I painted and painted on some white fabric samples, and then determined they would make the most beautiful pillow throws for our porch swing.

There are so many projects you could make that are no-sew.  Go buy some white cloth napkins and color them up!

MATERIALS: - Watercolor Paints - Fabric Medium - 2 Small cups or containers for water - Brushes - Something to cover your surface - White Fabric

To get started, fill your 2 cups with water, half way.  One of the cups will be used to wet your paints.  In the other, you will need to add some of the fabric medium to the water.

With your brush nice and wet in the plain water, wet your watercolor paints. This leaves plenty of pigment on your brush, and you are ready to spread it on your fabric.

The less watered down your paint is, the stronger the color.  The wetter the paint is, the lighter the color and the more it will spread.

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