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Do I think the Verona Range is a professionally equipped range perfect for the everyday home? Let’s cover cost, features, and design and find out!

My Review on the Verona Italian Range

While sharing bits and pieces of our kitchen progress in our pole barn home, I’ve been getting this frequently asked question – “Do you like your Verona Italian-made Range?” 


Join me in this video for a more personal review!

I’d like to share my thoughts on this, in hopes to help you in your research, should the time ever come that you are shopping for a new range.

review of Verona Range

First, a friendly disclaimer or two.  I am not a professional chef by any stretch of the imagination, but I do prepare 3 meals a day for a hungry crew of growing children and a hard working man. I definitely wanted a range that was up to those tasks, but not too much for me either. 

review of Verona range

My whole married life, we’ve had standard, run of the mill glass top ranges, which I never loved – but they did the job. We found them most challenging to work with during canning/food preservation seasons.

Another very important disclaimer – this range was a sponsored gift from Verona and Eurochef, the American supplier for these lovely Italian imported ranges. 

duel fuel range

This is a nice perk of working 40+ hours a week to bring you free content, but I took weeks before I accepted this product in exchange for promotion, to do my research so I could feel confident that I would be sharing a product I would love in my home, and had a price point and features that I felt like my audience would appreciate.  Verona still isn’t widely known in the states, but after using this beauty for 5 months, I feel like it should be!

white range

I’m going to cover my honest thoughts and current knowledge on these details:

  • Price and Availability
  • Design
  • Features of the true convection oven and cooktop
  • Attachments and Accessories for this range
  • Cleaning and care

Finally, I’ll leave you with a summary of what I think of the Verona Range in general.

The stove is such an important part of the home, I really hope this detailed review will help guide you to a product that meets your needs, if ever the time should come that you are shopping for a new range.

Range Design

Keep in mind, Verona has many styles and colors of ranges so if you think there is something you would like differently, check out what they have to offer.


Our particular range is the Prestige series 36” Dual Fuel double oven, in White. The Dual Fuel means we run the cooktop with gas and the oven with electricity. Best of both worlds!


Okay, I’m going to begin by touching on probably the factor that you are concerned about first and foremost – PRICE AND AVAILABILITY!

If you are looking for a more professional style range, the prices are going to vary significantly, especially if you want the prestige and European chef experience of a range made with Italian craftsmanship in both performance and design.  From my understanding, the term “Italian range” means this product is held up to pretty high standards.  

Now, I know you’ve all seen these jaw dropping Italian and French ranges on Instagram, and wondered on the cost.

When I began looking into all my options for that show-stopping true convection piece, I discovered ranges that were 2 or 3 times more expensive than the Verona Range.  But price is not the only factor to consider when getting a range. You need to know your availability for the product and for parts and services.  

review of Verona Range

You can visit this link to check to see where a Verona service network is in your area, but I was pleased to ensure that I had one 30 minutes away from our country home, in our not very big main city.  You might need help with installation, upkeep or to fix something, and if you have an elite and obscure range, this could be very costly if not readily available.  

You can visit my friend, Julie Blanner, where she posted challenges she faced to get her French Lacanche range sorted out.  They ended up having to fly out an expert from Florida. Hers is lovely, no doubt, but you have to consider these possible add on expenses and challenges.

Design of Verona Range

The good news is, the Verona range is readily available on sites like Amazon, Wayfair and more – plus you can look up for the local suppliers in your area, like I mentioned before. It might even be worth a phone call to double check as well. 

I won’t give exact prices, but to give you a general idea, for many imported professional European ranges you are looking at a price tag of 8-12 thousand dollars + freight and services, where the Verona is readily available at models starting at $2599 – and of course depends a bit on where you buy them and what model.  But still, quite the difference for a luxury range!


Let’s talk the next most important detail – DESIGN.

I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t love the unique look of some of those high end european ranges.  I find many that are unique and beautiful. What I love about the design of the Verona range is how sleek and minimalistic it looks.  I feel like it will be a timeless piece and goes really well with the European Organic look I am after for this home.

We made it a focal point of our kitchen by surrounding it by these built-out walls, flat panel cabinet fronts and marble surrounds.  We painted our walls with lime mineral paints to add a nice texture and depth to the matte white paint, and it coordinates wonderfully with the semi-gloss white finish on the range.

My Review on the Verona Italian Range

In our planning stage, we knew it would come out best if we could find a 36” wide range.  Any bigger and we wouldn’t be able to fit in these cabinets and the wall, any smaller and I’d forever be sad I didn’t have more burners.  The proportions work really well for this spot.

I opted for the double oven, which gives me this smaller oven and the larger one.  I love the look of the double door, and it’s a feature we have always wanted based on how we tend to cook.

Please note, this bigger oven is not big enough for a large standard size cookie sheet. 

double oven doors and pans

I knew this going in and found these slightly smaller 10 x 15 cookie sheets and many options that work great for both sides.  I’ll leave a link to my favorites below. I love how deep the inside of the oven is as well.

10 x 15 pans for smaller ovens

Fitting in large cookie sheets and roasting pans may be a priority for you, and they do have a single ovens that would work great for you.

But we find we use this smaller oven about 90% more frequently than the larger.  It heats up fast, cooks fast and is so handy. Our cast iron muffin tins layer in there perfectly, which we use multiple times a week.

cast iron muffin tins

I can do several loaves of bread. 

bread pans for smaller ovens

We can cook dishes that need different temperatures all at the same time.  There is an oven for dinner, and one for dessert.  

cooking in double oven

I can warm up leftovers quick and easy, and the bigger side is more than enough for our needs.  The only thing I’ve decided we couldn’t adapt is the big take and bake pizzas . . . which we eat about once a year, so forfeiting that for all the other benefits was a no brainer.


Let’s dive into the many cook FEATURES of the Verona range.  I’ll admit, I’ve hardly had the time to fully experience the variety of options.  It is honestly the fanciest oven we’ve had, but I’m having fun learning all about it.  Please take a look at the website and their user manual to get an idea for how fancy Italian chefs may use the many different cook options.  But here is what I love!

The Gas Cooktop

Features include burner heads that are closer to the flames, resulting in more efficient and quicker cooking.

burner heat on verona range

There are Flame Failure safety features that cut off the gas flow every time the flame is extinguished.

There are 5 Burners on this model.  The 2 smaller semi rapid burners in the back are great for smaller pans or simmering on larger pans.

gas cooktop on verona range

The 2 triple ring burners at the front are great for more heat and bigger pot accommodations.

gas cooktop on verona range

The Center dual burner works with big pans also, as well as with skillets, wok pans, and a steam basket.

After using this cooktop, I completely understand why all my friends and family have been recommending a gas cooktop to us.  It’s pretty life changing.

Oven Features

This oven is considered a True European Convection, which basically means your food will cook faster, more evenly, and you can make cinnamon rolls and roast at the same time and the flavors won’t blend together.  It’s pretty amazing.

Something we noticed right of the bat, which we weren’t used to was the fan.  It will quietly run while cooking and about 10 minutes after you turn off the oven.  Apparently this is a cooling feature popular with professional ranges. Just something to know.

When you look at the knobs, there is one for the temperature setting, and another for the mode of cooking.  This is where it gets fun to play with!

controls on the verona range

Just for broiling, which we do a lot of, you have options for basic infrared broiling, double broiling (which is the infrared and the top heating element) and ventilated broiling, which turns on the circulating fan with the broiling element.  It’s been my experience that the broiling is more controlled in this unit and doesn’t leave your food charcoal before you even think to check. And again, you can do that on both ovens if you need to, which is pretty great.

controls on verona range

There is a defrost mode, that just turns on the fan and can apparently defrost meats from frozen in about an hour.  Haven’t used that yet, but I am sure it will come in handy.

For convection, you have the options for traditional convection, which is the top and bottom elements.  Convection with ventilation, which turns on the fan to even out heat distribution. As well as ventilated cooking, which is the circular heating element in the back with the fan.  

oven cavity on Verona range

As you can see, a chef could find many ways to cook and tailor heat to the needs of the dish.  I still have a lot to play around with to feel like I am making the most out of this range. So far, I use the traditional convection the most.

Other features are the oven light, which is always on by default when the oven is on.  On our model, there is also a built in timer, digital clock and a programmer to start and stop when needed.

features of verona range

If you think like me, these are all pretty amazing features.


Verona has manufactured some handy attachments and accessories to increase the capabilities even more.

There is a woc ring, which comes with the range.  This is great for any concave pans, like a woc. It will hold it sturdy in place on the bigger elements.

woc ring on verona range

Verona sent me the simmer plate, which is this cast iron plate which stands as a buffer to the heat.  I’ve found without it, it can be hard to keep a low simmer because the heat is so close to the pans. This is great for a fast boiling point, but sometimes even the low heat will keep it boiling.  I can place this simmer plate in between and ensure a nice simmer.

simmer plate for gas cooktop

If you have a smaller pot, you can place the small pot reducer on the burner so it doesn’t rock or move when stirred.  There is also the option to purchase a cast iron griddle that sits on top of the burners.

cast iron griddle

Verona was kind enough to also send me the chefs pack – which you could really use with any range you might have. 

chef's pack

It came with a hefty stainless steel griddle, which is so great for pancakes, quesadillas, and more.

stainless steel griddle

This is a steam basket that sits on top of the steel griddle and works great to warm foods, and steam veggies.  You can also use it inside of the oven cavity with foil instead of the plastic lid. Makes me feel super pro.

steamer basket for gas cooktop

Then I got this beautiful cutting board that can fit inside the steel griddle when not being used, or on top of the burners that are off, for fast food prep by the heat.

cutting board with verona range

Also included are an oven mitt and meat thermometer.  

It’s all better than Christmas for this mama!


Lastly, a bit on cleaning the range.  They make it super easy to clean with elements that easily remove to be scrubbed. 

cleaning the gas cooktop

It was a recommendation that if you have some burnt on food, put water on it when warm, then it should scrub off easily once cooled down.

The oven door can actually come off completely for cleaning or repair and you can remove the glass door on the inside to scrub any moisture, grease, or build up. 

Cleaning the oven door

The inside is made of what they call “EZ-clean” porcelain, which wipes down wonderfully. Here is a link to direct you to a video detailing more cleaning tips for the Verona Range.

Even with all the construction dust going on in our house, I’m able to get it looking brand new again in no time.  Verona recommends a soft gentle soap and rag is great for cleaning your range.

That was a lot of information!


In summary and from my experience, the Verona range is an amazing professional Italian range, perfect for the everyday home.  It is very versatile, has a great price point for what you get, and looks stunning. That just about checked off all my boxes.

review of verona range

I truly hope this has been helpful for you as you shop and compare.  If there are any questions or comments, please leave them below. Here is another link where you can learn more about Verona, and all they have to offer.

Please subscribe and stick around.  I’m excited to take you through every step along the way as we make this house our home.  Let me know if you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

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  1. Hi, I just purchased the same model Verona range as you have. I’m wondering if you’ve had any difficulty with the oven temperature. I’ve had a difficult time setting the correct temperature because the temp gauge does not have the standard temps in 5 degree increments like I’m used to. Many recipes call for 325º, 375º, 400º, 425º or 450º. None of those temps are options on the temp gauge. How do you deal with this? Do you estimate somewhere between the temperatures on the gauge? And does this work for baking, since exact temperatures are pretty important? I’d appreciate any helpful input you can provide.

    1. Great question Heather! I have to be honest, I am not a very exact anything type of cook. I never set a timer and always just check the food based on smell and touch. I’m not too worried on exact temperatures ever either, so I just quickly put it close to the 350 range when it calls for it. You have me wondering what precision I am missing out on, but it just has never been a problem for me. I have found following creators recipes, ovens never bake the exact same, so I think this is why I have come to rely on my own senses. It’s only failed me a few times. HA! I’m sorry my feedback isn’t too helpful!

  2. Hi Cami, thinking very seriously about a white verona range. Like you I love the simplistic look. But have a question I can’t seem to find an answer to. In the description it just says white, is it a gloss, semi gloss or matte finish? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I love the Verona double oven, but one question. Is it the large side big enough to cook a turkey?

  4. Hi, I am having a hard time finding out the usable space measurements of this oven. Mfr only has overall inside dimensions. Could you please measure from the left to the right of the usable space (like outer rack edges) and front to back where the fan comes out? Also, lowest rack setting to the upper elements? Same on the smaller oven. We would sure appreciate it.

  5. What do you think about your Verona range after having it for a while? Have you had any problems with it ? I am looking at the 24” range for a small kitchen. Would you get a Verona again? Thanks Con

  6. I have the 36″ dual fuel Verona, it’s about 4-5 years old now and we love it for our very large family of 9. I was hoping to find some hints here about cleaning the knobs; they are in dire need of a good clean but I can’t figure out how to take them off!

  7. I just purchased a home that was completely remodeled and included a 36″ Verona dual fuel range. It’s beautiful but I’ve cooked my entire life with a conventional oven so I’m at a loss on how to adjust to an oven that has 6 modes of convection. I’ve contacted the Verona dealer in NYC asking for any information they can give me on how to adjust from a regular oven to a totally convection oven but they don’t seem to have any. Do you have anything you can send me that would explain when to use something other than convection? Which mode is best for baking? reheating? The oven temp knob has temp setting that don’t relate to any of my recipes. Do I adjust the temp or time when using convection? Thanks.

    1. See my recent comment above. I’m having the same issues and questions. Hopefully we can get some answers here.

      Good luck!

  8. I am renovating my “fixer upper” new home and considering a Verona 36″ range. your video was chock full of SUPER helpful tidbits! especially about checking to see if there are any service outlets near me before I buy one. luckily for me – there is! I live in fort collins, CO and there are actually a few options for me should it become necessary.

    you can tell your sponsors that they got at least one for sure sale out of their sponsorship of you! thanks again and happy 2020 holidays!

  9. We have a Verona 36” dual heat that we live except for one issue. I hate the moistness of the fan when I use the oven. I almost dread baking because of it. We bought it maybe 5-7 years ago. Have they made any improvements in the noise of the fan? Has anyone else had this problem? I wonder if ours is faulty or is it just a design flaw? I would buy a new one if they have improved this feature.

    1. WE also have the 36″ dual fuel and HATE how loud the fan is and how long it continues to run after we turn it off. It’s not as bad in winter because I open the door to help it cool down faster. Ours is about 4-5 years old. But that is the only thing I don’t like about it!

  10. We just took delivery on a 36” Verona Dual Fuel Range. We love it except for the fan coming on when I only want the oven light to be on. The multifunction knob and User manual show 2 separate functions: one for the oven light and another for the oven light and fan – defrost mode. Wondering if this is the same on your range? Are you able to have only the oven light on without the fan? Your review of this range is spot on!

  11. I have a gas cooktop which I am happy with but I am very interested in looking up information on
    a simmer plate that will work with my cooktop as it does. cook very hot, more at a boil than a simmer. So, I am glad I scanned through your information on your stove. Thanks.

  12. Tell me more about your bread pans, please! I love the straight sides. And what is your vent above your range? (Thanks for sharing the range review!) Lovely kitchen, super helpful and thorough review.

  13. I have been looking at new ranges and want a 36″ as well. Most don’t come with self-cleaning ovens. I always thought this should be a requirement for me since I hate to clean the oven. I’m not sure why this feature isn’t included more. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks for this review.

  14. Hi Cami! Love the new range! Unrelated question: I love those white pendants I see in the background of some of the pictures. Do you have any source info on them?

  15. It’s so beautiful! We’re planning to purchase one for our lake home – I love that they offer their beautiful style and functionality in electric, too!

  16. I love your new stove!! I am looking for a new one for our kitchen remodel and I think you have just helped me find one! Does a large Dutch oven fit in your stove? I cook a lot with mine and just wanted to see what your experience has been with that?