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This has to be the most serene color palette that has ever been for a tween girls bedroom.  Come dream, relax and soak in all the tranquility of our blue and white girls bedroom makeover – in blissful cottage farmhouse style.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

I bet I know what all my regulars are thinking.

“Cami totally picked out the color palette for her daughters bedroom.  Those poor poor kids have no say in the matter.”

Now hear me out . . .

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

I may have prompted.  I may have suggested.  I may have begged and pleaded.  I may have even scrunched my nose and shuddered at the mere mention of neon orange and green.

But I assure you, these 3 words most definitely came out of my 11 year olds mouth.  (at one point or another)

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover


Cross my fingers, hope to die . . . it was all her decision.

I just took it and ran 😉

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

There was no going back now.  There was no changing her mind.

Nope.  It was to be a blue and white girls bedroom makeover and ain’t nobody better stand in momma’s way.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

Let’s back track just a bit, and check out the before status of this basement bedroom.  It wasn’t quite as dark and dreary as my other girls bedroom began, but pretty close.

Bedroom Before

The wall treatments were in need of some love, the muddy gray color just wasn’t working for me, and the closets need reworking.

Bedroom Before

While we haven’t gotten to the closet spaces, just some new bead board and fresh paint, and the room was already starting to feel better.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

We took down the inappropriate looking light fixture (cough cough) and added this darling chandelier I found on Amazon for a steal.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

I had a total hay day making her bedding, and you can bet I’ve got some awesome tutorials comin’ at ya.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

I already showed you how to make this cute Embroidery Hoop Wreath that looks perfectly girly-but-not-too-frilly on her makeshift canopy.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

Speaking of the canopy, all we did was take half of a curtain rod, secured it with a nail coming out of the back wall and a hook coming from the ceiling.  I simply stitched together the tops of two of my favorite sheer blue curtain panels (which I’ve used in my office and bathroom as well) and draped it over the curtain rod.



DIY Embroidery hoop wreath

They flow ever so nicely down the sides of the Antique German Sleigh bed.

Speaking of the Antique German Sleigh bed . . .

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

I got this rare beauty on Facebook Marketplace for $80!!!!!  I knew I wanted a bed that could sit along the far wall to free up more space in this tiny room.  This seen-better-days bed was like a vision from my dreams and we snagged it up.  The seller even claimed it had came from her Grandmother all the way from Germany, and she used for her two boys until they beat the thunder out of it.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

I painted it with some Fusion paint, color “Little Whale” from their Tones for Tots color line.  This paint was amazing to work with for the first time, and I’ve got a full tutorial coming for that too!  I can’t wait to show you how it looked when it came to me.  I feel like painting this piece was the perfect solution for hiding its imperfections while accentuating them at the same time . . . if that made any sense.  Did to me 😉

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

I adore the mix of textures and tones in the bedding, and I dare say my daughter does too.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

She has so carefully made her bed every day for an entire month, trying her best to do it just like momma did it.  It warms my heart so.  I even had the nerve to steal a pom pom pillow for another photo shoot and she was insistent she get it right back.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

The walls and art are a work in progress, as I am trying to carefully curate the space to her liking and to represent the style of the room.  We did luck out and find such a special piece of art for $30 at an antique store.  It’s a remake of the famous painting “Pinkie” by Sir Thomas Lawrence, but I love it because it almost looks like it could be an original painting with its brush strokes and wear and tear.  We just love it!!!

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

The desk is a thrift find as well, that we sanded a bit more to give it more imperfections . . . because being perfect is totally boring.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

Now, I already told you that my sweetie said the words, “BLUE AND WHITE“, but the best thing she said about her new bedroom . . .

“Mom.  I should learn to trust you more.  You make everything beautiful.”

True story, and be still my mommy heart.  1 billion brownie points for you, my dear.

Blue and white girls bedroom makeover

Finally, here are some sources for items that can be bought from this room, as well as my paint colors and project tutorials.

*This post contains my affiliate links.  Thank you!






  • Magnolia Home Paint, CLOUDY GRAY
    • Looks nothing like it does online.  Described as an almost white blended with gray tones.  To me it is a lovely soft blue/gray that delivers a nice white on white tone with bright white paints.
  • Benjamine Moore, SUPER WHITE
    • My favorite crisp clean white.
  • Fusion Mineral Paint, LITTLE WHALE
    • The color of the bed.  Divine!!


Curious minds want to know – do you let your kids help you design and decorate their rooms?  How much of a say do you give them?  Do you ever draw a line?  How do you get them involved without discouraging their outrageous ideas (like neon orange and green)?  I’ve got to figure this out before we design a room for my one and only boy who wants whatever character bedding is in his mind at the moment.  Paw Patrol????  Not in a million years.  Help friends!!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Would love to know your thoughts and any questions you might have for me.

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  1. Hello
    Can you send links to the bedding- sheets blankets striped piece? I have a similar color bed frame but can’t figure out Colors to use. I like this look a lot

  2. I searched your whole blog looking for a post on the beautiful bedding and I realise you made them! Please post a tutorial – pretty please!!

  3. White and blue combination always goes best. I love the pillows. How simply these pillows enhancing the look of the whole bedroom.

  4. Love the soft colors and antique bed. The sparkly chandelier would Love to have it’s harsh white squiggly lightbulb changed out for an Edison bulb. It will give it a soft candlelight glow. Try it and see if the chandy likes it ! Beautiful room!

  5. I find beautiful white in a bedroom. With your decoration, I understand very well your choice. It’s both rustic and very minimalist. I just love it !

  6. Not only did I allow my daughter to design her own room, I helped her with every step of the way, numerous times. One room she did was really elegant. The next had a little wildness to it. My son wanted my guidance with his color choices. My mom let me do my own room and even showed it off to her friends. It was in the 70’s and the walls were hot pink with bright yellow lightning bolts!!! I did repaint it a calming blue later on, but it was so nice that I was able to design it myself. That said, every family is different and you have to do what works for your family. I love this room, and I love the other girls bedroom, too. You have such a good eye!!!

  7. So precious! Is your son out of your closet/nursery yet? Is the front bedroom going back to being a dining room? You sure are busy. I wish I had your energy. Love seeing all the changes. Keep’em coming.

  8. Oh dear me;no…no cartoon characters!!!Makes my heart quake-how are they supposed to sleep with so much color n busyness??Be unique,be creative,maybe ask the little fella what he want to be when he grows up,or who he admires(real people),n what does he admire about them?….Hopefully he says ,”Daddy!”…n then ??What would you put in the room??Your husband is very creative n builds stuff;maybe old tools?Or ???