There have been some requests for instructions on how I made my horse silhouettes, so I thought I would get this tutorial up first.

They came together pretty easy. I debated doing other shapes for my silhouette but then decided since my husband and I met on a dude ranch, the horses would actually be quite fitting.


I measured the wall sections where I wanted the horses to go. Then I sent the hubs out to the garage to plank some wood for me to the size I wanted.


I wanted the wood to look like it was varying shades and different pieces of wood so I taped up sections of all different widths.


Then I scrounged through my husbands stain drawer, and started wiping on stain. Once the strips of varying stains were dry, I ran some walnut stain over the whole thing.


While all that dried, I pulled out my electronic cutter – the Silhouette SD. This was a bit tricky because my cutter would certainly not cut the horse the size I needed it.


Then, I soaked the back of my horse with spay adhesive. It is important to get every square inch really good. You don’t want the paint to sneak under your paper.


After I made sure the horse was stuck to the wood good enough, I took a can of white glossy spray paint and painted the whole thing.

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