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If walls could talk, they might plead for the all natural, organic, silky soft, mold and bacteria resistant properties of lime and mineral paints.  Be inspired by these homes painted with Pure & Original paints, originating from Belgium.


It is finally time for us to paint our kitchen and living room – the very first adjoining rooms in our home that will have completed walls! Can you imagine my excitement?!

Natural lime and mineral paints

Oh, to hang some pretty art and decor on these bare, dusty sheetrock walls! (See our move in tour here).

DIY Marble Countertops and Backsplash

Truth be told, it would have made a lot of sense to have sprayed the walls and covered them when we sprayed the ceiling and previous to moving in.

But I was persistent in my search for the perfect, unique paint for this pole barn home, and had not yet decided on what type to use.

Natural lime and mineral paints

I’m not talking about what colors to use . . . no, that would be fairly easy to decide for me. I was after this textured, almost velvet like paint that kept popping up in my Instagram and Pinterest feed and stealing my heart. What was it?!

Natural lime and mineral paints
Marrakech Walls: Evening Shadow

You see, when debating on wall treatments, I pondered on the following:

Shiplap? – ya, been there, done that.

Board and Baten? – but that look is on our exterior and I might tire of it.

Some kind of picture frame molding? – Oh yes, I love that! But perhaps I should reserve that for some bedrooms.

Smooth, creamy, textured walls? . . . be still my heart!

My search led me to this wonderful company called Pure & Original – Belgium makers of 100% natural mineral paints in all shades, textures and varying properties. I was completely drawn in to their walls full of depth and found myself desperate to try it out for myself.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Bone

Having a child (and myself) being very sensitive to chemical irritants, the thoughts of using an allergy sensitive natural product to brace our walls was extra appealing. After seeing my friend Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane give it a try, I knew it was exactly what I wanted!

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: White Rhino

I’m grateful to now have the opportunity to have them sponsor our project with their generous donation of product to use and share our experience with you.

Natural lime and mineral paints

But before we push up our sleeves, I wanted to share all about Pure & Original and show you some images that serve as mega wall and design inspiration.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Ground Pepper


You can read more about the origins of this mineral paint and company, but they have grown from their humble beginnings in Belgium and now have products all over the world, including the US and Canada.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Milk White

They now produce natural paints perfect for achieving highly textured walls, smooth creamy matte walls, and even paints durable enough for floors. They make sealers, primers, and everything in between.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Sand Storm

You can visit their US website or the original website for loads of beautiful inspiration and education! I was thrilled they gave me access to their image bank to select some of my favorite images to share with you. I’ll be sure to leave the color and type of paint below each image so you can discover your favorite look as well.


*Read more about each of these paints and watch the application videos at Pure & Original.


Their most popular paint, and the one that delivers the most drama is their Fresco Lime Paint.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Warm Grey

Depending on the brush stroke application, you can deliver more subtle color variation or more dramatic depth.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Warm Grey

Lime paints are becoming popular to use on both interiors and exteriors and are oh-so-lovely!


This lime based, 100% mineral plaster paint is all about texture!

Natural lime and mineral paints
Marrakech Walls: Slate Grey

If you are after a concrete or venetian plaster look, this is the paint you want.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Marrakech Walls: Old Rose-

The darker the paint, the more variation in color and texture you will see. But even whites will show that stone like texture. Doesn’t it sound divine?!

Natural lime and mineral paints
Marrakech Walls: Sahara Dust-
Natural lime and mineral paints
Marrakech Walls: Ashes


If you love the idea of natural paints with a beautiful velvety matte finish, but don’t want the color variations, Classico is where it is at.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Wall: Classico Polar Blue
Floor: Carazzo White

The colors are solid, rich, and work great for furniture as well!

Natural lime and mineral paints
Walls and ceiling: Classico Black Smoke
Window frame: Licetto Milk White


Licetto paint is a very practical choice for a matte paint that is durable, scrubbable, and scratch resistant.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Licetto: Skin Powder

While Pure & Original makes sealers for all their paints to make them more durable, Licetto is created to already have those properties.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Licetto: Cardinal Red

This makes Licetto great for kitchens, bathrooms, trim and doors.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Mouldings: Licetto
Old Wine Wall: Classico Skin Powder
Ceiling details: Classico Old Rose
Window frames and heating: Traditional Paint Old Wine
Natural lime and mineral paints
Paneling: Licetto Warm Grey
Top: Licetto Ashes


From top to bottom, Pure & Original makes it all!

Natural lime and mineral paints
Walls: Classico White
Floor: Carazzo White Rhino

Carazoo is the strongest, most durable silk matte paint they make and works great on painted floors, cabinets, staircases, and more.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Stairs: Carazzo Black
Walls: Classico Evening Shadow

Would also work on floorboards and doors.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Stairs Carazzo: Skin Powder
Natural lime and mineral paints
Walls: Licetto White
Cabinets: Carazzo Slate Grey
Ceiling: Licetto White
Natural lime and mineral paints
Floors, shelves, dresser: Carazzo Chalk White


This indoor and outdoor paint is great for windows, doors, walls, furniture, radiators . . . just about anything.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Traditional Paint: Silver Like

Durable and practical, and available in all their lovely colors.

Natural lime and mineral paints
Traditional Paint: Brown Red
Natural lime and mineral paints
Traditional Paint: Black Smoke


Depending on your surface and project, you my need to prep the walls with their primers to soak up the lime and mineral paints evenly, such as their WallPrim. There are also sealers to apply over the natural paints to make them durable and washable. You can also buy brushes, spatulas, and even hand painted color cards to view your color options.

Natural lime and mineral paints


I’ve spent hours researching and talking to Pure & Original to learn all about what they have to offer – but I only touched on the basics here. Be sure to visit their site to learn even more.

Now, I can’t wait to give it a try in my own home! I’m truly hoping this is the key to the canvas I need to help me achieve that European Organic style I feel this house is calling for. For our kitchen and living room, I have selected to use the Marrakech paint on the walls and Licetto on the door and trim.


You might wonder why I wanted a special paint if I am choosing a simple warm white for the walls.

Natural lime and mineral paints

If you’ve been following along for some time, you know I use color carefully. I love a good punch of color, but opt to use it in accessories or accent walls.

The concrete/plaster-like look that can be achieved with Marrakech mineral paint is what appeals to me for these 12 foot walls. While I may opt to try darker, bolder colors for some accent walls later on, I wanted this main open-concept area to have details of texture, even with white walls. I’m so thrilled to see the results!

Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Bone
Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Coffee Cream
Natural lime and mineral paints
Fresco lime paint: Calm


I’m loving the look of contrasting trim lately, and we built up some nice thick detailed trim in our kitchen and living area so we could paint it slightly darker than the walls. Ashes seems like a nice neutral greige that will coordinate well with our natural woods and whites.

Natural lime and mineral paints

Are you excited to see how our project turns out? I’ll be sure to take you along as we do this project ourselves and share our results.

I’d love to hear what you think of lime/mineral paints. Have you tried them?! What do you think of these images? Is this something you wouldn’t mind trying yourself? What paint most appeals to you? I’d love the hear!

Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to my email list to get all my updates for do-it-yourself living. Thanks for reading!

Time to paint!

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  1. I love the textured look of the paint and so many delicious colors! I wonder how this paint would work on brick? I am dying to paint my fireplace but want to do it the best way possible. What is your take on using Pure & Original on brick? Thanks!

  2. I’ve recently learned about more natural paints and am so excited to see your home in them as well as hear how you like it! 😃 Thanks for sharing all you are doing with your home!!

  3. Okay. After testing us with all those wonderful colors, I have to say I was disappointed you went with the Milk White. Safe color but they do have some wonderful colors. Good luck and have enjoyed your journey. Look forward to other rooms being done.

  4. Lots of work but, i think you have found the perfect paint, i love the european look of their walls. So exciting and will be waiting to see what it looks like on your walls.

  5. Oh man! Where was this paint ten years ago when I was looking for this for my city kitchen? I love this look! I’m excited to see how yours turns out! I bet it’s going to be stunning!

  6. These paints look and sound amazing, Cami, so I hope you have fun applying them while we await the gorgeous results. Cheers, Ardith

  7. I love the look of Venetian plaster walls and look forward to seeing the reveal.
    I would caution your repeated use of “natural” paint and how much better it is for sensitivities. Natural products can cause allergic reactions and contain natural irritants to skin and membranes…hence the label on the cans that contain lime. The important thing is for people to know what they are sensitive to… As a nurse I have seen some major reactions to the “safe” natural oil products. I had a patient that was allergic to grass and the product contained lemongrass, which when put into a diffuser caused an mild anaphylactic reaction. For some it it fragrance for others it is the even “natural” properties or ingredients that can cause everything from headaches, rashes and breathing difficulties. Key take away is know what causes your sensitivities or allergies.

  8. I love these! And I am so excited y’all are in the home stretch! The colors are beautiful and can’t wait to see what you chose.

  9. Hi Cami – I love reading your blog and watching your progress on your projects. These lime/mineral paints look amazing! Do you know if they are scratch resistant? I used a textured paint (Ralph Lauren) years ago for my home office and although it looked gorgeous – if anything bumped into it (ie furniture) – it easily marked the wall.