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Okay.  So what do you really need in your master bedroom?  Nothing like living in an RV to figure that out!  Let me shed some light on the topic of Master Bedroom essentials for function and decor – because both are very important for this space.

pretty bedding in RV master bedroom

*This post is made possible by the wonderful Piper Classics! Having them sponsor our RV bedroom was a dream . . . just like their bedding!

Keep in mind, I am talking about what you “need” in a master bedroom. Certainly not what you might “want“. I definitely “want” a walk-in closet, master bedroom seating area, about 100 more square feet . . .

RV Master Bedroom Essentials for function and decor

But since we are living tiny in our RV while we build our home, my mind has definitely been pondering on the things that we really actually need in life, and it is a lot less than we might think.

I believe in the importance of the master bedroom as a refuge, loving how it looks and feels, and also making sure it functions well. I would like to address the most important things that add both beauty and function to a bedroom space, no matter how small or big they might be. If you have room for the “other stuff” – have at it my friends!

RV Master Bedroom Essentials for function and decor

I’d love to hear what things in your master bedroom you can’t do without. Let me know in the comments below. Let’s first take a quick look at what this bedroom looked like before our renovation, and let me know if you think things improved just a little 😉



I know you all go, go, go – and there is nothing better than climbing into your bed exhausted at night, and feeling the embrace of beautiful and cozy bedding. I look forward to it all day! To top it off, you’ll be so much more motivated to make your bed every morning when you adore the look of your bedding. Have you experienced that feeling of getting so excited to make your bed because it looks so pretty?! It’s the best!

RV Master Bedroom Essentials for function and decor

This bedding from the Piper Classics “Annabelle” line was perfect for our RV. The French Country style ruffled coverlet not only looks like a dream, but it so cleverly hides the RV storage box the mattress is sitting on. I can even store some things under the skirt, which is where I actually store our little hand held vacuum.


If you have your eye on this creamy white flannel backed coverlet (like I have for years), let me assure you it is so incredibly soft and flowy, washes well, and adds a nice layer of cozy without being too hot. I LOOOOOOVE IT!

RV Master Bedroom Essentials for function and decor

Coverlets are known as a lighter layer of bedding, often used in place of a comforter or duvet – though I think layering them can work well. In this instance, this coverlet is perfect for warmer weather. If it was cooler, I’d probably fold a duvet comforter at the foot of the bed.

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There is a happy balance for the amount of pillows to add to your bed. Too much, and you’ll get annoyed by all the pillows that end up on the floor at bed time, or your spouse will – whiny things (wink).

pretty pillows in RV master bedroom

But you also need enough for decor and comfort. Truth be told, because we are so crowded I wanted a very minimalistic look, with just 2 sleeping pillows and maybe a small decorative one. However, as you can see the wall is sloped behind us, making it not comfortable at all to lean up against.

RV Master Bedroom Essentials for function and decor

So I added the big Euro Shams that match the Annabelle coverlet. Now it’s my favorite cozy place to sit and read a magazine or work on my laptop . . . or have some mommy alone time when there is no better option.


I’ve learned an extra blanket at the end of the bed is ESSENTIAL! Wanna know why it comes in handy?

Linen storage boxes for RV organization

Feeling a bit cold? Throw it over you. Want a Sunday nap, but you don’t want to ruin the whole bed? Throw it over you!

Want to kick up your feet that might be a tad bit dirty and you don’t want to soil your bedding? Throw it under you!

This pretty striped Farmcloth Throw is also from Piper Classics.


You probably already know how important some sort of night stand is, but I am grateful for these bed side tables, no matter how small they are.

side table decor in master bedroom

We had to rip down the cabinets that were originally here, due to water damage, and decided it felt really nice to keep the upper space open.

So my husband built some made to fit side tables, perfect for stashing my night time magazines and some pretty little things.


Are flowers and plants actually essential for a master bedroom? – you might ask. Well in my book, they absolutely are.

side table decor in master bedroom

Whether that is is a floral painting on the wall, or fresh flowers on my side table, it adds the perfect homey touch to any space. It just feels soooo good to wake up to their beauty. I’m not a morning person, so anything that helps me feel renewed and inspired to rise is essential in my book. Flowers don’t have to be expensive. I grabbed a bunch of babies breath, and they have lasted for weeks.

Our nightstand decor is from Piper Classics. Shop for the French Farmhouse Pitcher or the chippy pedestal, great for catching glasses, watches, cell phones, etc.


No matter how I try to avoid it, things that I don’t find appealing to display in a bedroom always build up. Items such as notebooks, library books, headphones, pencils, charging cords, special notes from a loved one, emergency chocolate, lotions, etc. – it’s great to have a place to stash those.

Hidden storage beam in RV master bedroom

Ideally you’ll have some type of drawer, but we had to makeshift this solution and found a way to do it inside our faux beam – it was that important.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I imagine even the most tidy person may find they have an item of clothing that doesn’t get hung up or folded right away at all times. It’s good to have a few designated hooks in a bedroom for the robe, t-shirt, sweater or pants you might be wearing again real soon.

hooks on walls in rv renovation

If you don’t have some hooks for those items, you will most likely toss them on the floor or bed, and that creates some hard-to-break habits of uncleanliness. These cute vintage numbered hooks also came from Piper Classics.


I didn’t think I could manage, but I have been surprised that about 11 days of outfits is about all I need to store in my closet. Sure, I have to be diligent at keeping up with laundry before we run out, but I can’t believe how much simpler my life has gotten without so many clothes in the closet. Can you believe both my husband and I managed to get all our clothes for 11 days into this tiny closet?!

Closet storage in RV

While I might be a tad bit boring in the fashion world, for our simple life right now it fits just fine. I’m looking forward to warmer weather when I’ll be able to treat myself with a whole new wardrobe – while saving space and money at the same time!

Consider the amount of clothes you have in your closet. Could you store away seasonal clothes to make it feel less cluttered? Could you make do with less? You probably even have clothes that you never wear taking up precious closet space.


These little grain sack linen boxes have been a game changer. I only keep as many undergarments, pajamas and exercise clothes as I need, and it is so easy to keep them tidy.

Linen storage boxes for RV organization

If you have a closet with shelves, I highly recommend storing items in linen boxes for a beautiful seamless look that is easy to maintain. It looks so much nicer than folded clothes on a shelf.


Things that set the mood for good rest is essential. In our tiny bedroom, these items consist of:

  • Night time lighting (we have tucked some small LED puck lights inside the faux beam, and it sets the most beautiful glow to that room at night when we are winding down.)
  • Curtains framing the bed, to make it feel like a cozy, romantic environment.
  • Relaxing books and magazines to read.
  • Blinds on the window, to block out light. (Our blinds are from More on those soon!)
Beam and curtains in RV master bedroom
Beam and curtains in RV master bedroom

Whatever says, “relax here” is essential for you to include in your bedroom.

I hope that gave you something to think over, as you evaluate your master bedroom.

Finally, for any of you thinking what one of my Facebook followers pointed out – “With 4 kids, don’t you NEED a door on your bedroom?!”

Well, without getting too personal here – yes – we NEED a door! This was a particularly tricky spot to figure that out, but we have since landed a pretty brilliant solution. You can bet I’ll be back to share!

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  1. I love what you have done not only in this beautiful, calming bedroom but throughout the entire RV..just lovely..

  2. We are in our 60’s and have moved to a villa home , we have downsized to 1500 sq ft. Hubby had a rough time of smaller space, I loved it. Less to clean! I learned less is more. I guess you will be rethinking your dream home necessities.

  3. I know your master suite is small but it is pretty and full of everything you need, you might even miss this space or at least the closeness it gives you when you finish your house.

  4. Have you sold your house? I may have missed your post on that.
    If you have sold the house, where are you storing everything til you build the new house.

    Just wondering. I recommend the black tubs with yellow tops – they have 3 or 4 sizes (sold at Home Depot or Lowes), and they stack 5 or 6 high. Hope all goes well with your new endeavor.


  5. Oh my, that before photo…it doesn’t even look like the same space. I love the bedding – it’s so dreamy. You are definitely rocking living tiny! Beautiful space, Cami!

  6. You’re right! There are many things we actually need in a bedroom. I couldn’t do with my bed obviously. I also want a bedside table and lamp. A closet is a necessity. We are so spoiled and blessed to have so much more.

  7. Love what you have done!! The bedding is fabulous and the large circular wall hanging has me drooling! Did you make this crochet wall hanging?? It is wonderful!

  8. Awesome post. We too are living in our RV. The biggest change that really helped to me was paint. White. In living/kitchen makes it feel so much better even bigger. My next project is our headboard. I’ve got some old B board that I’m gonna use. Chippy white paint with some blues and greens. It’s going to look awesome. Can’t wait for your next post.

  9. I can honestly say that I really don’t “need” most of the things you’ve suggested. I do like a “pretty” comforter or bedspread though. Don’t need flowers or “mood” lighting…I’m not in as “close quarters” as you, so I have the big walk-in closet and en-suite, etc. Really..all I need in my master bedroom is my hubby and that is it. Good post, Cami!