.  I became obsessed with them after reading this article by Maria Killam.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

However, I’ve found the term to be misinterpreted at times. Some might call a kitchen that has a kitchen island and adjoining dining room with a table an eat-in kitchen. In fact, a true “eat-in” kitchen does not have an island, and the kitchen table is directly inside the kitchen itself.

There is no dining room space or nook at all.  This is how my Grandmas small kitchen was arranged, and I loved the charm of it.  With our dining table directly in the center of our kitchen, this is a true “eat-in” kitchen and there is no other dining room. 

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

We are lucky to have plenty of countertop prep surface without an island, but my husband and I can’t get over how much we love this cozy design and living concept.  I’ll probably have to do another post all about that, but it is so convenient to have the table so close to all the prep and dishes, and it’s fun to have my kiddos right there with me during meal prep times. It is a very engaging design concept.


A little backstory on our dining table.  We made this rolling worktable for my garage studio in our temporary rental home – and I always hoped to use this large Hanstone quartz topped table as an island in a future home.

Quartz Countertop DIY rolling work table or kitchen island

But also knowing we wouldn’t have room for a dining table and an island in this home, we decided to use it anyway!  It took some adjustments like cutting down the legs and painting them to work better with the space, but we adore this big wide dining table.  The marble-like quartz is so kid and craft friendly and we have plenty of room for food, centerpieces, family games and more.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

I found these dining chairs antiquing and made a French Country slipcover to cover the cushions that did not fit in with my style. 

french country chair slipcover

I don’t absolutely love them, but they will work for now, as I was trying my best to use what I already had on hand. #covid19

french country chair slipcover

My husband made some benches out of the same white oak he used to make our countertops.  We find benches just work better with kids and I’m not always pushing chairs in or out of the way – because we all know they won’t remember to!

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


Because we opted for windows instead of upper cabinets, we used this wall for a row of tall cabinets.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

Included on this wall is our panel ready refrigerator, to make this space very seamless. 

panel ready refrigerator.

We bought IKEA cabinets and had custom flat panel fronts made for our cabinets, so the kitchen didn’t scream “IKEA”.  We then painted them the color “Ghost Whisperer” by PPG Paints.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

We love the function and organization of IKEA cabinets, but enjoyed customizing it a bit for our own unique look. You can read more about this in my post all about the design plans for this space.

How to Design a Kitchen - the DIY way!

I also previously shared a post all about this lovely champaign hardware from Atlas Homewares.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


You’ll notice the lower cabinets are different from the tall cabinets. 

I wanted a 2-toned kitchen look and so we did all the lower cabinets white with this beaded front.

Our dishwasher is also panel ready and our garbage is tucked nicely inside a cabinet drawer.  I love how uniform it all looks.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


A quick look at this hall tree that fills the space between the side door and the cabinets. 

Antique halltree

I found it at an antique market and my husband just lightly sanded the wood to give it a more raw wood look and to cut some of the orange tones.

antique halltree

It’s a great place to drop off keys and bags while I am busy going in and out chasing kids around. I’m loving this French Blue linen bag I found on Etsy.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


After 2 months of using our DIY butcher block countertops with a stone tap, we love them as much as day 1! 

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

They have held up so great and we expect them to last many many years.  I’ve been asked if I have to baby them, and by using a polyurethane finish, I don’t have to at all.  They get stacked will all sorts of dirty wet dishes and wipe beautifully clean every time. This beautiful polished nickel faucet and large apron front fireclay sink from BLANCO is perfect for the space. Read all about how I love this large single basin sink!


I searched for a long time to find some cool antique shelving to store our everyday dishes on and I feel like I hit the jackpot with these 2 cute shelves.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

I am a huge fan of a bit of open shelving, especially for the dishes you grab and put away frequently. Having my collection of ivory dishware close on hand is lovely and convenient. 

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

These shelves are low enough for the kids to easily grab and help put away.


The very best part of the kitchen is all the natural light that pours in. 

cafe curtains for a farmhouse country kitchen

It’s been my dream to have a light filled kitchen, so we made sure we had plenty of windows! I did sew some lightweight linen curtains and hung them up with a brass tension rod and brass clips. 

cafe curtains for a farmhouse country kitchen

The sun can really blare through here in the mornings and it’s nice to filter it if we need to, and I think the cafe curtain look is very charming. 

The linen really adds some softness and texture to the space.

cafe curtains for a farmhouse country kitchen

We also added marble shelves to the base of the windows which makes them easy to wipe down and so pretty for some pretty little things.

fresh eggs in a windowsill


We did some more open shelving on this other side, to display pretty unique finds and useful kitchen items.  My husband made these shelves out of dark walnut.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


I also really wanted a hanging utensil rod, but couldn’t quite find one I liked at the price point I wanted.  I asked Kevin if he thought he could make one at work with the equipment they had. He brought this rustic beauty home the next day.

copper kitchen

He sure knows how to speak my love language!  I used a metal rub and buff product to give it this worn brassy look and did the same with the S-hooks I found on amazon.

utensil rod with pretty copper kitchen items

I love being able to display some pretty antique things in this corner and have my cooking utensils out where they are handy to grab.

rolling pins inside crocs
antique copper pots on display


Let’s look up at the lighting.  The fun pleated ceramic pendants turned out better than I hoped. 

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

I struggled feeling like I was going to have to spend a lot of money on some really big statement fixtures because of how high the ceiling is and the size of the room. 

Scalloped light fixture with brass hardware

However, I took a chance on some smaller, very affordable pendants and absolutely love how simple they are, yet noticeable.  I plan to do a nice big chandelier for a fixture spot between the kitchen and living room, and I figure you don’t want light fixtures competing against each other.

The sconces against the wall are very simple too and coordinate well with the pendants. They are a frosted ribbed glass, with a brass base.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


This cozy range area is likely my favorite spot! I’ve shared a lot about it and how we like our Verona Italian Range.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

It wasn’t feeling quite right so we recently added this shelf above and it added so much!

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

We painted it the same color as the trim, which is “Ashes” by Pure and Original Paints.  It added the perfect amount of detail and allowed me a nice spot to decorate with some art and pretty finds.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

This art consisted of a frame I found antiquing.  I loved the linen detail and patina on the wood.

This beautiful art was a digital print I discovered from a company called Vintage Supply.  The digital file only cost me $15 then I had it printed for $25 at a local print shop. It looks incredible and so genuine!

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

The smaller pottery vase was an antique find, but this bigger one was a fun DIY project where I took a store bought vase I didn’t like and coated it in joint compound and did a variety of paint colors and sanding. 

Aged pottery on display

It turned out so cool! I think I’ll have to do a tutorial on it as well.

We built in shelving to the inside walls near the range to store our most used spices, cooking oils and more.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

I found these darling spice labels on amazon and opted for a mixture of jar styles to add a bit of variety.

Organize spices for display

Over here we store olive oil, almond oil, and olive oil in a handy spray bottle.  I have a jar of coconut oil handy, some vanilla extract, honey and a pretty bottle of balsamic oil.  It’s so nice to have this all right here and quick to grab.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

We love the mix of marble material we added to this area with the backsplash, countertops and shelving.  Being able to cut and hone marble ourselves has come in very handy for this space.


Backing up a bit, you can see this arch doorway we added, leading into the large pantry. 

Arched doorway

We haven’t gotten to the pantry space just yet, but we have some fun plans for it.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

This room felt a little too boxy until we added this arch.  It made such a huge difference! Kevin also built me some boards with shaker pegs to hang some aprons, and some fun vintage finds that are also very useful, like this copper dustpan, my everyday cast iron skillet and linen aprons.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

A sweet friend found this incredibly unique cutting board for me.  She said she paid $1 for it at the Goodwill. It was the kindest gesture and I will treasure it.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour


I’ll be back to share more details and a tutorial on the paint on our walls and trim.  We used the most amazing paint from Pure and Original.

I hope you can see the suede like texture of these white walls, which is created by using a special mineral lime paint called Marrakech. It’s hard to capture on camera, but in person it is stunning!

It’s a thick, plaster-like paint that you brush on and then trowel, to create a concrete like movement and texture.  These walls may be a creamy white but they are full of texture.

I wrote a post all about Pure and Original paints and will be back to share our whole application process.  It’s safe to say I am hooked! The trim paint is also from Pure and Original, and is from their Licetto product – which is a more durable matte paint, perfect for trim.  This Ashes color turned out so perfect.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning this pretty long runner rug I found on Amazon.  It’s so perfect for the space and I padded it underneath making this prep and clean up area nice and cozy.

blue runner rug in farmhouse kitchen

Our Engineered Hardwood flooring is called a wide plank European Wire Brushed Oak from Floor & Decor.


I so hope you have enjoyed this tour of our new European Farmhouse kitchen!  It feels so good to have a space done and feeling like home. If you’ve been following along for quite some time, it does have a different design vibe as our last home, but I’m letting my tastes adapt and my heart be my guide.

I am so desperate to move onto the living room space, where you can see we have painted but the rest remains in a very uncomfortable state. I will probably cry hours of tears of joy when we finally get a couch and TV. (I know, first world problems, but how I ache to snuggle up with my babies on a cozy couch!)

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

We are also working on a storage closet because we have no where to put our stuff! It’s basically a giant mess, but we will get there one space at a time.

European Farmhouse Kitchen Design | Reveal Tour

Please let me know if there are other questions you might have that I didn’t cover in this post, but be sure to check my kitchen resource page. I would also love to hear what you think of our kitchen.  Let me know your favorite part, and be sure to come back to see us work on the rest of our home, one DIY project at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy my TIDBITS of inspiration for do-it-yourself living.

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  1. You’ve done an amazing job. It does look perfect european country style.. I absolutely love it and please continue to share your talant with us.. Bravo!!!

  2. I love how you have shared the process and how everything is cared for and clean but not perfect while it’s happening! Thank you for that. We are on year 7 of our fixer upper with some major progress made but it is fun to see how others folks live through the process – not the almost impossibly perfect finish line. I look at a lot of home decor blogs for ideas, and almost never comment. But you have managed to create a kitchen that is that rarest of finds – it’s sleek, elegant, finished, photogenic, but oh so human and warm and inviting. No sterile subway tiles! It looks like a beautiful kitchen for your family and is totally unique to your wonderful taste and decor style. Great job on the kitchen and how much creative play goods and toys your kids have access to every day. That’s what they remember – not the beautiful kitchen 🙂

  3. You did an amazing and beautiful job with your kitchen! Can you share what your everyday dishes are? Love the color and simplicity!

  4. This is my dream kitchen! I love everything about it! Definitely going to use it as inspiration for when we do a little kitchen refresh this winter. Wish me luck as I attempt butch block countertops!

  5. I’ve always loved the European style kitchens. My grandmother had no dining area in her home other than the table in the kitchen. Congregating in the kitchen was always fun as we got to watch her cooking, chopping prepping, etc. Now this was way back and she even killed her own chickens and put them in a large tub that was also in the kitchen to clean them and remove the feathers. Sorry if that grosses some of you out but it’s a fact. I haven’t done my kitchen yet, although, I do have a large vintage table sitting right in the middle! It’s a great addition for chopping and baking, etc. it makes my kitchen rather tight but we will be remodeling and I will do a similar look. Yours is stunning! For mine, I am going for a little more of a vintage scrolly look.

  6. The kitchen looks fantastic . We are building at the moment too and I have always planned to have a large island but now you’ve got me thinking of just a large kitchen table. We’re building a log post & beam home and going for a rustic industrial style – the table idea could work! I have a blog any thoughts would be appreciated

  7. Recently I sent you a message, after viewing your kitchen, and you responded.
    I’m curious to know if you’re still living in the RV, or have moved into the house.
    I so enjoy looking at your kitchen and noticing all the unique details!

    We built our home and I’m so blessed, just like you, who has a dear husband who is capable and willing to do the work!
    Blessings and keep up the beautiful work 😘

    Nilza Brito

  8. First, I love your kitchen. It came out so nice. I have picked some good ideas from viewing yours. One thing I noticed was that you had the same honey keeper that I have. I have yet to figure out how to get honey into it to refill it. I wrote the company I got it from, but they didn’t help at all. Any insight you have would be so great. I really enjoy your updates 🙂

  9. I have read through and looked through this post more times that I would like to admit. EVERY DETAIL (even the dustpan) is PERFECTION! You’ve created such a functional and beautiful space that sings with uniqueness and personality. If this is a sign of what’s to come for the rest of your new home, I will be forever on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation.

    Love the antique touches, love the table, love the cabinet color, love the range, love the decor, LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!!!! <3

    Bravo friend!! Enjoy every moment in this amazing space.
    xo Michael

    1. You sure know how to make a gal feel special! But now you set the bar kinda high for the rest of the home. Haha! I don’t want to admit how many times I read your comment and smiled. You are such an incredible, encouraging friend and I’m so glad our paths have crossed. Truly grateful to you Michael!

  10. Such a lovely space and so thoughtfully designed! You also did a very good job with your vocal presentation – not easy in the slightest. I hope your kitchen is all that you dreamed it would be! Looking forward to seeing more =)

    1. Kari, I so appreciate the compliments! No, vocal presentation is not easy so I am so thankful for your encouraging comments.

  11. It is just gorgeous. I love your range area. The shelf is perfect. I bet you are happy for a finished area. So warm and inviting.

    1. Yes, the range area is my favorite! We are all so happy to have a beautiful functioning kitchen! Thank you so much for visiting!

  12. Stunning! It’s so refreshing to see a new style. It’s kind of a Scandinavian and Old world feel.

    1. I like how you described it! I think you are right, it has those elements. I’m thrilled with how it all came together, just following my heart. So grateful to you for visiting.

  13. Gorgeous. Love all the windows. Quick question: what did you cover the benches your husband made with to protect from messy hands? We made benches and currently they’re covered with plastic table clothes until I figure out the best way to protect them – I have 4 kids also. thanks

  14. You have done a great job, it’s like a “dream come true” kind of kitchen. I know you and your husband have worked so hard but, this kitchen is truly gorgeous. I pray you and your family make wonderful memories in this great space.

    1. Thank you so much Marlene! Yes, it is a dream come true kitchen, especially since not having a good one for over a year! It was hard work but we sure appreciate it more! So grateful for your kindness!

  15. Cami!!! This is the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen! You knocked it out of the park, friend!!!

    1. Well April darlin’ – I’m so flattered! You seriously made me blush! Thank you so very much for your kind words! Big hugs!

  16. Wow! I absolutely love how it all came together. I love the large bank of windows and the shelf above the range is perfection. I, too, like the idea of an eat-in kitchen. Y’all did good! 🙂

    1. Thank you so very much sweet Cecilia! The eat-in is incredibly wonderful. I know islands serve their place too, but I’m not regretting this layout one bit. Thank you for always being so kind!

  17. One word, Cami: breathtaking!! I love so many of your design details, but I have to say, the stone tap is just about my favorite thing ever! Your patience is inspiring. That patience and your eye for design is really paying off. Keep the pretty coming—love to see it!

    1. Thank you so so much Lori! The stone tap was a risk, but it is incredibly wonderful! And I’m praying for more of that patience as the rest of my house is still in shambles! It will all pay off ;).

  18. Beautiful! Love the soft blue and the range area! You guys must be so happy! Also, do you mind sharing the link for the vintage supply company where you ordered the print file? I tried but I get some random sites and one that sells vintage jewelry and ribbon. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! We are very happy with the results and it’s so wonderful to have a finished space! I apologize I missed adding that link when I was writing it! I’ll go add it to the post so you can get directly there. It’s a great shop I am happy to support and share about!

  19. Beautiful! Hopefully this makes the RV life fade into a distant memory! If you could mention the measurements of rooms when you do reveals I would love that. It’s hard to tell most of the time and I feel like it helps me get perspective to judge layouts and furniture placement compared to areas I’m looking for ideas for…if that makes sense?!?! I’m also in a new build home where I’m trying to do all the rooms: pantry, bedrooms, bathrooms, add character and style, diy projects etc. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Amy! Still slightly traumatized by the RV life (haha!). The fading is most welcome as I try to just hang onto the few times where I loved it. I appreciate your suggestion for adding the measurements! I never would have thought to do that and I think it is a very helpful thing to talk about. Best of luck in your new home build! Isn’t it hard to visualize what you have room for in 4 walls?! So appreciate your kind words!

  20. Love, love, love everything you did! Thank you for sharing EVERYTHING you all did and how you did it! It’s great information and so beautiful!

  21. I love so many of your choices! It’s such a functional space. My favorites are the wall of windows and the shelf added above the stove! These design choices make a huge impact! Bravo 👏!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I was so nervous I was making bad decisions, but it all came together wonderfully. We love it so much!

  22. It’s at the bottom of the email you should have gotten. You’ll need to click that and request unsubscribe.

  23. I love the arch; it gives the space such an old European vibe. Ho are you heating this space? I noticed one airvent high up near the ceiling. That’s a large area to heat efficiently.

    1. Yes, the arch made a HUGE difference! We have radiant flooring as well. We are actually surprised with how efficient it has been. 12 foot ceilings are a challenge in this area! Thank you so much for visiting!

  24. Stunning job!!! You should be very proud of all your hard work, it turned out beautiful…. (except looking at the “dirty” dust pan, smile, the eye of the beholder thing.) Your pantry is going to be wonderful to have and the arch is perfect.

    1. I have to agree with MJ-I absolutely cringed at that dust pan hanging over aprons you might wear while cooking and next to your “everyday” cast iron skillet. While I love the copper, it needs a different home and not among your cooking essentials.

      My favorite things are the flooring and counter tops along with the sink and stove. They are stunning, just stunning.

      1. Haha! Sorry to make you cringe. In truth, I moved around these items to get a balance picture but typically the dustpan is lower and not so close to the aprons or my beloved cast iron. I’m so glad you found favorites! All mine too . . . well . . . it’s hard to pick favorites when you are so grateful to have it all finally! Thank you so so much for visiting and commenting!

    2. Thank you so much MJ! Ya, my husband couldn’t see the beauty in the old dustpan either. Haha! And yes, I can’t wait to get the pantry all done too! I appreciate your visit!