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Make your home smell like a slice of heaven with this all natural essential oil citrus room spray.  Use it in bathrooms, closets, vehicles or simply frolic around the house in spritzing delight.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

One of my favorite smells in the entire world is that overwhelming citrus smell that embraces you the second you walk into a smoothie shop.  It’s that glorious combination of citrus fruits that represent freshness and goodness.

Oh how I just drink it in.

Well, I wanted to bring that smell into my home, and found a way to do so naturally with the help of essential oils – my 3 favorites in fact.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

I don’t often share much on essential oils, but I am a very avid user and proponent of them.  I’ve been using them regularly for over a year, to ensure that I wanted to share them at all and had my own testimonial of them.  I’ve found them to enhance our lives in so many ways and in many cases they ease our discomforts naturally.  I don’t claim they are a cure all or replace medicine entirely, but many of the benefits of oils have blessed our lives.  Would you like me to share more on my findings and favorites?  Are you an avid essential oil user yourself?  I’d love your input!

This room spray is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the benefits of oils, so I keep a few bottles around my house to freshen as needed.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

The distinct smell I get from combining lemon, lime and orange oils is my absolute favorite, especially during the Summer time.  I keep a bottle in the bathrooms, our bedroom and the kitchen.  I’ll spray in our closets to freshen clothes, on bedding and linens, furniture, and all around a room when needed.  I’ll even use it in place of perfume sometimes before I go out.  These 3 oils are also frequently in my diffusers – they are that good!

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

Because citrus also has some disinfecting properties, I’ll also use it as countertop spray and every once in awhile I’ll spray toilet seats and doorknobs.  It’s like a citrus powerhouse in a wee little bottle.


Before I show you how to make it, a few words on buying essential oils.

There are many great brands out there, and you just need to ensure that you are buying 100% pure oils.  Don’t be enticed into the ones you’ll see at Walmart or other supermarkets that often have additives in them.

I have mostly used Young Living brand, DoTerra, and Rocky Mountain Oils.  I’ve studied all 3 to see where they grow and source their products and how they process them., as well as the benefits of buying from each company.

However, if you just want affordable prices with free shipping, without the worry of setting up memberships and such, I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Oils for those kinds of purchases.  A great option for some one-off items (like to get lemon, lime and orange oils) and when just dipping your toes into essential oils.  They show their test results for all their oils and offer great education on their site as well.  Let me know if you need help navigating their site.  (There is a great freebie running right now, which will be added to your cart once you spend $65!)

*These are my affiliate or consultant links.  Read my full disclosure HERE.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray


Besides smelling unbelievably delicious, lets talk briefly about the benefits of these 3 oils I’ve used in the room spray.


  • Inspiring and Uplifting
  • Mood Uplifter
  • Remove grease spots
  • Antioxidant support
  • Photosensitivity (which means, don’t apply to your skin and then go outside in the sun)
All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray


  • Cleanses and purifies
  • Mood Uplifter
  • Energizing
  • Removes sticky residue
  • Bright and Joyful Aroma
  • Odor eliminator
  • Photosensitivity
All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray


  • Stimulate cheerful mood
  • Peace, harmony
  • Cleansing
  • Photosensitivity
  • Playful
All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

As you can see, all these citrus oils have many things in common.  When together, they are just delightful.  Now lets show you how to make this room spray.


  • Distilled water
    • It is best for room spray, but when in a pinch, just use tap water
  • Glass bottle
    • For long term storage, it’s best to use dark amber bottles.  We go through it fast enough, I just use these clear glass 16 ounce bottles from Grove Collaborative.
  • Lemon, Lime and Orange Oils
  • Epsom Salts
    • Salts help the oils disperse in the water.  Alternatively you can use witch hazel or cleaning alcohol.  Or leave this out entirely and give it a really good shake before spraying.

*More on Grove

If you order any products now you get some awesome laundry freebies.  CLICK HERE to claim your free wool dryer balls and free method detergent!  I’ve never seen this Grove offer before!

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray


Fill your bottle almost full of distilled water.

Add 10 drops each of lemon, lime and orange oils.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

Add a Tablespoon of Epsom Salts (or same measurement for Witch Hazel or Alcohol).

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

Seal and shake your bottle to combine ingredients.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

Because oil naturally separates from water, you will want to give it a gentle shake before each use.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

How easy was that?!  I really hope you’ll give it a try.  It’s one of my favorite ways to use oils in my home.

All Natural Essential Oil Citrus Room Spray

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.  I’d also love to hear your favorite way to use essential oils if you have time to share them with us!

Thanks for reading!

For other ideas for freshening up your home naturally, read my post on all-natural method for cleaning slipcovers.

Or discover my love for Norwex products that allow me to mostly just use a rag and water for my cleaning routines.  Slowly moving my way to a chemically cleaner way of living!  Would love to have you join me on this journey!

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  1. Hi.. was just curious to try out your citrus recipe for Room Spray using the Epsom salts as the emulsifier, however wanted to ask you how long will this spray last? What would be an expiration date once the bottle is made? Do I need to add any natural preservative?
    Very ,much appreciate your feedback.

  2. I make a bug deterrent with witch hazel and EOs : lemongrass, eucalyptus, citronella, and lavender. It smells amazing, is cooling on the skin, and I do a parameter spray off the side of my deck to encapsulate that area for night time sitting. Have bee happy with the results: we live on 2 acres in what was once the country and mosquitos don’t bother us.

  3. Hi Cami so glad you shared about essential oils. I would love to hear more. I make a spray that I put on my pillow almost every night. I love this I Got it off pinterest. I changed it up a bit as it just uses lavender but I love lavender and vanilla. Such a comforting smell to go to sleep with. Cant wait to hear more about essential

  4. Hi, I just purchased the 3 essential oils recommended by you thru Rocky Mountain (I hope you get a little commission). Do you have to store in glass or can I use a plastic spray bottle.

  5. Ive read lots of articles about oils but they are almost always from someone selling them which seems like a definitely a pyramid scheme . Do you really think they do anything but make a good smell?. Have you been sick and seen a real difference?

    1. Ahhhh. A thinker just like me! That’s why I had to use them for so long to see if it was a real thing before I even dared talk about them. There are a couple of miracle worker oils in my mind, and the rest I’ve just found helpful or enjoyable. 1 – Eucalyptus. It’s a blow my mind oil for coughs and sore throats. During sick seasons, we’ve had horrid coughs. I was so sick one time, the only way I stopped coughing is if I had it diffusing near by me. If my kids are sick, and I put that in their room at night in a diffuser, they sleep like angels. I’m not the only one that swears by this one. It’s amazing. 2 – Frankincense. It’s pricey, but worth it’s weight in gold. I wish I would have had it as a teen for my acne, because it does wonders. I add a drop to gentle face cream and use it on my skin and my daughters on occasion. Or directly on big blemishes and they heal soooo much faster! Also scars and other skin blotching. It’s amazing. Others that I can’t live without are peppermint and basil. I have a lot of neck tension and knots on my shoulders. It doesn’t make them disappear, but eases the pain significantly to where I can avoid medication. Basil is what I have my husband rub on me for a quick massage on my shoulders and it really helps. My kids have to have me put lavender on their bug bites (but it may be an in-their-head thing.) But it is a very soothing smell. Other than that, I just enjoy the smells, especially the citrus and spicey flavors for fall, like nutmeg and cinnamon. Candles really make me sick so it’s the only way to go for me. Other’s will go on with more benefits but these are the main ones I’ve found to really do wonders so far. That was a lot of rambling! Maybe I should write a post! Ha! Hope it helped!

    2. Denise, I just want to add – that’s why I was also really excited to discover Rocky Mountain Oils, which is not a pyramid sales approach. You can just try a few oils, without having to put so much down initially. Their prices are very comparable to the wholesale prices (or better) than the MLM brands. If you just want to see what it’s all about, I would definitely recommend going that route. Or, even head to your natural foods store and see what oils they have stocked. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  6. So glad to hear Elizabeth! Bug spray has been on my list, and we are really needing it. What recipe do you use, if you don’t mind me asking? Oils are so fun and once you start making your own products, you just can’t stop. It’s so much better!

    1. Sorry Anne! I left that detail out! I’ll update. But I am using a 16 oz bottle, and the 30 total drops seems perfect.

  7. I’m not sure if you mentioned the bottle size. 4oz? And if I was to use witch Hazel instead, how much? Also 1 tbsp? Thanks!
    (ps, I just read to the very bottom of the post and see you are a Norwex lover too! I’m not surprised!)

    1. Tara – I’m sorry I forgot those details! Kind of important ones! I’ll update. But yes, I’d do just a Tablespoon of Witch Hazel. The other recipes I looked at online said the same. I’ve never actually tried that, because I don’t have any, but let me know what you think if you do. I’ve also read you can use Alcohol but I have a daughter who is very sensitive to cleaning alcohols so I don’t use them. I use a 16 ounce bottle. I’ve seen people put as many drops as I do in a 2 oz bottle, but I’ve found you just don’t need to use more that what I have. The smell is strong enough and those oils are precious! But feel free to experiment if you think you need more or less. Hope all that helps!

    2. Oh – forgot to mention! NORWEX! It’s changed my cleaning ways so much. I almost have everything too, and every product is a game changer. My favorite is the mop and the body rags. I don’t use any soap on my face any more and just wash with the rags morning and night. My skin has never been clearer. I wish I could convince everybody to give it a try. Sounds like you are having so much fun exploring more natural ways of living. It is so rewarding!

  8. Doterra and Norwex are my jam! Love having more natural solutions for life. DEfinitely making this spray… or it’ll go in the diffuser

    1. Yes please more essential oil recipes! I too have been into them about a year and more recently (about 2 months now) have totally gone chemical free and am making everything. So essential oils for the win! I’ve made deodorant, soap, ‘poo’-pourri, laundry detergent, next on my list is making liquid Castille (from a Castille bar), bug spray and this! Room spray! Was literally going to make some today!

      I too LOVE all the citrus smells. My go-to is lemon and orange and I recently bought lime, bergamot and grapefruit. All amazing! I look forward to more inspiration on your blog! And I agree with the poster above about Norwex too! I’ve been using it 3 months and regret not trying it sooner! I own almost everything they make now! Lol. (I did a party and got hundreds for free and then bought even more!)

    2. How did I forget to mention it’s great in the diffuser too! I think I have some sort of citrus in my diffuser every day in the Summer. And Norwex – I was so worried about spending that much on rags, but I hardly buy cleaners now. Oils and norwex has my back for life! And I love the DoTerra throat drops! Have you tried those during sick seasons?!