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After spending 6 months in an RV full time living with my family of 6, I am scrubbing it down and staging it to sell.  View what might be the final pics of our renovated RV, made even more beautiful with the help of my sponsor, Serena & Lily.  Read on to find out why we are selling!

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

Living well begins at home . . . a wonderful theme to live by from Serena & Lily.  I have been a long time admirer of their incredible casual elegant style.  In fact, through the years I have taken many decor and DIY elements from their catalogs and implemented them in my own home.  What an honor it is for me to experience their luxurious linens and pillow covers in my hands, and have the amazing opportunity to stage their products while I also stage our RV to sell.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds that you can snag at 20% off for Serena & Lily’s Friends and Family Sale (with the code “BEOURGUEST“), but first . . . 


If you’ve been following along, you know the plan was to live in our renovated RV, “TIDBITS on Wheels” until our new pole barn home was built.  So if we are moving out of the RV, that must mean our home is done . . . except it doesn’t.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

We are still wrapping up sheetrock, so it is looking good, but far from done.  We were warned several times that building a home always takes longer than expected, and that is certainly true for us.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

Spending our days in the RV during the Spring and Summer had it’s challenges, but as soon as the weather turned cold in Utah, living in the RV became impossible.  We were hooked onto my mother’s well for water and once the ground got cold our water hoses would freeze. 

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

We would drain through the propane to stay warm and we began to feel like caged animals.  I knew we had to find another solution – fast.  It was just too hard and my sanity levels were decreasing at a rapid pace.  I would even find my incredibly resilient children in tears because they were sick of it.   My 13 year old daughter seemed to be most effected as I could see her changing hormones needed some space.  It broke my mama heart!

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

So I looked for options and discovered a very affordable Airbnb in our area – a very old Farmhouse.  Trust me, sounds way more glamorous than it is. 

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

Frankly, it is a dump.  We are dealing with mice, hobo spiders, yellow water that tastes like iron, and it is 15 minutes farther from our schools, church, home and activities which I have to drive to multiple times a day.  While I love old and vintage – this Farmhouse if FAR from TIDBITS style.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

They have allowed us to stay for a month, at which point we have to be out because they have sold it.  May be panicking, just a little!  To pass live in inspections on our home, we just need a working sink, toilet and electrical finished.  Of course, we need a little more than that to live in a home with a family, but we are hoping we can pull it off before November 1st! It may take many many miracles and lots of hard work.

With all the new challenges, I try to stay grateful for a roof over our heads, space, a dishwasher and indoor plumbing.  The encouragement from my Instagram followers brought me to tears and strengthened me like no other!

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

I know we will make it through this time, and be all the more grateful for our new home.  I can see the blessings from this time in our lives, including how it allowed me the time and focus to work on a rather large passion product I am creating for all of you.  But more on that soon!

I digress. 

Let’s take a closer look at what I’ve done to stage our RV previous to listing it for sell.  We are also planning some fun family pics in the RV with my wonderful photographer friend.  I’m sure I will treasure them as we reflect on this stage of our lives.


Since we’ve sold a few homes, I’m guessing selling an RV is pretty close to the same.  The main goal is to create a place that feels like home for the viewers.  A place where they can visualize the lifestyle they will enjoy while there.  So whether folks see this RV as a camper or a tiny vacation home – I hope to make it seem like the most luxurious tiny home as possible.


Six months and 6 bodies did a number on a home where every spot is used to the max.  I was sure to remove all our necessary items and give it a good scrub down.  I still need to touch up some paint as well, to make the small home feel fresh and new, just like it did after our renovation.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.


Thanks to the help of my friends at Serena & Lily, I was able to refresh most of our pillows, pillow covers and throw blankets with new, beautiful linens.  It made a huge difference! 

If you know me, you know I have a soft spot in my heart for 100% pure linen, and they just so happen to carry some of the prettiest linen I’ve ever set my eyes on.

I adore the raw edges, the nubby texture and subtle colors.  

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

Even though I wasn’t going for a Fall decor theme, they certainly set a cozy mood in our tiny home, and allowed me to pull in some warm colors and tones.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

But even if you can’t buy new, washing and pressing your linens will make a huge statement for helping the space feel fresh and beautiful.  I believe this so much in my heart, I do it each season without even thinking. 


An empty home can feel sterile and unwelcome, so I was sure to keep dish-ware on the open shelves, hand soap and towels in the bathroom, and all beds made nicely.

DIY cabinet shelf risers, building plans.


Nothing say’s “I love and care for you” to a space like adding some fresh flowers or clippings – and buyers love to know you loved and cared for the home, no matter how tiny.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

Fall is so beautiful, clippings from outside always do the trick.  You just have to make sure they either dry beautifully like these wheat like weeds, or keep rotating fresh florals before they die.


Finally, smell is so important!  You know we took great lengths to make sure it smelled good while we lived there, but now I have to keep it from smelling too stale while we don’t.  I have left a few windows cracked open and the bathroom vent fan going at all times.  I resist the urge to add smelly products, as I usually find those to be a tell tell sign that someone is trying to cover up a nasty smell.

Staging an RV to sell with TIDBITS.

That’s it!  The best 5 tips I have for selling a home, tiny or big.  I’ll let you know if we find a buyer who falls in love with our RV.  If you know anyone in the market, please send them our way!

Now, whether or not you are selling anything, I can bet you would love the chance to refresh any space in your home, just before the season of entertaining friends and family.

Here is your chance!  From October 2 -14 everything is 20% off at Serena & Lily during their Friends and Family sell. Be sure to use the code “BEOURGUEST“.  Check out my favorites from their site, through the links below.  

If you saw anything else you loved from the images I shared in this post, I took great lengths to make sure I linked them all for you here:

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  1. Hi, did you make the seat for your living/dining area. If not, where can I find something like it? What is that style called? And what color is that? Thank you!

  2. Your RV turned out beautifully! Where did you have your window seat bench cushion made? I’ve been looking for something exactly like it.

  3. Your RV turned out beautifully! Where did you have your window seat bench cushion made? I’ve been looking for something exactly like it.

  4. So many ‘things’, right? The RV looks lovely, and you are such a trooper to be staying in yet another home that is not “Tidbits” style. Praying for you, again…Looking forward to all the wonderful-ness that is coming your way with the new home!

  5. Beautiful!
    I’m like others above can we find out more information about your RV to sell ?!
    I actually do live in Utah !

    1. So happy to have you visit Laura! My blog is my home away from home (wink). Hope you’ll come back often!

  6. Hats off to you and your family…6 months! Wow! My daughter and her husband live in a small RV and renting their home to save money to pay off their bills so they can move out of state in a few years. It has been challenging to them as well, and there’s only 2 of them! Hang in there…your dream will come true in God’s time. It’s been fun watching your steps along the way…thank you for sharing with all of us.
    Blessings, Linda

    1. Thank you Linda for the sweet words! Sending long suffering vibes to your sweet daughter, bless her soul! haha! I keep telling myself over and over, “Sacrifice is giving up something good, for something better.” Hugs!

  7. Wow, six months! Y’all did great. The RV looks beautiful and I bet it will sell quickly. As for now, I’m praying you can get what needs to be done by November. This is an adventure you all will look back on and remember with fondness. I know we can laugh now at some of ours which at the time was so challenging!
    Hugs, Cecilia

    1. Yes, I believe we will look back with fondness and realize all the things we learned while being there. We will certainly appreciate our home! My kids said it was the best summer of their lives because they got to live by grandma and aunt Marci and play with her kids all day. Goodness in all things! Hugs Cecilia!

  8. Hi. Cami, I have been following your story and love your style! We have rented an RV before as a place to stay on our families property in Maine by the lake. Can I get more info on price etc and how many can sleep there as we might consider something like this as a vacation home.

  9. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a product called DampRid. But we have an RV that we only use for vacations. When we are not using our RV we keep DampRid in it. It keeps the musty nasty smells away. But doesn’t actually have a scent of its own. It’s a great product. We find it at our local Walmart and also at Camping World.

    1. What a wonderful tip! I had not heard of it. Might have to check it out so it smells fresher while we don’t live there. Thank you so so much!

  10. I am also interested in finding an RV and yours would be a dream but Utah is a little too far from Alabama. 😞

  11. I hope your beautiful rv sells fast and I pray you all can move into your house very soon! I have a question about your couch cushions. Did you make those or buy them? I’ve been looking for French mattress style cushions for a bench I have. Thank you!

      1. Hi Cami,

        I may be interested in purchasing your RV, I can see the attention you took for every detail with all the things I love very much, shabby chic. I am someone who takes care of things, so know it would be going to a person who loves and dotes on her special beloved prized things.

        Let me know if it is available and what price you asking, I am very excited to hear back from you.


    1. Hi Beth! I sure appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Just hanging on as best as we can and trying to roll gracefully with the punches. I found the cushions of urban outfitters. I’ve linked the 2 we’ve tried on my RV shop page. These ivory ones have been better than the gray velvet ones we tried that totally fell apart within days. But they stain easy, especially since my kids eat there. But they worked for the time being. Hope that helps!