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Drool over these lovely images of homes with striking black and white checkerboard flooring!  This classic and trending flooring design will have you swooning!

12 Timeless black and white checkerboard flooring ideas

If you haven’t caught up with day one, you’ll want to do that to see the checkerboard flooring we installed in our mudroom.


When I told the hubs I wanted to have black and white checkerboard tile in our mudroom area, he immediately asked, “Won’t that look like an old diner?” I imagine he had something like this in mind.

Then I took the opportunity to expose him to some of my favorite images to show him how timeless, classic, and old-world stunning Black and White Checkerboard Flooring can be.

Black and White Checkerboard Flooring Ideas

I wish to do the same for you today! Let’s take a look at 12 spaces that so perfectly feature this checkerboard flooring design and–spoiler alert–checkerboard is so much more than a retro diner.

This will inspire you with the beauty of checkerboard in other spaces so you can truly see the potential and imagine it better in your own space.

1. Black and White Checkerboard Flooring in Entryway

Just take a look at this long entryway with checkerboard flooring. It looks stunning alongside the floral wallpaper and black French doors. This certainly convinced me that checkered flooring could work for our long, narrow mudroom space as well.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Space with Checkered Flooring

Let me highlight this indoor/outdoor space by Studio McGee. My jaw hit the checkerboard floor when I saw it! What a stunning space–the flooring couldn’t be more beautiful.

3. Old-World European Kitchen with Checkered Flooring

Here is the infamous kitchen of the creative director of DeVOL Kitchens. I first saw it when I was watching “For the Love of Kitchens” on the Magnolia Network.

Every stunning European kitchen they create is complete eye candy to me, but I particularly loved this collected kitchen with black and white marble flooring.

4. Honed Marble Checkerboard Flooring in Open Concept Kitchen

And don’t you just love this open and airy dining space with the honed marble checkerboard flooring?! I think they nailed it with the wood tones, fresh greenery, massive windows, all grounded with that contrasting black and white flooring. Just stunning!

5. Checkered Flooring in European Entryway

Now this space with the cascading stairway is European design at its finest! I love how the checkerboard flooring looks with the oatmeal textured walls and stairs.

6. Classic and Modern Entryway with Black and White Floor Tiles

Here is another long gorgeous entryway that helped me envision how lovely my own long mudroom space with checkerboard flooring could look with the transition into the hardwood floors for the rest of the house.

7. Stunning Master Bathroom with Stone Checkerboard Flooring

But of course, if you don’t have an entry space to use this tile, it works equally well in bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Check out this beautiful bathroom with stone checkerboard flooring. Every element in this space is drool-worthy.

8. Room to Room Transition with Checkerboard Floor Tiles and Hardwood Flooring

While I was looking for inspiration, I was particularly drawn to the room-to-room transition between hardwood floors and the checkerboard floors.

I love this image because you can see how it can work for any room transition even if it is a bigger sitting room instead of a mudroom or bathroom.

9. Vintage Interior Design with Stone Checkerboard Flooring

Now take a look at what I believe is my new favorite house on the internet. You’ll have to go and click over to see this entire home designed by Ham Interiors.

Every space is incredible and they use this stone checkerboard flooring throughout. I love the look of the painted trim and the 2 styles of flooring. They have vintage elements and old-world textures throughout the home that are simply gorgeous!

10. Stark Black and White Floor Tiles in European Entryway

Here is an example of how even very stark black and white flooring can work for a more European design aesthetic.

I would never define this space as a retro diner – so hopefully this helps you see how getting the other elements of the room planned out correctly can change the vibe of checkerboard flooring completely.

11. Living Space with Checkerboard Flooring

I was interested to see this living space with the checkerboard flooring and how they didn’t even place a rug in the room – where you might expect to see one in this kind of space.

It does feel a bit of a shame to cover up such a stunning floor – and I’m having the same internal battle as I think about the need to place some rugs in my mudroom!

Image via Nuevo Estilo | Photography Maria Primo de Rivera

12. Large Dining Room with Black and White Floor Tiles

Finally, let’s end this inspiration overload with this gorgeous large dining room designed by the bloggers over at Chris Loves Julia. They used super-sized tiles for this supersized dining area – and it works so brilliantly.

I noticed about this space that you hardly have to add any other dramatic elements to a space when the flooring is so impactful on its own.

I hope you feel inspired to explore even more about checkerboard flooring!  I would love to hear what you think of this very timeless and trending floor design and if you think you have a space in your home where you think you would like to pull it off.  

Thanks for watching, and be sure to subscribe and come back for more checkerboard and do-it-yourself inspiration.


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Checkerboard Flooring FAQs

Are checkered floors out of style?

Checkerboard flooring is both timeless and trending. It had its rising popularity in the renaissance period and has come full circle to being a popular design trend in the 21st century. You’ll find this flooring design in virtually all nations.

When were black and white checkerboard floors popular?

Of the most notable and early appearances of checkerboard floors, we see Louis XIV’s architect used the classic pattern in the Queen’s Staircase at Versailles. It made another spike in popularity around the 1950’s. It has stood the test of time and is still a popular floor pattern today.

Why do kitchens have checkered floors?

Tile is both a beautiful and durable flooring type to use in the kitchen, and became a popular icon for retro kitchens from the 1950’s. It remains a great design choice for modern kitchens today to bring in stark contrast and visual interest into the heart of the home.

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