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A clean decorating slate.  There is nothing quite like it to get me giddy excited!  Let me show you the results of our hard work for our RV renovation, in its pre-decor state.  Then the fun is sure to begin!

TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation

It seems I am doing things a bit different for this renovation project.  Because we were up against moving dates and deadlines, we had to crank through this renovation which left me little time to keep the blog post updates coming.  


So I’ve got good news, and bad news for you.

The good news is, I stayed pretty diligent with catching photos and video footage of the process, which means I’ll be able to come back and share all that with you.

The bad news is, I’m too excited to keep these pre-decor photos to myself, and sharing them might leave you with burning questions for sources and info.  While we still had some loose ends to tie up, this “almost done” stage made me pretty happy and I had to take some pics and share.


If you’ll just be patient with me, I’ll fill it all in soon with details and sources for each little spot in our “TIDBITS on wheels”.  But for now, take a look at the RV Sources page I made up to direct you to items we’ve used in this process so far.  I hope that helps for now!

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A huge thanks to all my sponsors who helped make this project possible!  I searched and reached out to Brands I love and that I knew would complete this space with their beautiful products.  I’ll be back to focus more on each sponsor and offer greater details about each space.  I’m grateful beyond words to have the opportunity to have their support and to be able to share them with you!

BLANCO SINK – The white beautiful SILGRANIT sink is a dream!  Resistant to heat, stains and scratches – I’m hooked! I was worried I choose too big for an RV but it has been a life savor!  Per a readers suggestion, I keep a plastic tub tucked under the “made to fit” cutting board.  The dirty dishes are kept out of site and then when it is full  I can just wash them right in tub.  Then I have room in the sink still for other tasks.  It is incredibly nice (especially for a trailer!) . If I want to save on filling up my gray water tank, I can just toss the dish water out the door.

DYERS ONLINE – Dyers helped me source my RV appliances and parts at a great price and helped us with many questions along our bumpy road.  So grateful for their support and knowledge!

BLINDS GALORE – You can’t see the blinds in the images yet – but just you wait!  They were secret to making our RV windows look bigger and better than ever!

BEDDY’S BEDS – My Instagram followers told me I needed them, and they were right!  Beddy’s zip up bedding for the bunks and sliding bed was the perfect solution for these tricky spots.  I seriously can’t imagine trying anything else!  Can’t wait to show you!

PIPER CLASSICS – I’m a huge fan of their country style bedding, and what they helped me create in the master bedroom is what my French style dreams are made of!

KREG TOOLS – Coming up soon is a kitchen cupboard hack that we built with the help of Kreg tools.  Every kitchen of every size is going to need a few of these! 

MDESIGN – I’ve already learned, organization is going to be key!  Working hard to get each nook and cranny organized with my favorite organization company, mDesign.  This is going to be my sanity savor, for sure!


While things have progressed from when I recorded this video and took these images, I still wanted to share what it looked like when all the things were just about wrapped up and we were prepping to decorate and move in.

It was an exciting stage, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.  Please watch this video and I’ll explain a bit more. 



Next, cruise through this gallery style of images to see the incredible transformation of our 5th Wheel Trailer and our tiny home on wheels for . . . . well . . . who knows how long???

But first . . . a reminder of the “before”.

RV Before Images


And now – TIDBITS on wheels tour, pre-decor!!  (and comment-less) .

Enjoy cruising!

TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation
TIDBITS on wheels - our RV renovation


What is your favorite part?  What questions do you have for me?  I want to be sure I cover them in upcoming posts.

Thanks so much for visiting!


For more posts all about our RV Adventures and future plans, please click below:

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  1. Love, love, love what you did with your RV! Thanks for sharing! Could you tell me what year/type it is? I like the layout. It might work for my family, too. I just didn’t see that info. I also love the feminine style.

  2. Hi I just love this renovation and I’m wondering where you purchased the cushion on the long window seat/couch area?
    Thank you much

  3. Hi Cami! I just love what you’ve done with the place! That is one beautiful RV! It looks fabulous! How long do you and your family have to live in it while your house is being built? What type house are y’all going to build? I’m fairly new to your blog, so I’m outta the loop, so to speak, lol!! What type of motor home is it? The big bus kind? Looks like you have a good bit of room in there to move around. Everything looks great so far! I’m a French decor loving gal myself and you added just the right French touches! I’m so impressed! Who knew an RV could look so classy! lol!! Great job!!

  4. What an amazing transformation! Love how light and bright it is. Best wishes in your tempory home!

  5. Jaw dropped 🙂 So lovely! And this is the “pre-decor” tour 🙂 Goodness! So bright and airy, which will totally help the whole family living in tight quarters situation 😉 I love how you and your husband both use your talents together to create something amazing! You both inspire me! Excited to learn more details to come! Keep up the great work!

  6. You have everything, i can’t believe you have covered so much in this little home of yours. It’s beautiful, comfy and family oriented all at the same time. I am very impressed but, know when you two do something it is wonderful, well done.

  7. So much better! As a FullTime RVer, I wonder how those cute chandeliers will travel? I’m also hoping you will add info about any and all technologies you have updated or added? Keep up the good work – hope to see you on the road!

  8. Oh Cami…just beautiful! I know it’s been rough but thanks for documenting all this. You’ve inspired me and given me hope that an RV can indeed be gorgeous…something I really doubted was possible without a huge budget. Good luck moving into Spring and out of your mom’s basement!

  9. It’s just going to be awesomely beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see all your amazing decorative finishes!!!
    GREAT job!!!

  10. Now this is living small with style, Cami. This living small with panache! Congratulations to you and your husband on this very classy transformation. Cheers, Ardith

  11. Just AMAZING !!! You truly take lemons and make lemonade . Thank you for your kind response to my suggestion of starting your day with God – I know from personal experience that it really helps . It got me through so many months of working with people who were mean and disrespectful to clients – I was able to sing His praises all day long and it made such a difference to everyone and everything . Prayers and love to you and your family . I cannot believe how Amazing the RV looks . Y’all are such an amazing and inspirational family – keep Shining !

  12. I’m so inspired by what you and your family are doing in chasing your dreams, and such beautiful dreams they are! Praise God for what He is doing in your lives, you are so blessed!! I know that you will see these dreams come to pass in His time, keep hanging on to hope, Joy, and love, and enjoy all the little things along your journey!

  13. Congratulations Tidbit Family!!!
    Your RV reno is just beautiful, and I’m sure you’re anxious to move in it now.
    It’s truly amazing what you have accomplished in only 3 months! (I’m sure it seemed a lot longer than that on many occasions:)
    I see this labor of love via the before and after pictures, and I do hope you feel so proud of yourselves for all the effort it took in getting to this phase! I’m really looking forward to the decorating phase with you Cami. Wishing you much happiness and blessings in your new, temporary home. Thank you for sharing your journey.