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Talking fabrics, furniture, rugs, window treatments and all the decor goodies I have planned for our European Farmhouse living room.

European Farmhouse Design Mood Board

We are simultaneously planning and working on our living room and master bathroom – which I just recently shared the design plans for.

With product availability not at its max, and shipping times delayed, it made sense to continue work on more than one space at a time – even though it kinda makes my head spin.

So while the master bathroom continues to make progress, I’d love to share my living room design plans with you as well. I hope it inspires you and leaves you with a few ideas and sources for your own home.


As mood boards go – some items I throw in here are simply for inspiration as I go to shop for products. Other items, I know I have or will have and I need to work with those items to create a cohesive space. That’s why I love making mood boards!

After seeing this board, I wonder if any of you are a little shocked at my choices – much like my husband has been.

European Farmhouse Living Room Design Plans

It is true, my previous home was all about light and bright, with little contrast. But after living in our unfinished pole barn home for over 8 months now, I am coming to a reality of what “farm life” could mean for us.

We are surrounded by dirt, mud, chickens, and now an indoor dog (heaven help me), and I know I have to work with design that is more resilient to this type of lifestyle.

I’m welcoming in darker colors that hide dirt a bit better. I have been inclined to work in more masculine design elements, which feel naturally fitting for a home my dear husband built and managed entirely by himself.

I truly believe a home will often shape the style, all on its own – if you listen carefully. But the core of my style – old, antique, natural, simple – will always be there.


The black vintage rug builds a foundation of contrast, and will ease my mind when muddy paws sneak in.

I’m grateful to be working with my rug sponsor – Plush Rugs – to share this rug I picked out and their amazing rug selection. I think it is going to look soooo good!

Design elements and textures

The colors in the room are both light and moody, finding unity in their earthy tones and working very well together to create a happy balance.

Texture is being pulled in with the natural window treatments from another blog partner – I’ve used their wonderful blinds here, here and here.

I plan to bring in as many natural and organic textures as possible to sing to my antique and natural loving heart.


We have lived 8 months without cozy couches or furniture to curl up on. Even longer really, if you consider the uncomfortable RV life.

To say my heart ACHES for a comfortable place to cuddle my babies and snuggle the hubs would be a huge understatement.

I regretfully sold all our furniture when we moved because we had no more room to store it and I kinda knew it wouldn’t fit in with out new home design.

I would have been glad to have it now, ideal or not. However, the importance of furniture has accelerated in my mind, and I took my time finding couches and furniture that I knew I could live with for a very long time – in both function and design.

six penny fabric swatches

I was led to company called Six Penny and immediately fell head over heels with their 100% linen slipcovers (remember my linen obsession?), and their sleek and timeless design.

six penny fabric swatches

I stewed over the color and material options (so many good ones!) and settled 2 couches in Jasmine Rice and Poppy Seed, in their medium weight 100% linen. Isn’t that texture just delicious?!

six penny fabric swatches

Because each piece is custom made, we’ve been waiting 10+ weeks for them to arrive, but I cannot wait to share them with you when they come.

They have given me a generous discount to share them with you, and I’ll be sure to provide you with as many details and thoughts as each piece comes.

six penny fabric swatches

As a reader once told me, 2 things are very much worth your investment of time and money for your home – your mattress and your furniture. I took that to heart and worked hard and waited to be able to afford these. I truly hope they are as wonderful as I believe they will be!

I also wanted a man chair for the man of the house. One that he could sit in even with his dirty farming/construction clothes (without me flipping out.)

I haven’t yet received the distressed leather chair either (the one you see in the mood board), but I think it will fit the bill. I’m slightly worried it will be too boxy, but we shall see!

We did just get this chandelier, and it is all sorts of amazing. AMAZING!

I love that small round coffee table in the design board, but I’m waiting to get the furniture in before I bite the bullet on that item. I just need to see it all first.

I’ve also been cruising through Marketplace daily to find the perfect vintage hutch for the biggest wall in the room. I am not lucking out, and it might be something that is just worth the wait again.

Once the furniture is in, I plan to do some antique shopping and fill the space with charm and character. I’m excited to take you along for the ride!

Let me know what you think of my plans, and feel free to offer your advice for a budding farm girl. I certainly did not choose the farm life . . . it chose me – and I am trying to adapt.

Thank you so very much for stopping by and joining me for this journey! You might enjoy checking out our other living room to see how interesting the change in style is set to be. Decorating a home is always a fun adventure and style is always evolving to adapt to lifestyles. Don’t be afraid to bend a bit friends. It’s pretty exciting!

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  1. I love your choices and know they will go wonderfully with the kitchen and kiddos, and family is important.

    1. Thank you Marlene! Yes, I’m trying to make it work with the kitchen too, where they are so connected. I’m glad you think they will work! I was second guessing myself!

  2. You’re right, I was shocked there wasn’t any pale blues. 😊 But you are definitely doing the sensible thing. You would have cringed every time someone came in dirty. I love it all and you can always add a pop of color with just a pillow or a vase of flowers. Can’t wait to see it all.

    1. Haha! Susan! I’m dying! My family doesn’t know what to think that I am not choosing white and pale blue everything! Gotta keep them on their toes ;). But seriously – I could not fathom being on edge every second with the light rugs I was debating. Just couldn’t do it. I’m sure pale blue will pop up somehow, someway.

  3. Cami, I love your choices! What a great design! Your practicality in this project is so wise! Over twenty years ago when our grandchildren were young, I needed to buy a few sofas. I chose Kid-proof colors and never regretted it. I also have a chair with a linen cotton blend and love ❤️ it, so your all linen sofas should be great. It’s so wise to choose a chair for your husband. Weimar leather wipes work well! Your accent pieces and accessories are perfect. Happy decorating!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I’ve struggled feeling my preferred design choices were never practical too – but I think this will work for both purposes! I’m grateful to have you following along!

    1. Thank you Tracy! I’m excited too! So different from what I’ve previously done so it will be a fun challenge!

  4. Trust me, you won’t be sorry to have the dirt hiding colors! We moved to our farm a year ago and I’m so happy to have things that don’t show every speck of dirt! It’s why I repainted my lower kitchen cabinets from white to grey – wet dogs come in and sit next to cabinet and instant dirt! The grey is much better! I love your choices! Those sofas are going to be beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you think of them. I love seeing your mood boards – I need to put one together for our soon to be finished garage conversion. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It’s so funny Cecilia, because my mama always said my choices were too impractical. It’s actually been fine up until now – the dirt is everywhere! Trying to be adaptable and have fun at the same time! I think the darker slipcovers will be a major blessing with the dog and kids! Thanks so much for stopping by again and leaving your sweet words that always make me smile!