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I am sharing my favorite home decor ideas and garden essentials I love to have in my living space when the weather warms up, and the sun is shining!  

While I patiently wait, project after project, to be able to someday pull together another Summer home tour for you, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my Summertime favorites!

10 Summer essentials for your home

Each of these images will give you a glimpse into my favorite items to have in my summer house interior during the hot weather months, which I hope helps you make a Summer home you love.

So what do you put inside a summer house? If you’re looking for summer house ideas for either your living room or garden shed, this is the right place for you! 

Be sure to visit my friends all linked below to read all about the Summer Essentials they enjoy in their homes – as part of our Simply Home Series.

soft blue hydrangeas

10 Summer Essentials for the Home and Garden


First and foremost for me – pure linen sheets. And I am such a snob here. It has to be 100% flax linen, in all its glorious texture and beauty.

Spring bedroom refresh and pure linen sheets

I talked in great detail about my love for linen sheets previously, but you’ll never sleep in something so cozy, so light, and so delectable. They are a splurge, so we only have 1 pair that I just have to wash and put right back on.

Spring bedroom refresh and pure linen sheets

The more you wash them, the better they get! But when for the Summer months, I especially love them because they breathe so well. Linen bedding is my obsession! Nothing comes close to it in comfort and beauty for me, especially in interior design.

You can find linen sheets on Amazon or Etsy, but I’ve enjoyed partnering with Saphyr Home in the past and love the beautiful frayed edging on their bedding. I’ve also tried linen sheets from Brooklinen and found them just as delightful.


Summer requires lightening up our throw blankets! One of my favorites to toss on couches or at the end of the bed is this lovely gauzy throw that is perfectly light and cozy for snuggling up while watching a show or reading a book, or out in the cool summer night air. 

They also look really adorable in a room full of fairy lights glistening on summer nights!

light throw blankets

The texture of this throw is exquisite! They’re made of muslin cotton, and are very affordable! You might want one for every room (and RV)!

pink throw blanket


Whether for the pool or your home, I prefer light and compact Turkish towels for Summer. They fit so well in beach bags and dry so fast in a warmer home. I like to save the super pretty linen ones for myself. (Linen snob, remember.)

fast drying turkish towels

But we have a set of these fun, affordable colorful Turkish towels for the kids that are a pool necessity!  

fast drying turkish towels

While we are on linen towels, these pure linen tea towels have my heart as well! I stock up and keep them on hand for special gifts!

pure linen towels


Cool Summer drinks are just better in a traditional lemonade glass pitcher. Trust me!

lemonade pitchers

Whether it is water with lemons or any refreshing Summer time drink that you can sip on in the garden room, your whole family will love pulling out the Summertime pitcher. I save this one just for the Season and it makes it feel extra special.

using lemonade pitchers outside


A Summer home needs to smell like fresh-cut grass, warm Summer sun, and all things Citrus!  

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

I keep extra lime, lemon, and orange citrus essential oils around the house to put in diffusers and cleaning supplies. It makes our home feel like summer and smells like Jamba Juice! It just feels right during this time.

You can learn how I make my Citrus Room Spray here.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

My favorite place to buy essential oils is Rocky Mountain Oils. You don’t need to have any membership to buy from this NON-MLM source at great prices.


Perhaps more function than decor, but something that works REALLY hard in our home during the hot summer months is our beloved Berkey water filter.

Our beloved Berkey water filter

I fill it up at least twice a day to filter our water while we work on our garden, build stuff, play outside and come in to refresh ourselves with the best tasting water – EVER!

I have found this water filter to be a life saver while we had city water that tasted not so pleasant during our time in the RV to filter out the plastic hose taste, and now on well water to filter out extra iron and hard water build-up.

They are finally stocked up after a shortage, so if you think you need one, grab it while they have them! If you don’t know what size to get, I suggest going as big as your countertop space will allow!


Whether it is a quick trip to the library, or the farmers market, I keep my favorite linen tote bag at the door.

Antique halltree

Of course, this can be any kind of bag, but I am a linen snob . . . remember. These would be easy to make with your linen fabric (perhaps I should do a tutorial!) but I couldn’t resist and bought this one from Magic Linen on Etsy.


Potlucks, picnics, or just that special piece to make any ho-hum dinner feel extra special! This glass bowl is my favorite!

summer dessert bowl

It layers a salad or dessert so nicely and visually presents the dish so well. Making it even better is the lid making transportation and storage even better. It also works great as a mixing bowl. 

The perfect salad and dessert glass bowl when you’re munching on a fresh salad in your garden summer house.

I think I am convincing myself I need over 1! Wouldn’t it make an excellent sourdough bowl as well?!

The perfect salad and dessert glass bowl!

Yep, I need another one (wink).


I wish I had a direct resource for these lovely matte white ceramic pots, but I found them at a local market and haven’t been able to find any like it since! These are similar. I had a few casualties on our move and it made me so sad! I just love them for planting herbs.

ceramic gardening pots

But a collection of ceramic pots is a Summer must-have and the perfect garden idea for you! Whatever shape and color you wish, just have them on hand when the urge to garden hits.

ceramic gardening pots


I rarely go all out for the color scheme of red, white, and blue holidays that frequent in the Summer. But I love to pull out a few of my favorite pieces, like my DIY Patriotic Pillow.

This DIY Patriotic Pillow being the focal point of the room just brings it all together!

patriotic decor

It makes those patriotic holidays feel a little special, and it is a quick and easy swap. I’ve been eyeing this throw to bring in a little more red as well.

patriotic decor

I hope you found some inspiration, design trends, and great resources for your Summer home! Want even more? Visit my friends below and please pin this post to help me share. So grateful to you!

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  1. What a fun list! I love the citrus spray! Thanks for the great resource!

    Happy summer friend!

  2. I own one set of sheets per bed. Wash them and put them right back on, and you never have to fold or store sheets! You’ve convinced me to try linen sheets!