Update Your RV Windows with Budget Blinds

In this post, we'll discuss 3 varieties of RV window treatments we installed in our RV renovation. With the options for DIY, budget friendly, and splurge blinds – there is no need to hate your RV windows.

First, and the most budget friendly option, is some handmade curtains. I simply sewed 2 layers of pure linen fabric together with a casing for the bunk area of the RV.



I opted for this for a few reasons. 1. The windows were so very tiny. 2. The bunk area windows hardly had enough wall room to even hang a roller blind of any sort, and the size of a small curtain rod was about all the wall space we had available.

A budget friendly and a significantly better design upgrade option for RV windows is roller blinds or roller shades.



There are so many varieties of roller blinds to choose from. In fact, I picked a different color and style for both the living room area and the kitchen area, just to coordinate better with what design I had around each space.

The Natural Shades I picked were definitely the splurge option I have here, but I’m glad I can show you how much texture and coziness they add to a space.



This master bedroom area just begged for some natural textures, and the window treatments did the trick. I’m so in love with these shades, I’m thinking they are going to be an integral part of designing our new home.

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