Our Old Fashioned Christmas Kitchen

I brought some old fashioned charm into our kitchen this Christmas, inspired largely by a “Little Women Christmas”.

Come see how I used fresh foods, fresh greenery, homemade candles and lots and lots of linen to create a festive look reminiscent of simpler times.

I wasn’t going to bother with doing much in the kitchen, besides pulling out our Christmas dish-ware and our red crock.

After all – kitchen Christmas decor usually comes in the form of an explosion of dishes due to candy making, and that is about all this mama can handle.

But then, visions of linen and garland started dancing in my head, and I simply couldn’t resist the urge to create this scene for at least one special night of warm soup and candle light with the fam.

So I ordered up some green 100% linen and set to work making a very simple tablecloth involving only 2 seams to make it wide enough for our table.

Then I centered a fresh wreath with a bowl of juicy oranges inside, and sprinkled our homemade candles, dehydrated orange slices and paper stars down the center.

We chatted over dinner and watched our handmade beeswax candles dance and get more drippy and beautiful by the minute.

I carried the greenery throughout the kitchen by tucking it above the oven alcove and mindfully stuffed along the open shelves. It feels so effortlessly charming and extremely festive!

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