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RV and camping meals for a family can be simple and nutritious!  Discover our 9 go-to breakfasts ideas for camping and that have served us well while we have lived in our RV.

Camping breakfast meals for families

Even if you don’t live in an RV (I mean, who does that? – wink), chances are you enjoy camping or at least get forced into it from time to time (cough). Planning and preparing the camping meals can be a very stressful thing, especially if you want them to be somewhat wholesome.

camping breakfast meals for families

Having been living full time in our RV with a family of 6, I have narrowed down a wonderfully simple yet nutritious rotation of 9 breakfast meals that have worked so well for us and are very practical. I even have my Instacart online shopping list set to stock me up on the standard breakfast groceries I need each week. Yep – they deliver right to our RV door! Sanity Savor! I could hug those grocery shoppers!

*I’m a HUGE fan of online grocery shopping! Saves me time and money every time! See if Instacart is in your area, and save on your first order by clicking here. You will love it friends!

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Whether you enjoy the outdoors and would love some simple ideas for breakfast while camping, or even if you would like to see how easy breakfast can be even in your home – I hope my ideas will help you find solutions.

You might even enjoy my free breakfast menu planning printables, which are great if a rotation meal schedule sounds like it may make your life a lot easier as well. I use them for planning my breakfasts and lunches and it saves me so much brain space!

camping and rv breakfast ideas

I’ve worked hard for the past 3 years to transition our family into foods from scratch and a healthier lifestyle which takes some planning, but I knew RV life would need some minor adjustments to our new normal. Without sacrificing my ideals, I have been able to make breakfasts in the RV “mostly” very nutritious and from whole foods, with a few occasional splurges that my kids love . . . like cold cereal.

Cold cereal as an easy camping breakfast idea


The requirements to all of these breakfast ideas were:

  • hardly take me any effort or thinking power
  • could be made up quickly
  • offer my family variety in the mornings
  • as nutritious and wholesome as possible

I hope you enjoy these ideas and the look of our RV life with morning sun streaming through our tiny windows, a frazzled house, cute jammies, and messy bed head. What could be better than all that!?

Camping breakfast ideas for families

(Still need to paint our table supports. Don’t judge šŸ˜‰ ) . Feel free to tour our RV Renovation, if you haven’t seen it already!

I’m sure there are more great breakfast ideas for camping or tiny living, so please leave your favorites in the comments below! We would all benefit!



In our non-RV life, I made my own Instant Pot Yogurt every week and we gobbled it up. I couldn’t fit all my necessary equipment in the RV, so for now I mostly buy plain greek yogurt and control the amount of sweetener by using pure maple syrup.

yogurt parfait for easy and healthy camping breakfast

My kids love these simple layered yogurt parfaits and they are a cinch to whip up and look so pretty. Here I layered the parfaits with:

  • strawberry greek yogurt
  • granola
  • plain greek yogurt
  • maple syrup
  • more granola
  • topped with fresh strawberries
yogurt parfait for easy camping breakfast

These work great for after school snacks too! Oh, and I buy pre-chopped fruit while living in the RV, because to get the variety of fruit we want, I just don’t have the room to store it all once bought whole and chopped.


This breakfast meal looks a bit different depending on what we have, but “Toast Tuesday” as we call it always involves eggs and toast.

healthy and easy camping breakfast ideas

We are on an English Muffin kick and my favorite brand is the Ezekiel Brand. SOOOO yummy and wholesome! Of course, the more melted butter, the better šŸ˜‰

I’ll either scramble or do fried eggs for the kids, depending on their request. It’s always a joy cooking on the RV gas range we got from Dyers Online. This is the first time I’ve cooked with a gas range and it works so well with my cast iron skillets!

I’ll admit, I don’t always eat with my kids. I’m not much of a breakfast-right-when-I-wake-up, kind of person. When it hits about 10 a.m. my breakfast usually looks like this.

Wholesome camping breakfast ideas

A fried egg with salsa, 1/2 avocado, english muffin (if I didn’t carb too heavy the night before), and my beloved cup of Crio Bru (ground cacao beans – it’s chocolate heaven).

Now that’s something worth waking up to!


I don’t love thinking about prepping breakfast, right after I made dinner – but it’s worth it one night a week so that breakfast can be as easy as pulling out a bowl from the fridge.

Simple camping meals, overnight oats

All but one of my kids will gobble overnight oats, so I love making them! I get my basic recipe from the cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food, which I love so much, but you can also find the recipe on her site. We call it “breakfast pudding” – because it’s all in their heads šŸ˜‰

simple camping meals

This one is such an easy pull out and clean up breakfast, and I just make them in my little ivory mugs so they take up less room in the tiny RV fridge.


“Want it in a bowl, or want it in a cup”? – is my question as they cheer for joy. This is the breakfast even I can’t pass up. I just whip up a fruit smoothie with whatever I can get away with throwing in, and either pour in a cup or in a bowl topped with granola and a drizzle of honey.

Smoothie bowls for camping breakfast

I do use up my frozen or fresh fruit and bags of spinach when I have them, but I’ve recently been trying out this company called Daily Harvest. Have you tried them?

Smoothie in a cup for camping breakfast

Their “mint + cacao” is to die for! They also have harvest bowls, soups, and oat bowls, but one of these smoothie cups will feed my 4 kids, or I make up one for my husband and I. They are full of fruits, veggies and proteins that I just couldn’t buy and fit in the RV, so this is so much easier and tastier. I’m not sure I’ll use them once our house is built, but for now they are incredibly convenient.

Feel free to try it out by using my referral link. It will get you 3 free cups from Daily Harvest with your order. Definitely throw in the mint and cacao! My little guy and I were obsessed! But if you have a way to keep these cool and a blender – such an easy sustaining breakfast while camping!


I had to fit my skillet in the RV because we use it a lot, But pancakes would work on an outdoor grill skillet as well.

whole grain pancakes for RV and camping breakfast

My husband makes the best “from scratch” whole grain pancakes.  He makes them in a dry mix and puts a few bags in our freezer, then I just add the wet ingredients and cook up in the morning.

It’s so convenient and easy, but you could just as easily buy some mixes from the store.  We just like knowing that all the ingredients are “real food” and 100% whole grain.  But I do like to throw in a few chocolate chips to make the kids extra happy. Then we top them with a slab of butter and pure maple syrup, with fruit on the side.

Whole grain pancakes for camping breakfast ideas


Now I’m leaning a bit into the breakfast ideas that are not from scratch, are absolutely convenience foods, but are made a bit better for you. When a reader kindly told me that the RV life might mean letting go of some perfection and high expectations of myself, I embraced her wisdom. A few times a week, our breakfasts might look like something you throw in a microwave or toaster – but I’ve made it as wholesome as possible.

camping breakfast ideas, muffins and juice

It’s the event of the week when they dig through the pantry to see what flavors of Kodiak Cakes muffins I bought.  In a home, we always had “Muffin Monday”, but the RV oven takes a long time to cook and I don’t love to fire it up.  These microwave cups are the next best thing, and Kodiak prides themselves for using whole grains – so I accept! (I think you could totally cook these over a camping fire in a skillet!)

I always serve up some Naked Juice with this breakfast so I know they had several fruit servings as well, but it still is very effortless.

camping breakfast ideas

I always encourage independence so this is a breakfast most of my kids can make up themselves in our beautiful RV microwave from Dyers Online.

Simple RV and camping breakfast ideas

If you are camping “off the grid”, I would recommend making muffins beforehand and just bagging them up. 


I grew up eating cold cereal every. single. day. So I take hope that having it once a week won’t hurt my kiddos. The kiddos rejoice in Fridays, because we finally crack open the boxes of cereal!

organic cereal for camping breakfast

I just try to find the ones with the least amount of added sugars, and call it good.


I’ll be honest, these whole grain toaster waffles come in handy for lunches and quick-run-out-the-door dinners as well.

whole grain waffles for camping breakfast ideas

It’s another one that I remind myself that my kids will be fine eating occasionally.  Look for whole grain or gluten free options and check the added sugars.  There are a lot more options then Eggo waffles these days!

whole grain waffles for camping breakfast

I’ll top them with fresh ground peanut butter for the kids that don’t mind that extra protein.  


I had to add this, because daddy takes breakfast on Sundays, and his fun personality never plans ahead so we never know what we will get! Keeps things entertaining!

But he makes things like oven scones, crepes, omelets, or surprises us with indulgent bagels and cream cheese.

camping breakfast ideas

It’s all about balance, right?

I hope this helped you brainstorm! Take note of your camping or RV cooking resources, and figure out how you can make breakfast effortless, nutritious and fun! From experience, it makes things a lot easier if you have a go-to rotation of ideas.

I’d love to hear your breakfast favorites below!


I love to curate very specific boards on Pinterest, so check out my Breakfast board for some tantalizing breakfast recipes! PIN THIS POST while you are at it! I would be very grateful!

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