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The garage is often the first space to welcome you home and the last to see you part – don’t overlook it!  Watch as we transform this space and tackle our Garage Studio Makeover, starting with painting the garage walls.

Painting the garage walls

I just made the announcement that we have moved into a rental home, listed our home of 5 years for sale and are looking towards buying property and building the home of our dreams . . . eventually.  I also mentioned how this change has left me feeling like an artist without a canvas in a rental home that is dark, brown, and far from my style.

But, I shall not despair!  Rather, my husband and I put our heads together and figured out a way that I can still create, film, photo and share projects on this here blog.

The answer to our problem was the garage!  Here is how it looked when we moved in and after we just dumped things we had no where else to put.

Painting the garage walls

I’m really excited about the potential of this space and the ideas are brewing in my head.  Because it is Summer and the kids are home, this may take us the whole Summer to wrap up, but having a project to work on helps me not feel discouraged.  A creator must create!

I feel a bit like a garage band, trying to make their start in a humble garage.  Maybe I’ll call myself “The Garage Blogger”.  😉

Please take a minute to watch this video.  I explain the plans for the space and give you a glimpse of the painting process we took for painting the garage walls.  Then I’ll be sure to leave you some tips down below so you can also explore the idea of making your garage a space you love.

(P.S.  I know, my painting outfit is EPIC.  I mean . . . socks with sandals, ya’ll).



Painting the garage walls

Can you believe what a fresh coat of white paint did for this garage?!

While the owners of the home don’t want us to make changes inside the house, they didn’t have any objections to us painting the garage.  In fact, they probably thought we were crazy for wanting to do it, without understanding my needs.

Painting the garage walls

So like I mentioned in the video, half the garage will function as my studio where I will create, film and photo, and we will need the other half to store garage essentials.

Through this process, I’m hoping to inspire you with garage organization hacks and ideas, as well as some cool studio solutions I have up my sleeves.

Painting the garage walls

It’s not as beautiful as our old home, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I can make it work for the time being.  Our plan is to only include things that we can take with us when the time comes to move, and instantly have a well organized garage in the next home as well.

Painting the garage walls

As far as the studio is concerned, I’ve always found garage directional lighting to be excellent for photography.  I have the bonus of having some side windows to let in even more light.

Painting the garage walls

Painting the garage walls


We learned a few things while researching how to paint this semi-outdoor space, as well as working through the process.  I’d like to share them with you here.


  • Paint
    • I read conflicting info on whether to use interior or exterior latex paint.  Exterior paint is best to hold up to temperature changes, moisture and heat.  On the down side, it has harsher chemicals than interior paints, that would be best in non-enclosed spaces.  After reading and seeking help at the Home Depot paint desk, we decided to go with Exterior Latex Paint so the homeowners would not run into problems in the future.  But many advise interior paints would be fine because you are not likely to get too much moisture inside the garage.  Also, priming the walls before hand is a really good idea.
    • We bought a 5 gallon bucket and used it all, plus had to have about a gallon and a half more for better coverage.  This was for a 2 car garage.
  • Rollers
    • If you have a professional sprayer, this would be less labor intensive.  We didn’t want to spend more than necessary so opted to roll.  Extension poles were a must to get the ceiling and high parts.
  • Floor protector
    • You can use paper rolls, plastic sheets, or dropcloths.  But you don’t want to risk paint splatter all over the concrete floor.


  • Be sure to remove all outlet covers and hardware, if there are any.
  • If your sheetrock walls have holes and seams that are not mudded and sanded down, you’ll need to do this first.
  • Paint from top down.  If you are doing the ceiling, work on that first.
  • Paint with the door open for ventilation whenever possible.
  • Expect to do 3 coats.  1 of primer and 2 of paint, or 3 coats of paint if you don’t use primer.  This also may differ based on the quality of your paint.  As far as paint goes, I’ve found that you pay for what you get.
  • Get help!  It’s a big project!
  • Let cure overnight before moving anything back into the space.

Painting the garage walls

I’m not sure if you see what I see, but a blank white canvas get’s me giddy excited!  So much potential!

Painting the garage walls

I’d love to hear about the current situation of your garage right now.  Is it pretty scary, like our garage has always been?  Can you find the things you are looking for in there?  Can you even park the car where it is intended?  I’ve been thinking really hard on what we often use the garage for and how to maximize on the space.

Painting the garage walls

I know for many of us, the garage is to store tools, recreational products, seasonal outdoor items and possibly the only place we have to store interior items as well.  What challenges do you face in your garage that you would like help with?  I’d love to hear all this so I can keep it in mind as I come up with garage organization solutions.

Painting the garage walls

Here is to hoping I can pull this off and create a space that makes us all feel like twirling in the sunlight 😉

What do you think of my first project in the rental home?  I was filled with such gratitude for all the kind comments on our moving post, and can’t wait to challenge myself to continue to share home inspiration no matter the situation we find ourselves in.  Thank you all for being so wonderful!

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  1. Hi Cami– I agree with others. This is a perfect and exciting challenge that will bring out even more creativity. If there are moments when you feel down, think of others in your situation or much worse, and find a way to make it better for their sake. Many many people do not own their own home. And some who do, have a very modest budget. Even five gallons of paint can be pretty expensive for some.
    So we will love seeing what you do with the garage this summer, but in the fall when the kids go back to school, don’t be afraid to show us the interior of your home. Show us ways to make it better! Find the best lightbulbs to put in your lamps to make it warmer. Show us the difference curtains can make. Show us the before and after with light colored area rugs reflecting more light. Mirrors? Renters’ temporary wallpaper? Magnets holding wallpaper on the fridge? White sheets of masonite on dark countertops (not glued down)? Old silver platters from thrift shops used to reflect light on surfaces? Show us how to make it pretty. You got this girl!

  2. Hi Cami, I loved seeing your family all working together! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your space. I wish I had a garage. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. I a man in the process of painting my 3 car garage right now. I’m really wishing I had out the paper down to protect the floor….I have paint splatters everywhere! Wishing I had done the ceiling first too…..the ceiling looks nasty now that the walls look good! Doing this on my own with a broken foot….not easy.
    I feel like I’m drowning in ‘stuff’. Contacted California Closets to get a quote for storage a cabinets but at $8000+ it’s out of my price range. Would love to see what you suggest for cabinet storage…..I have sleds, remote co trail cars, bikes, scooters, garden tools galore…..don’t know where to put it all! Would love suggestions!

  4. Garage is looking much better with the white paint. My garage? Shall we say I can’t wait to see what you have done for storage! I have a two car garage into which is the laundry alcove. Two cars live in there as well piles a junk that is seems to grow by the year. Frustrating! I do get depressed when I see that space several times a day so I am looking forward to your transformation. What wonderful tenants you are being. I am a landlord so……..

  5. Hey Cami!
    First, I’m so glad you are feeling better!! Change is hard!!
    Your “garage makeover” is going to be fabulous!!! The fresh white paint is awesome!!
    Can’t wait to see what else you do!! I’m taking notes and looking for a way to be more excited about
    my rental space!!
    Riches Blessings today and always!

  6. Cami…we are facing a move after being here for over 25 years, raising kids, and seeing life change. Thank you for the encouraging words in your post about remembering “to trust God and rest assured that He will guide”. I printed off several of your sentences so I could post them
    ‘somewhere’ that I could see them daily. Perhaps you would consider suggestions for those of us that face a similar and daunting task of preparing our home for the market. Bless you…I’m enjoying the new projects!

  7. Yay for getting to paint the garage! Paint is amazing – the owners should be thrilled you painted in there because it really needed it. That said, my garage needs a good cleaning and re painting. It’s pretty messy but I can park my car in it so that’s good. Bruce uses it for his tools and there’s bicycles, camping stuff, etc. Your helpers are the cutest!
    ? Cecilia

  8. It looks wonderful and so were your helpers. I built my garage after i bought my house so it is huge, it’s big enough for two cars and i have a shop in the back part where i do all my diy, plants and other stuff. Know you will have a good time here, i think your little ones will help, God is so good.

  9. What a great start! It just goes to show that you can make even a temporary space feel right. Looking forward to watching the progress.

  10. Great transformation already, your rental garage is ready for you to design, create and inspire others! Full confidence in your abilities to amaze us with your new space!

  11. Hi Cami! New to your blob, but LOVE it already!!! I “met” you through Stacy! I really enjoyed your video and appreciated how your whole family chipped in with the painting! YES it is a big job! I look forward to seeing your summer project develop and grow into something amazing! Thanks for have me along! I hope you know how much we, your audience really support you as you make this journey and adjust to change! All of us have to cope with these very real situations in life! Isn’t it helpful to know you are not alone? 🙂

    And yes, clean white walls can make a person giddy!!! 🙂

    1. See how imperfect we can be! I meant to say “blog” NOT blob! But maybe you have just a few blobs of paint around??? 🙂 Sorry about that! Hope it made you smile!!!

  12. Very nice result! I really think having painted the garage was a great idea. You now have a space just for you for your creative needs. In addition, the chosen color optimizes the lighting of the room

  13. That looks wonderful,Cami. I agree, the owners should be over the moon that you want to improve their space! Hang in there with the moving -we are in the same situation, only we are not in a rental. We thought our home would sell quickly, but it has not and it is frustrating and discouraging at the same time. I am sure someone will be very interested in your home soon!

  14. Slowly reel your owners in by showing them your magic in the garage. Tom Sawyer got everyone to paint the fence. They’ll be paying you to fix up their house!

  15. We close on the 15th, but have already bought our new fixer upper. Am anxious to watch your garage project and hope to learn. Half of our house was moved a few months ago so we could go back and forth, state to state. Yes hours of driving but good for us to do. Currently, my condition is most everything sits in the garage, we remodel the house, spelunking the garage when we need something and in a year a garage sale for things we haven’t needed in a year. I am sure we will be ridding excess along the way as well. Good luck to you, happy you are on the way to new goodness. Best of luck.

  16. I am new to your blog and love your kindness, honesty and creative spirit. I am so happy that you found a new project in your rental space as I look forward to your posts. Note that the rental space is not a “set back” but a “set up” for a new opportunity. ?. Also, I would invite your landlord to see your home as they may have a change of heart…it’s a win-win for both parties if you upgraded their property with new projects. Anywho, looking forward to seeing what you create in the garage!!

  17. Have the owners seen what you did in your old house? I can’t BELIEVE they don’t take advantage and give you free rein!! The garage already looks great.