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I’ll direct you to some of the options for buying tile that could work for this checkerboard look. I’m sure there are endless possibilities out there, but I want to direct you to the ones that particularly stood out to me.

First up, let’s look at some options you could do if you are on a tight budget, but really want to bring this look into your home.



Don’t underestimate the idea of painting on a checkerboard look! Some painted floors I’ve seen have been incredible, like this darling washroom. Those floors were the perfect choice for the space. It looks almost like they were painted on a concrete floor.

floors in washroom are painted with a checkerboard design with creamy white and beige colors

I loved seeing how my blog friend over at Wild Flowers Home Blog just painted her tile in her already tiled kitchen to get this incredible checkered floor look.

I’ve even seen some vinyl peel and stick tile work as a fantastic option for a walk-in pantry over at Cherished Bliss blog. Go and check out where my friend Ashley got this fantastic tile for a super quick and affordable DIY.

Cherished Bliss

So there is some quick encouragement if buying new tile isn’t currently an option for you.  You can definitely get the look for less!

Now I’m going to share some checkerboard tile combinations and some great sources to jumpstart your own shopping.

Marble Floor Tile Options

Rectangle tiles are really trending right now, so it is a little more difficult to find square tiles for the checkerboard look. But alas–I dug through the internet and have 11 ideas for you!

First up, let’s look at real stone and marble options.

1. 12 x 12 Honed Carrara Marble and Honed Black Marble

I found the most perfect honed black and white marble. The price was very reasonable, compared to many of the other options I found when looking for honed marble.

This is the exact tile I used in our mudroom.

Our checkerboard flooring tile from Stone Tile Depot

I’m very happy with the lovely authentic marble look they have brought to my space. I love the subtle veining in the black stone. I’m always a fan of Carrara marble, and this batch of tiles we received was perfect!

What to Buy: Black Honed Marble or Black Polished Marble and White Carrara Honed Marble

2. 12 x 12 Honed Gray Marble and Honed Carrara Marble

While I went for a black and white contrast, I found some beautiful 12 x 12 gray and white marble options for you.

What to Buy: Honed Gray Marble and Honed Carrara Marble

I’ve seen several spaces with the gray and white checkerboard floor look that I love, and it made it difficult to choose which color combo to go with!

3. 18 x 18 Gray and White Stone

If you want the real stone in the 18 x 18 – this gray stone tile is stunning. I love how pronounced the veining and variation are in that gray marble.

What to Buy: Gray Stone and White Stone

4. 12 x 12 Polished Marble Tiles

If you love the polished stone look, I found Home Depot has these 2 very beautiful options for you, in 12 x 12 squares.

That black stone with the very pronounced white veining would be a show stopper.

What to Buy: Carrara Polished Marble Tile and Black Stone

Porcelain Tiles

Let’s now look at some porcelain tiles, which can be a more affordable option – generally – not always.  But from what I saw, they have done an amazing job at making porcelain look quite authentic. Here are some of my favorites.

4. 30 x 30 Honed Porcelain Tiles

If you can get away with a tile size of 30 x 30, I think this very realistic-looking tile is for you.  I love the matte finish and there are actually many color variations to choose from.

What to Buy: Honed Porcelain Tile in Calacatta Oro and Honed Porcelain Tile in Pietra Grey

You can see how these look in the home of the bloggers at Chris loves Julia. It’s even more surprising that I found these tiles to be so affordable!

5. 24 x 24 Stone Look Porcelain Tile

I also found these slightly smaller 24 x 24 tiles that are pretty convincing when it comes to looking like real stone.

What to Buy: Stone Look Porcelain Tile in White and Black

With several color shades, you could find a variety of combos to create a very unique-looking checkerboard floor.

6. 24 x 24 Porcelain Gray and White Tiles

Here is another selection of 24 x 24 porcelain tiles for a pretty gray and white checkerboard floor. They are a great price too.

What to Buy: White Porcelain and Black Porcelain Tiles

7. 18 x 18 Matte Stone Look Porcelain Tile

Available at Home Depot, I discovered a line of beautiful 18 x 18 porcelain tiles at such a great price. This is likely what I would have picked to save on our space, but they just weren’t available at the time and for my location.

What to Buy: Black Matte Stone Look Porcelain and White Matte Stone Look Porcelain

It’s worth it to look into them to see if it is an option for your space. You can see how they look in the home of the blogger Naomi Bjork.

8. 18 x 18 Brown and Off-White Porcelain Tiles

If you are looking to get creative on the color and type of tiles, I think this brown and off-white tile choice from Home Depot would look super pretty, especially if you are going for an old-world, organic vibe.

What to Buy: Brownish and Off-White

9. 12 x 12 Textured Travertine and Slate

I also found some really textured travertine and slate tiles that were the same size. I’ve never seen it done, but I think it could be a really beautiful combo!

If you are open to thinking outside of the black and white box, you could create some very unique-looking checkerboard floors.

What to Buy: Black Slate and Travertine

10. 8 x 8 Checkerboard Sheets with 4 Squares

Finally, I discovered some checkerboard tiles that come in sheets with 4 8” squares, and the grout lines are already scored. It could make the installation go quicker, and they were definitely designed to get you that checkerboard look.

There is an option for the classic marble tile look, and then some rustic black and white tiles with the patina already created on the porcelain tiles.

I might have gone this route, but they were actually more expensive per square foot than the authentic marble tiles I did end up going with.

What to Buy: Tile with Patina Look, and the Classic Look

Well, that wraps up your shopping experience for checkerboard tiles, and this fun 6-day series I’ve done to cover as much information and inspiration as I could find to help you design your own checkerboard floors.

Thanks for joining me for this series and be sure to catch up on all 6 posts about checkerboard flooring!

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  1. Trying to find the perfect tiles for your checkerboard floors? Forget the endless quest — just follow the yellow brick road… or the black and white one. Spoiler alert: it leads to a magical land called ‘The Tile Store,’ where your floors are always in check and your pun game is strong. 🏁✨

  2. Hey Cami,
    This post is awesome; thank you! Did you come across any 8×8 in white and grey marble-look porcelain? I’ll likely end up purchasing the marble. How has the upkeep been?

  3. Hi, just want you to know that you’re actually my hero for writing this. I’ve been shopping checker tile for a month and losing my mind. THIS PAGE SAVED ME!!!!!!!!