Transform Your Space with Checkerboard Flooring: A DIY Guide 

Want to learn how to design checkerboard flooring? Let’s explore the many creative options there are for checkerboard flooring.

Let’s think outside of the black and white box and talk about color options, tile material, and finishes to get you your own unique look for your checkered flooring.

But, first let's talk about tile material. I’m sure there are countless options but I’ll share the top three picks that I think are the best to get a beautiful checkerboard floor design.


In my humble opinion, marble or a genuine stone tile is going to give you the most authentic, timeless look. You can’t go wrong with something like a Carrara marble tile with gray veining.


I don’t think this look will ever age, and when the tile does age–the patina will just make it look even better.  Every lovely European space that inspired me the most had stone tile for the checkerboard design, no matter the color combo.


Ceramic or porcelain tile tends to be the most budget-friendly option, generally speaking. To me, it doesn’t quite have as much of an authentic feel, but I found some images that prove it can still be lovely.


Ceramic or porcelain tile also comes in more varieties and colors so you can play around with more options if you go that route.


Another material that is getting more and more trendy is concrete tiles! The possibilities are endless with what kind of checkerboard pattern you can design with concrete.

Image credit: Seeking Lavender Lane


Deb, from Seeking Lavender Lane, used a gray and white concrete tile in her mudroom area. I adore the organic look that it gives to her space. I think the texture of the concrete tile is so good if you love organic textures.

Image credit: Seeking Lavender Lane

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