Discover how to force bulbs indoors, to have fresh greenery and blooms any time of the year.  I’ll be sharing 2 methods to do it, and which one I liked best!

1ST METHOD:  PLANT IN ROCKS Planting in rocks proved to be the quickest way to get blooms.  They grew rapidly in the rocks.

2ND METHOD:  PLANT IN DIRT I think the dirt option looks absolutely lovely, but they do grow slower – at least mine did.

If you want to enjoy the growing stage longer, I suggest planting in dirt.  If you want to see how fast they can grow, plant in rocks.

HELPFUL TIPS AND FUN OPTIONS: Keep your plants near a window, but preferably not in direct natural light.

Paperwhites are among the easiest bulbs to force indoors.  Paperwhites are a very fragrant flower and popular to grow during the Winter and Holiday Seasons.

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