Pillowcase with Ruffles and Frays

This is really a great beginner sewing project, and I’m going to show you my favorite little ruffle trick to create evenly spaced ruffles in a cinch.

This tutorial will guide you through making this double-sided ruffled and frayed pillowcase for any size of pillow insert.


- Pillow insert - Woven fabric of choice  - All sewing tools such as machine, thread, pins, etc.


First, lay a piece of fabric over the top of your pillow insert and cut it to size leaving a good 1 inch of overhang around all the edges.



On the ends where the ruffles go, I may have left 2 inches of overhang for more flounce. Cut another piece of fabric the same size for the back side.  Now you will have the front & back side.


With right sides together, lay those two pieces together evenly and sew 5/8 of an inch away from the edge of the long edges, or the top and bottom of the pillowcase.


So now, the pillowcase should be attached at the top and bottom and open on both ends, creating one big tube. Now you are going to cut the ruffles.


To determine the length, measure all around the open edges of your pillowcase and times it by 2, or in other words, double the length.

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