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This time comes but once a year, and it’s worth taking full advantage of!  Try out or stock up on the favorite Mrs. Meyer’s Seasonal scents, supplied by Grove Collaborative.  They smell good enough to eat . . . though I wouldn’t recommend it 😉 . Instead, here are 3 gift ideas for Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal cleaning products.

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer

This is it.  The big Grove Collaborative offer of the year!  And the oh-so-yummy seasonal Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day scents sell out FAST!

Run, don’t walk.

Click, don’t scroll.

Buy, don’t even think 😉

Because when you do, you get the following for FREEEEEEEEE!!

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer

Orange Clove, Iowa Pine, Peppermint . . . I can never decide, so I stock up on all of them!

This offer is only valid from November 14th – November 19th, so act now!


*This post contains my referral links.

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer

So here is how this works.

CLICK ON MY REFERRAL LINK, spend $20 (totally easy to do) and Grove Collaborative will send you Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday hand soap, dish soap, multi-surface spray, and a lovely seasonal kitchen towel all for free.

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer

To top it off, you’ll get a 60 day VIP trial.  Once you’ve submitted your first Grove order, you’ll experience VIP perks like free shipping, free gifts, price matching, exclusive sales and personal service.  I’m a VIP’er for life.  It’s amazing.

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer

Here are my 3 gift ideas for using your lovely stock of Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal scents.


Come up with a perfectly cheesy pun or phrase (kinda like my post title), tie it with a ribbon and win the best neighbor of the year award.  Who wouldn’t want to do their dishes to the fresh aroma of fresh cut pine?

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer


With parties a plenty this time of year, surprise your host and planner with something just for them.  Make it a single gift or arrange a yummy smelling gift basket with all the scents and varieties, and the job of cleaning up after the party will be all the more pleasant.

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer


That’s right.  You are wonderful and deserve to treat yo’self.  So buy some and hoard them, guilt free on me!  If you need any more justification just to buy them for yourself, shoot me an email.  I’ll give you plenty!

Grove Collaborative Seasonal Offer

I’m so excited to be able to be a referral for a company I am absolutely obsessed with.  Grove Collaborative does all the research for us to find healthier products for our homes and bodies, and that is something I can fully stand behind.

If you are an existing Grove customer, you can still stock up and receive Walnut Scrubber Sponges free.

Need suggestions on what to buy for the $20?

I have a few.  Visit these previous posts I’ve done sharing my favorite Grove finds.

But remember, to get this current offer, you have to USE MY REFERRAL LINKS and it will automatically be added to your cart.


Enjoy my friends and happy cleaning!

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