RV Master Bedroom Essentials

Let me shed some light on the topic of Master Bedroom essentials for function and decor – because both are very important for this space.

1 – PRETTY AND COZY BEDDING Have you experienced that feeling of getting so excited to make your bed because it looks so pretty?! It’s the best!


2 – MINIMAL AMOUNT OF PILLOWS FOR COMFORT AND LOOKS There is a happy balance for the amount of pillows to add to your bed.

3 – EXTRA BLANKET I’ve learned an extra blanket at the end of the bed is ESSENTIAL

4 – NIGHTSTANDS  I am grateful for these bed side tables, no matter how small they are.

5 – FLOWERS Whether that is is a floral painting on the wall, or fresh flowers on my side table, it adds the perfect homey touch to any space.

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