Hot Pads With a French Style

The hubs was lucky enough to be sent on a work trip all the way over to France.  When he got home, all he could talk about was the food.

Someday . . . someday I will go to France with him.  But until then, I am bringing a little bit of France into my kitchen.

I am no Julia Child – not even close.  But I am hoping these French inspired hot pads with hold me over until I get to experience France for myself.


- White cotton fabric - White batting - Pre-made binding - Optional twill tape/ribbon/string


Now, for my favorite hot pad – the one with the grains of wheat printed on and the French words (whatever they mean), can be made so easily!



After you have completed your design on your front piece of fabric, you will need to sandwich the batting or fleece layer in between the top and bottom pieces of cotton fabric.


Pin these 3 layers together, and use your preferred method of marking on fabric, to draw lines where you want your stitching to be.


Beginning at the middle line, stitch on all your markings. You are basically stitching all 3 layers together so they don’t move around, just like you would when making a quilt.


You can keep your corners squared off, if you prefer that – but I opted to round them off which made sewing the binding on so much easier because I didn’t have to deal with corners.

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