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Is it possible to live in a home on wheels with style? Creating a comfortable living space whilst upgrading your RV’s interior design sounds a little intimidating, but what if I tell you it’s pretty easy?

Make your space feel as close to home as possible, in style, with these enticing RV makeovers.

Here are 20 inspiring RV makeovers and renovations to prove it just might be, with a little elbow grease and creative vision.

We enjoyed renovating our RV, which we lovingly call “TIDBITS ON WHEELS”, designed and decorated in my bright Cottage Romance TIDBITS style.


Here is a peek, but check out all the details on our reveal post, then come back to enjoy this round-up of other RV renovations I discovered while looking for inspiration. Be sure to subscribe to my email updates to catch all the details of our adventures of living in our RV with our 4 kids while we build our home.

white table and white counters in an rv kitchen

There are some clever creatives out there taking small spaces and making them huge with style! Whether you have an RV just to hit the road, live full time in your travel trailer, or a temporary mobile home on wheels, these ideas will get you excited to make it an RV to love.


If you’re looking for an RV to fix up, the off-season is a great time to buy! My husband works with someone who has a side hustle of buying and selling RVs, and he highly recommends the new year as the perfect time to get one. When people find themselves high with bills from the Holidays, an RV is the first thing to go to, and they are often desperate sellers.

In our search for finding an affordable RV in need of some tender DIY love and care, here are the places we searched:

  • Local Classifieds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Word of Mouth
  • Local Dealerships

Beautiful RV Makeovers and RV Remodel Ideas

Be sure to bring big vision and hard work to the table, and you just might create a tiny home as beautiful as the ones below! Get some inspiration from this list of how you can decorate and change your RV furniture, kitchen cabinets, throw pillows, and more!


This cute RV, lovingly nicknamed “Mrs. Schmick” is a darling inside and out! Be sure to catch up on their adventures for Mrs. Schmick on Instagram.

rv bedroom area


An incredibly helpful how-to guide from Kreating Homes for replacing those nasty floors and carpet that can be found in older RVs.

curtains hanging by wooden floor


Another airstream makeover, but I am inspired by the custom seating found in this reveal on The Modern Caravan.

pink couch with pillows, rug, and coffee table with books


You’ve got to follow the live-in RV adventures from Arrows and Bows. Ashley shares great tips on her blog and the behind-the-scenes reality of living in an RV with kids on her Instagram.

wooden floor with disco ball on floor, next to kitchen area in an rv. Stool and books in background.

I love how they painted the exterior and made a classy and cozy retreat just outside the front door.

outside of rv, with lights and eating area

They made the small space cozy for kids and adults alike! Paint, statement wallpaper, light fixtures, and so many simple upgrades made a tremendous impact!

dining area in rv, with kids on bunkbeds in background


It’s important to rethink all the RV nooks and crannies to make sure they function for your needs. I love how Life as an Artistpreneur reworked this wall to provide entertainment and decor.

dining area and coffee pot with coffee cup


I’m finding out Instagram is a major hub for RV enthusiasts to share their improvements and adventures. It was fun to discover this account –Clever Fox Mama on Instagram. You can’t even tell this is an RV!

couch with pillows


I’m inspired by the modern look of the RV by The Arrow Anglers. Their use of woods, whites, and blacks come together so nicely.

living room with chairs and couch next to kitchen area in an rv


The most inspiring makeover I ran into comes from Bonnie Christine. The colors, the patterns, and the well-thought-out use of space are so inspiring!

rv area green cushions on bench with flowered wallpaper in the background


This gal needs to be dubbed the Joanna Gaines for RV’s! Be sure to check out her many RV design inspiration ideas on RV Fixer Upper.

I am wowed by the clever idea of using a ladder behind the potty for storage and beauty.

rv toilet with ladder shelf behind it

Every detail is noteworthy. Check out the peel and stick wallpapered pocket door, faux shiplap, lighting, countertop, flooring, stairs . . .

rv kitchen and dining area

I would never have guessed this was an RV’s kitchen!

Definitely check out more on RV Fixer Upper.

rv kitchen and dining space


I found another family living in their RV while they build a home and their bunk area is so cozy and adorable. Follow along with Kalifornia_Kountry on Instagram to get a glimpse of the reality of living in a trailer with kids!

rv bunkbeds

I have to share her two-toned kitchen too!

rv kitchen


I keep thinking those dinette nooks makes it hard for everyone to scoot and sit. I love how WilsonGrandAdventures on Instagram changed that area into a bar-like space for eating and a work spot for the whole family. Brilliant!

table with bar stools facing a window

This cozy landing place came a long way as well!

bed with blankets and pillows


You can count on Mandy from Vintage Revivals to come up with the most creative designs, and an RV was no exception. What she calls “the nugget” is a tiny retro RV that they transformed into the happiest place on earth!

bed with pillows and blankets


The YouTube star, DIY Mommy, decorates her remodeled RV for all the seasons. I love watching them make the most of their RV!

inside of an rv


For all my fellow shabby chic fans, this RV from Anyone Can Decorate goes down as the most unique RV I’ve seen yet!

rv kitchen area


The pop-up camper that has taken Instagram by storm comes from my sweet friend Annie of Zevy Joy. It looks like an outdoor oasis!

popup camper area


I love this sink and countertop transformation from The Nosery. It doesn’t even have the usual RV feel. I’m thinking the fancy faucet makes a vast difference too!

rv kitchen area

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the incredible possibilities that lie in a small RV space!

I’m working on finding even more inspiration and filling up my RV Design Pinterest board, so head HERE if you would like to see even more!

Please let me know if you have any experience with RV living or making RV makeovers a reality!

How about you guess what we will do next? I dare you. 😉

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  1. I have had rc’s and I love what you are doing. Can be for guests once you have your home built. My question is, if you are not going to move it to an Rv pumping station all th time, how are you dealing with sewage?

      1. I live in my RV which is stationary – I pay a company to come and pump out the black water tank every 6 weeks or so. Lots of companies do it 🙂

  2. Wow! Really a ton of great looking rv concepts. I like the one that looks so classy. Really nice to make your rv as comfortable by being you as much as possible.

  3. Oh my – so inspiring!!!! I know you will make whatever you live in comfortable, practical and beautiful for your family!!!!! This reminds me so much of a book that I read to my literature and art kids – it is by a homeschool graduate named Jonathan Bean and the book is called Building Our House!!! I found it at out library …. maybe your library will have it too!!!

  4. I think you must be going to do some tiny living on your new property. We have a fifth wheel next to a river in the western North Carolina mountains. It’s been sitting there for 16 years. This past summer I finally got wood look floor vinyl put down and some painting done in the bedroom. I love getting to go for a couple of weeks at a time. It’s a six hour drive so I don’t get to go as often as I would like. Loved all the pictures. I saved some for future reference.

  5. So many cute ideas, no reason you can’t make it cozy. It will be fun to see what you can do and i know you can do it.

  6. Dear Cami , god bless all of you ,as soon as you look , listen and hear your voice , see that smile its so nice. Your plans sound great and god will guide you along the path . I am new to your site and enjoy it . I live in south florida so the land here is very different and you cant get that here , but I am thankful for the home I have and that GOD gives us . Looking to see and hear more about your plan .thank you for all the great stuff . Have a wonderful day .

  7. I have no experience with RVs but think this is a great idea for your family. My husband and I were high school sweethearts who got married and finished college together. We bought a used mobile home and replaced the carpet and moved it near the college we were attending. We paid $3000 for it and when we graduated, we were able to sell it for $3000. It was a great investment for two poor college students or for anyone. Best of luck on this new adventure!

  8. These pictures are awesome – know you will enjoy doing your own space!! If you plan to live in it, you probably will want to join some Facebook groups to learn about how to keep the inside from molding as condensation is a big problem in small spaces when you run the heat or have high humidity. These pictures also show RVs which are settled in one spot – there is no way you could travel with those. I think you might like to investigate the RV Interiors Facebook page and any full time RV bloggers.

  9. Woohoo! I always thought it’d be fun to redo an RV. I would love to have one as a guest “cottage” at the farm. It kind of sounds like y’all are planning to live in one as you build. The tiny house movement is strong! With all your outside area for the kids to run in, you could do it!
    Let the adventure begin!!

  10. Great ideas! We have an RV that’s looking kind of stale. Hmmmm, I’m definitely checking these out. Thanks, Cami.

  11. Cami..I think people can adapt to “anything” if they really want to. If “the plan” is that you guys are going be living in an RV until those dreams of yours become a reality, then anyone can make it work. And it will. I sure wouldn’t spend a bunch of money to “redecorate” it, when I would sooner want my money to be put towards that end goal on your 25 acres. I think it will be fun and the kids will think it’s an adventure. It will all work out. One thing my hubby and I found out about ourselves over the years is that we can adapt to anything. We have travelled all over the world and have stayed in glamourous hotels right down to small hostels living among the locals and “those” have been our very best experiences.