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Hoping for a more simplistic Holiday season?  Embracing a Scandinavian Christmas just might be your ticket!  Be inspired by these 25 images and ideas for a Scandinavian Christmas.

25 Scandinavian Christmas Ideas and Inspiration

Before we take a look at what A Scandinavian Christmas might look like, let’s explore some marked characteristics of Scandinavian style.

In a few words . . .


Paired Back

Understated Elegance

Minimalism and Functionality

That about sums it up.

I often day dream about embracing this lifestyle because it seems so refreshing.  Perhaps, pulling off a Scandinavian Christmas might be a good start.

Lots of whites and grays, evergreens, wood tones, and cozy fabrics.

Can I get an AMEN?!

Enjoy 😉

*All original sources are linked below each image.  Feel free to visit the creators and tell how much you love their work!

A Scandinavian Christmas

West Elm 

Scandinavian Stocking on branch

The Merry Thought

Scandinavian Christmas table setting

W & G

christmas tags

The Beauty Dojo

The Merry Thought

A Scandinavian Christmas

My Scandinavian Home

Christmas Wreath

Shades of Blue Interiors

christmas star cookies

Heavenlynn Healthy

christmas bunting


Kahler Design

Simple Candle Holder, Scandinavian Style

Vienna Wedekind

Scandinavian Christmas Decor

The House that Lars Built

A Scandinavian Christmas Decor

House Number 15

A Scandinavian Christmas Decor


A Scandinavian Christmas Decor


A Scandinavian Christmas Decor



Rosemary Wreath

Lovely Life

Mini Gingerbread Cake

Erin Made This

Cardamom Cookies

Not So Humble Pie

Winter Wreath

Constanca Cabral

A Scandinavian Christmas Decor

Vibeke Design

Evergreen Wreath

Froken Knopp

Clay Ornaments


Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments


This last image came from my 2016 French Farmhouse Christmas home tour.  Looking back, I could definitely tell I have always been inspired by the simple look of Scandinavian style.


A Pink Christmas

A Cottage Christmas



What do you think?  Could you enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas?  It’s quite possibly one of my favorite themes!

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  1. I loved a lot of the Scandinavian ideas, maybe it’s my age but simple just seems better. Thanks, i enjoyed this post.

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and stirring up the memories! I have always loved the simplicity of the Scandinavian Christmas style. My mother decorated with some Scandinavian accents when I was a child. I have some of those now and treasure them. I always say I’m going to keep it simple decorating each year but then when the homemade ornaments the kids (now 29 & 26) made come out, I have to put them on the tree. I just decided this year I’m keeping it simple!