I’ve got some super fun, super summer-y, and some oh-so-pretty things to share with you today.

First of all, if you remember seeing these framed time worn vintage canning books in my kitchen – I couldn’t get over the thought that everyone needed to have these displayed in their homes.

Your image will include the marks, tears, folded corners and all. You can print them off and display them in any way imaginable.

My husband works in the recycling industry, and came home with a whole bunch of beat up copper pots found in an abandoned vehicle. Yes, I will take those please.

The copper was a great accent not only to the colors in the images, but as a representation of the age and purpose.

The turquoise Ball canning jar is just really quite fitting and was also found at a thrift store for a few bucks. I ran, not walked when I caught a glimpse of it.

I knew the pink peonies were a must, and splurged at a floral shop to have some for my display. They look so perfect next to the image of the blooming pinks in the book.

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