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Which is better – a single basin or a double basin sink? Of course it comes down to personal preference, but I am here today to tell you the 5 reasons I ADORE my large single basin sink.

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

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If you like video – there is one for this post!

I’ve always been a double basin kind of gal.  Mostly because that’s what was in all the houses we’ve owned, and I just grew up that way.  You washed in one side, rinsed in the other. If they got filled with dirty dishes, you took them out and proceeded to rinse and wash the dishes.  I knew nothing else.

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

It wasn’t until we remodeled our RV that I actually tried a large single basin sink, this super durable BLANCO Silgranit sink.  It made sense to get the biggest sink as we could for this small space, to accommodate as much stashing and washing area as possible. 


We even bathed the little one in there!

What I didn’t expect was to discover how much I loved it, and I knew I wanted a large single basin sink for our new pole barn home.

Here are my reasons:


This big beautiful sink is a show stopper!  Admittedly, that’s what drew me to this 36” BLANCO Fireclay apron front sink in the first place.  I think it is stunning and absolutely beautiful. I love the clean lines, the texture of the polished fireclay and the simple nature of the design. 

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

In truth, as a blogger and designer, this was pretty important to me. It fits with the kitchen so well, and I’m just imagining all the lovely flower filled sink shots I can get, and how perfectly a pretty little towel can drape over the front.

Tips for rearranging grocery store flower bouquets.
5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

But of course, for something as important as the kitchen sink – we can’t rely on looks alone. Let’s talk about how it functions from day to day.


The second reason I love my large single basin sink is how well it hides and corals dirty dishes.  I’m a busy work from home mama of 4 and can’t possibly keep up with dishes all day every day, but I don’t necessarily like to leave them stacked all over the countertop at all times until I get to them.  I am sure each family is different, but my husband grew up stacking dirty dishes in the sink. I grew up leaving dirty dishes next to the sink, on the countertop. As you can imagine, we have some disagreements for what is the best method.

My biggest beef with stacking them in the sink is that you then can’t even get to your sink to wash the dishes or fill the basin up with soap until you remove all those dirty dishes you just tossed in there.  Or if you need to strain or rinse some produce, you have all these yucky dishes in the way.

But I don’t like them covering the countertop either, so what’s a gal to do?!  Well, with the use of this little plastic tub and a large single basin sink, I have found the best of both worlds.

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

Most of the dirty dishes get corralled inside this tub that sits perfectly to the side of the sink. 

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

I can even conceal them better with this made to fit cutting board when I have it out.  

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

There is plenty of room left in the sink to rinse, strain and use the sink while these dishes sit in there.  

If I need more sink space, I simply remove the tub and sit it on the countertop.  

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

But typically, the majority of the dirty dishes sit nice and tidy inside this tub until they are ready to be loaded in the dishwasher or hand washed quickly right inside that tub.

I find this method better than a double basin because I can move it out of the way when needed, can quickly dump or drain water, and it does a much better job at corralling those small dirty dishes.

If I am craving a perfectly clean sink, I tuck that plastic tub underneath the sink but for the most part, it lives right here.


Sometimes you find yourself with large sheet pans, stock pots and multiple pots and pans that need to soak and be scrubbed.  Having 2 smaller basins makes this task a bit tricky as you have to tip and rotate them. Having a single large basin sink makes this task so much easier!  

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

I can fit multiple dirty pans in there to be scrubbed, lay sheet pans down to be soaked and cleaned, and it’s especially nice when I have my biggest heavy cast iron pan and can lay it down flat to be washed.

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

This is such a nice perk of a large single basin, I really don’t think I could ever go back.


So what if I have dirty dishes in my tub, large pans that need to soak, and steamed veggies that I need to drain?  Guess what? You can do all of that at once!

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

9 times out of 10, my big single basin is multitasking for me, which is a beautiful thing.  It is large enough to handle all the needs of a busy kitchen. I am often soaking heavily coated dishes and handwashing at the same time.  I could never do that with my smaller double basins, and I was constantly moving around dirty yucky dishes.

Then there are the added benefits of the sink accessories like being able to use a cutting surface right in the sink – 

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

And drying a few dishes in the sink with this made-to-fit drying rack.

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink


In truth, I thought a large single basin would actually use way more soap and water.  I thought this would be a major downside. If you are used to filling up your sink with soapy water to do any handwashing, like I was, you can imagine the larger amount of water and soap needed to fill this big surface area.  When your soapy water gets murky, you would have to drain and fill again.

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

But I have discovered that I rarely use the sink like that anymore!  Once I fill up the dishwasher, then there are the larger dishes that are left to be handwashed. Rather than filling up the sink with water and soap, I simply add a small amount of water to the larger pots and pans, add a dab of soap, give it a quick scrub and rinse it off.  

If that soapy water isn’t too soiled, I’ll actually pour it into the next pan and reuse it.

Or, I will add a small amount of water and soap to the plastic tub, handwash as many dishes as I can right inside of there, quick rinse and leave out to dry.  If I need fresh water, I quickly dump and add a bit again.

I’ve been amazed to find how this makes dishes go quicker AND I use less water and soap than I ever have before.


There you have it!  The 5 reasons I love my large single basin sink.  Like I mentioned before, this topic is definitely a personal preference kind of thing, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Did I perhaps open your eyes to the possibility of something you would have never considered? Or maybe I am missing the biggest benefits of a double basin.  Either way, I’d love to carry on the conversation with you! Leave comments below.

5 Reasons I LOVE my single basin sink

Feel free to check out the BLANCO sink and faucet we have, and I’ll also direct you to my post and video all about these lovely DIY butcher block countertops we made, with this stone tap.

Finally, I know someone will ask how I keep my large Fireclay single basin sink clean.  Now that’s a whole other topic I want to explore with you, so be sure to subscribe and keep an eye out.  I’ll be right back to share those details.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!  I hope it is helpful if you ever find yourself on the market for a new sink.  I can’t recommend BLANCO sinks enough. Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. I completely resonate with your post. I was looking for people’s experiences with their sink so I can make a good decision on our upcoming renovation. All your points are exactly how I think and do things. I’m now sold on a large single basin sink. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I love everything I’m seeing in your kitchen!

    I was wondering if you could share the sources for the made to fit cutting board, and dish drying rack.
    I’m going to get the blanco sink 😊


  3. I always thought I wanted a large single basin sink too. We unfortunately had a water leak in our kitchen and the area with the sink had to be removed for clean up so we had to install a laundry sink temporarily. Without a dishwasher, and having to wash dishes all by hand, a single basin sink does not work at all! As long as you always have a working dishwasher, it’s probably not a problem, but stuff happens. Without a second side for rinsing, it wastes tons of time and water. I am glad I had this happen before getting a single basin sink permanently installed. I am looking at going with the big sink that has a 60-40 split so I can still have room for large pots, but have the split when needed.

  4. Hi. I love your marble plate snd wondering how you found a piece of marble to have a finished edge? Also, what is the length of this marble plate to your sink width? I am hoping to do something like this. I just love it.

  5. Hi there,
    We are remodeling our kitchen and I am considering the Blanco bridge faucet that you have. After having it for a while, I am wondering if you are pleased with it? I am also wondeirng if the pull down sprayer locks easily and stays where it should without dangling. Thanks!

  6. We’re about to do a remodel with Ikea cabinets and love your sink. Did you fit this sink into a 36″ Ikea base cabinet?

  7. This post is an absolute life saver!!! We have been back and forth between single and double sink for weeks and everyone we ask says double but can’t justify why other than the fact that’s all they’ve known. Thank you so much for answering all of my concerns and making my single basin dreams a reality 🥰

  8. We bought a new house that came with a stainless double sink and it isn’t big enough to easily wash a cookie sheet. The dishes and things that go into the dishwasher aren’t a problem it’s just cookie sheets and larger pots. We have a garage disposal in one side which is the only reason I’m not sure about going to 1 sink.

  9. I love my large sink. I’ve searched, but I’ve been unable to find the custom fit drain. What brand is yours? It’s not on the Blanco site.

    1. The BLANCO sinks come with those attachments – the metal drain and the cutting board and drying rack. I bet you could email or call BLANCO and get info on these as well. I’m not sure if you can buy them separately. Hope that helps!

  10. This came across my feed so I had to stop in to read. We are currently in the midst of a kitchen remodel and I’m wondering myself do I want the big burrito or the one I am used too? You’ve convinced me I want the large sink (and now a burrito too). While I was here I notice a few other things that will have me poking around and reading your blog…. a camper redo and a pole shed home build!

    1. I love your video-I have always used a double sink but now after your demonstration-I would like a single sink-I never wanted to fool with the basin and I like how the metal is in the bottom to cushion your dishes rom being broken ! Where did you get the custom fit cutting board and the metal piece that you used to dry dishes on ?

      1. It really is so great! I’m so glad I gave it a try. So BLANCO sinks come with those inserts – the cutting board and metal base. The metal at the bottom is soooo nice to keep it clean and from getting scratched. I don’t have to worry one bit about pans scratching the bottom when I have it in. Hope that helps!

    2. Well, my friend! Sounds like you stopped in the right place! Haha! So thankful to you for taking the time to come over and it makes me truly happy that you found some content to help you. That’s why I do this gig 😉 .

  11. Thank you, i really have always liked the look but not the function of a big single sink, but you have solved all those problems and your sink is so pretty. When i was little my parents lived in a fixer-upper with the most beautiful old sink, and it was always my dream to have one.

    1. Your talk of old big beautiful sinks is making me drool 😉 . Ha! The tub trick really is a game changer! Thanks for always stopping by Marlene! Means so much!

  12. I adore large single sinks. i’ve had one for over 15 year and would never go back. My first large single sinks were white porcelain, but this time i opted for a large single copper sink and i have far less chipping and breakage now that i have the copper sink. I really am a bit of a klutz in the kitchen and was forever breaking glass ware, plates etc. as i was always setting things down, to quickly or roughly. Now with the copper sink, i find that the metal is much more forgiving when i drop things into the sink.

  13. Although I agree on some of your points, I still prefer the double. I have a really larger double apron and I can do all of those things. We don’t always have time to dry, so our clean dishes sit on the separate bowl on the right. I feel that if I had one, not everyone in the house would be careful not to mix the clean with the dirty. And as a mom of 3, 4 including the hubby (lol), I feel that this could be a battle as the kids grow older, and I’m not willing to exhaust myself over. However, the single basin looks beautiful!

    1. Forgot to say, I love your blog! Very inspirational and I love your style and functional sense! We are very similar in so many ways. We built a pole barn that functions as a workshop with a separate one floor apartment at the rear for my parents! And we are in Ontario Canada. Very rare to find people doing this type of thing here!

    2. Hi Jen! Thanks for all your comments and kind words! I’d say, if your larger double apron can do all that, you are just fine! I’ve seen those big old doubles and I am sure I would love that too! Thank you so very much for reading my blog and supporting me that way. Means the world!

  14. Huh… some things I never thought of before!
    In my ideal kitchen there would be a “dirty sink” for dishes, a “clean sink” for drinking water and produce washing, and every so often, when ALL the kids are working in the kitchen at once, I’d really go for a hand washing sink too. 😊 It’ll never happen, but how many dreams does that stop? Now I’m thinking one of those dream sinks has to be a big single-basin… yep, add that to the dream list. 😊

    1. Never stop dreaming Becky! I love the sound of your sink dreams! I used to always want a island sink for all the food prep stuff . . . maybe next house 😉

  15. I have two round sinks and they are a nightmare as I can’t even get the grill pan in to wash. I would go for a large sink like yours if I were to change (ever hopeful!!)

    1. Feeling your pain Kate! I’ve had that problem most my life. Maybe that is why I am so obsessed over this large single basin!

  16. I really wish we would have thought to go with the one basin sink… We did go with a deep, black sink – just didn’t think to look for a single basin! So smart! Next time!