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Well – we’ve been in our new house for 7 months now.
 And I am pleased to announce we have finally completed decorating our second room.
Moving slow, I’d say.
But I guess that is what I should expect if I insist on doing and making everything ourselves.
 After we finished the main living room, I was anxious to get to our oldest daughters room.  Truth be told, I would love to hit the kitchen, but that is really going to require a lot of time and money.  Maybe in the spring.

Here is the before.  Well, I guess the “after” we moved all her stuff out.  I always forget to get the 1st before pics.

It was really an eye sore.  Just messy and yucky.  Not good for a 6 year old’s innate creativity.

We began by going to Lowe’s and having them cut cheap plywood sheets into 6 inch wide strips for us.  They did it for under 5 bucks.

Then my husband took an ENTIRE DAY planking the walls and ceiling.  He did a great job, even though he pretty much complained the whole time.  He didn’t think it was necessary – but oh how wrong he was.  It was indeed necessary for the look I wanted.

(Update:  We didn’t paint the walls before we planked.  That would have used a lot of paint.  What we did to get in the cracks was spray it.  We borrowed a paint sprayer from my brother-in-law, and taped up the room.  It was so quick to paint.)

I knew this room really had to look good because of where it is placed in the house.  It is actually meant to be the formal living room right by the front door as you enter.  I have no need (or furniture) for such a room, so that is why we installed doors and made it a bedroom.  It works great for us right now.

Now I will run through the pictures and fill you in on the things we made and the things that have special meaning.

Let’s start with the window shutters.  Because this room is at the front of the house it needed privacy.  After researching blinds and custom made shutters – I knew we could only afford to make some.  My husband pulled those together with a total of 15 bucks in wood.

What I love about them is that they do provide the privacy when we want it, and we made them so plenty of natural light still spills in the room when they are shut.

I can’t resist showing you these pics of my girl playing with her almost finished shutters.

All the girls think they are pretty fun, and they add some special character to the room.

We first stained them with the vinegar and steel wool methods, then slapped a thin coat of white paint over the whole surface.  Then after plenty of sandpaper . . . .
They look time worn and pretty.

Being such a small room, I needed to get creative with storage space.  My main goal for the whole room was to make it as functional for a growing girl as I could, yet maintain the cottage charm I’m going after.

So under the window we bolted on some old crates I bought at a antique store for 10 dollars each.  Not a steal – but not too bad either.

This way we can store and display all sorts of cute childhood treasures.

Just to the side of those crates is more storage.  She loves arts and crafts so with an old shelf (bought at a garage sale years ago for 5 bucks) we stocked all the supplies she needs.  The shelf was originally red when I bought it.  I painted it white years ago – but then sanded it good to fit this room.  I love the red and yellow paint streaking through after the sanding.  This shelf has been through a lot of remodels.

We also added any other cute vintage stuff we could gather to the shelf.

That doll was made for me when I got married by a sweet neighbor lady.

The previous owners of the house left an old school pencil sharpener in the basement, so we put it in her room.  Nice touch – I thought.

Over by her bed is her work table.  It is usually a mess – but I suppose that means she is making good use of it.

The desk was custom made (for around 20 bucks) by my dear husband.  I painted it a dark blue and then took some watered down white paint and white washed the whole thing with a rag trying to leave it as streaky as I could.

I added more shelving mostly for decorative purposes.  These boxes were recycled from old toy boxes.  The toy brand Melissa and Doug sometimes packs their toys in these wooden boxes and I knew I would make use of them someday.  I painted them and he screwed them to the wall.

Here is a glance at the room with the doors we added.  By her desk is a black magnetic board for her to hang pictures (bought from Hobby Lobby) and some hooks for her bags.  The chair for the desk is a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law.

Now to the bed.

The bed is mine from my childhood.  My mother was kind enough to pass it along.  The chair by it is a genuine antique chair I scored at a garage sell for 15.  The Raggedy Ann doll was from my husbands mother.  She makes one for EVERY grandchild.  So cool.  The lace pillow behind the doll was also made by her.

I made a bed skirt out of red striped seersucker fabric.  The rug I bought at a antique store for 30 dollars.  Score.

One of my favorite pieces in the room is the pillowcase.  It was in my mom’s heirloom linen’s pile which she let me go to town with (I seem to be the only one in the family interested in them).  We can’t pin down who it came from but somewhere along the lines of a grandma or great grandma.  The stitches are so pretty.  I wanted to showcase this pillowcase without any other distractions.  Plus, one pillow makes it really easy for her to make her own bed.

The quilt I made.  That was an adventure.  I haven’t quilted in years.  I cut up all sorts of old sheets, pillowcases, and other vintage patterns I found at fabric stores.  I wanted plenty of white.  The border fabric was some pre-pleated and ruffled fabric bought at Wal-Mart.  I think the quilt adds the special touch I was looking for in this room.  A definite labor of love.

Above her bed I framed a precious baby outfit her Aunt made her when she was born.

And to the side of her bed is her baby blessing dress her grandmother also made her, hanging on a hanger.

Also, her most demanding request for her room was that it have Jesus pictures in it.  She knows how to make her mommy proud.  So I framed some of my favorites for her to look at as she goes to sleep.

She loves having her own room for the first time and loves her big girl time before she turns off the light.  So we placed a little shelf to fill with books right by her bed.  This shelf was found at a thrift store.  I think it is a old candle holder – and we just screwed it in upside down.  Those books in there now are some of my favorites handed down from my grandma.

Above her bed, is a butterfly mobile.


She also wanted butterflies in her room, so this is how I encorporated that idea.  I stitched up some detailed butterflies made out of felt and hung them on sticks found in the backyard.She says she loves to look at them.

And of course, I can’t forget to mention the wardrobe.  With no closet in this room, I begged and pleaded my good husband to build one for her.  I showed him plenty of pinterest images I loved, and this is what he came up with.  How I LOVE it.  And him, by the way.

I might also add, that I found the little green stool (gray at one time) at an antique store for 10 dollars.  Who say’s you can’t find deals there?  Well you usually can’t, but I’ve made it a hobby to.

I added my favorite thrift store suitcases, and her baby blanket to the top of the wardrobe.
Finally, I’ll mention the sign I made to make sure she always remembers who she is.

And a quick note on the curtains.  The double rod was bought at Ikea (super cheap) and I made the curtains out of petite polka dot fabric from Joann’s.

And that is a wrap.  Boy did I have fun on this space.  Probably more than my husband did.

Next in line is the bedroom for the other little girls.  They share, and it is looking pretty scary about now.

I would love to hear what you think of the room!

Also, here is a pin friendly image for you.

Cottage fresh girls bedroom - full of charm, unique finds, and DIY's.  Designed by TIDBITS.

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  1. I am incorrect, I went and looked, I have this style from my grandmother’s pile who was born in 1920s, she was big on sewing, she probably made those, (versus inheriting) would be circa 1950s or 60s (which this type looks more like, than the older needlework). So the general era can help you guess if it was your grandmother or great-grandmother, I hope. Btw, you are very lucky to have such a handy husband, does he post building how-tos anywhere? I also love the planking idea, it’s great, and can be adjusted and applied to other things, but I’m now thinking of applying it to my garage in places!

  2. About your pillowcase: I also got to go through the family heirloom linens (strange isn’t it, how only one of us seems to ever want these?) and I have several pillowcases that are of similar style to yours. Now, with me, those particular linens all came out of the pile inherited from my great grandmothers and great-great grandmothers, (all born at the end of 19th C and earlier, my grandparents being born beginning around 1912-1918) and being amongst other craft linens such as doilies, handmade lace pillows, doilies, place-settings, and table-pieces. So, I would say it’s likely your pillowcase came to you from your great-grandmother, as it’s an older time period when that style was popluar.
    Enjoying your blog so much!

  3. I love this room! Very nice job! My mother used to make Raggedy Ann dolls as well. She passed away when I was just 18, so I have carried on her tradition of making dolls for all the baby girls in the family.

  4. This is beautiful! I have looked through a lot of your blog, but I had never seen this room. My husband and I are considering planking our vaulted wall in the living room. We haven’t made the leap yet though. We know once we plank it, it is stuck that way. If we would ever desire to take the planks down years from now, we’d have to re-drywall the room because of so many nail holes.

    Do you have any thoughts or insight into the permanency of the planked walls?

    I LOVE them…we are just having a hard making the jump.

    Your home is gorgeous!

  5. Cami-I’m also turning a formal dining room into a bedroom. What size is this room? Thanks for the great ideas.


  6. This room redo just came thru on the Hometalk email and it is so beautiful! I am in awe that your family has so many heirlooms! I don’t have much family left and they certainly didn’t care about keeping items from our past. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. And I know I said it in the post about your living room but wow your husband is handy and you have amazing design skills. Your home truly reflects a labor of love.

    1. You get the most thoughtful and kind comment award! Thank you so very much. My husbands parents held tight to way too many heirlooms, and I was super excited to get some that I could use in my design without looking like too much. And ya know, it is a labor of love. That is why it takes us so long! Ha!

  7. Love absolutely everything! Especially you incorporating “Jesus” into it. That’s the most important thing you’ll ever teach her. You said she made her mama proud and you’ve made your mama proud.

    1. Oh, you are so kind! I do think it is very important for them to know. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and give me such a compliment. It means so much to me!

  8. Awsome Job !!! I love all the homie comfy touches. Also I have that green stool, passed down from a greatgrandmother ! yup mine is green with lots of love marks!

    1. Thank you! And that is so awesome you have that stool too! We use it frequently. A classic piece if you ask me.

  9. So, so pretty! I love all the little touches and how you made so many of the things.The Child of God sign is awesome! The walls turned out SO nice! It really does look like a quaint cottage room now. The before and after are incredible! Your hubby did a great job on the wardrobe. Very pretty! Your girls are lucky to have such a creative mama!

  10. Beautiful room! I love how everything comes together. I was wondering what the paint you was that you used on the wardrobe? I am in the gathering process for redoing my girls' room! I may have a dresser to paint! Again, great room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Gorgeous room! Any chance you could share with me the color of blue you used to paint the armor, its perfect. Thank you! d

  12. This is absolutely adorable! Wow, you put so much time into this. What a stunning and perfect little girls room!

  13. Saw this over at Better After. Had to pop over to learn more about the room. I so hate blah-builder homes, and I can see that you are turning yours into anything-but. I'm more of a modern cottage gal myself, but I can see that a country cottage is just your thing, and I think it's wonderful. My favorite part is the planked walls, and all the personal touches make the room so special for

  14. LOVE this room. It is so bright and welcoming–what a great room to grow up in! And, how lucky are you to have such a crafty carpenter husband!?!?!? Great job!!!

  15. Your a genious Cami!! For reals! I'm about to redo Myas room and sheesh I feel like I better kick it up. I want something snazzy. I love your light bright colors.

  16. What a charming space! I would love to move into such a lovely spot myself! Lucky girl! (and talented mom)

    1. You said you had way more fun than your husband doing your little girls room. Don’t be surprised but I bet he had more fun than he let on. I imagine the pride you both just feel in putting all that time and love into creating such a perfect little place for her. Kudos to BOTH of you for a job well done!

  17. LOVE THIS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! and … she makes Raggedy Ann's?! I love R A's! Does she take orders?!

  18. omgosh! Cami this is beautiful! you are so talented. can&#39;t wait to see more of what you do to your home! <br /><br />Blessings from your newest follower -<br />Sara

  19. Thanks for all the comments! I wanted to answer a few questions about the plywood planking. We used 1/4 inch plywood, underlayment. At least that is what my husband told me to tell you. It was pretty cheap, at about 12 dollars a sheet. Lowe&#39;s or Home Depot will cut it for you for around 25 cents a cut. My husband only nailed it down. We then sprayed it white with a paint sprayer. I

  20. Your daughter&#39;s room is so dreamy for a little girl and big girl, since I am dying to do some white planking somewhere in my home. You and your husband did an amazing job from the quilt to the furniture. I love how vintage it all feels!!!

  21. Came over from Better After also. Of all the beautiful and special things you did for your darling little girl, what comes through mostly, is the LOVE for your child that you put into that room. I&#39;m bookmarking it for sure!

  22. Beautiful room! Found you through Better After and the after is simply stunning! What a pretty place for your pretty little girl!

  23. Found this from Better After also and the pictures just don&#39;t do the blog justice! The room is amazing and so wonderful seeing everything there with a purpose. I love it and admire your creativity. Well done

  24. This is one of the best room transformations I have ever seen! Love it! Brought here from Better After.

  25. I LOVE this room! My daughter wants to make her room more &quot;fancy&quot; so I will have to share this with her. I had her blessing dress in a shadow box at one point, but it fell and the glass broke. Maybe I&#39;ll just try to find a cute hanger like you did. How did you do the &quot;I am a child of God&quot; sign?

  26. So awesome! <br /><br />I started the wood planking project last week on my living room. SO excited to get it finished! <br /><br />You did a fabulous job!

  27. What a darling room, Cami. Quick question. How many sheets of plywood did you use for the room and about how big is the room? Such a great idea. I love it and you have some great things in there. It always takes longer when you do everything yourself, but it is also worth the effort.

  28. Found you on Better After. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room!! You did an awesome job and I am in love with it! Pinning this one for future reference for my little girl&#39;s room.

  29. Wow, this room is stunning! Can not believe that you transformed it to what it is now. You are really talented. I just love it!

  30. Found you at Better After, I love what you have done with this room, it looks like an old porch made into a bedroom, great job! Did you have a hard time getting paint between the planks of plywood? Yours looks great, but I saw a floor done and the cracks were obvious.

  31. Here from Better After–you did an amazing job. I love it ALL, but the planks might be just the coolest part of all.

  32. Here from Better After… her room is absolutely adorable. All of it. Your hubby is very talanted too!! So cute.

  33. wow. it&#39;s stunning. my girls&#39; room is still naked. =) (i made your aprons for my two girls (3 &amp; 1) for christmas. thanks for the pattern!!!)

  34. You really must move south so you can be my best friend and help me do that to my house. The house next door to ours is for sale and there is plenty of remodelling opportunity there–see? I have to all worked out :O). When we bought our new place I pretty much refused to look at places with a formal living room b/c I thought it was such a waste. Who knew it could turn out so well? Great job!

  35. This room is beautiful. Great Job. I would love for you to post a tutorial on some of the things…like the bed skirt, wardrobe, and drapes. Love everything!

  36. This room is awesome and so are you! How entirely wonderful! I love each &amp; every little detail. I sent your link to my daughter who has an almost 4 year old that this would be wonderful for her to grow into.. Great ideas! Thanks so much. Have a blessed day!

  37. Cami, this is amazing! Someday I want to be as awesome as you! And your husband, I&#39;ll be awesome like him too 🙂 I love how every detail has a story.