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If you want to make holiday cards this year, consider making them in watercolor. Here’s a step by step guide to making DIY watercolor Christmas cards that are so beautiful and easy. If you only have 3rd grade level artistic skills (like me) . . . you’ve got this!

Super easy and beautiful DIY watercolor Christmas Cards

I do love the endearing and tangible gift of receiving a Christmas card during the Holiday season. It’s just so nice to be thought about in such a simple way from friends and relatives. I especially love seeing their pictures and their kids as they grow.

Super easy and beautiful DIY watercolor Christmas Cards

However, Christmas cards can feel like a burden and an additional cost during the Holiday season. Especially if you are used to ordering nice printed ones with your photos on it – which is the more typical modern day Christmas card. They can be pricey!

Even Christmas greetings with beautiful artwork on a card can be an added expense.

This is why I wanted to bring you inspiration to easily make your own DIY Christmas cards as part of the TIDBITS Handmade Christmas Home series.

Super easy and beautiful DIY watercolor Christmas Cards

You’ll save money making your own, and enjoy a very fun and simple Christmas craft that the whole family can join you in.

I promise – the style of watercolor Christmas tree card I am going to show you is so simple! I have zero watercolor skills and I feel like they turned out so beautiful. My kids joining me in making a bunch and I loved seeing their own styles come out and add to the cohesive yet individual look of our collection of cards.

Super easy and beautiful DIY watercolor Christmas Cards

The kids and I enjoyed experimenting with different styles of Christmas trees, and found this particular style the easiest to do for all of us. But have fun playing around with your own designs and making it your own!

Ideas for making DIY watercolor Christmas Cards

I will show you how we did ours if you want to make something similar.


Supplies needed for making DIY watercolor Christmas Cards


You really can use any thicker type of paper to watercolor your own Christmas cards. A cardstock paper would work, or even a pre-folded cardstock card, which you can easily buy in bulk and at great prices. Watercolor paper would also be perfect for this project. I would avoid thinner paper like printer paper, since it tends to warp a bit when wet.

However, if you want to elevate the look, use this beautiful handmade paper like I did! To fit perfectly inside the vintage envelopes I got, I suggest the 6×8 handmade paper and fold it in half.

Super easy and beautiful DIY watercolor Christmas Cards

I just adore the texture on this paper and the slightly rustic/torn edges. I think it makes the watercolor greeting card extra special!


With simple strokes of the brush, and some really watered down paint, this card comes together easily. It is better for me to show you on video how to do this, so take a minute to watch my process.

If you want to slow down the process with me, check out my YouTube video where I explain everything in more detail.


  • Grab some green pigment and add to mixing tray
  • Water it down significantly
  • Clean your brush and blend in some gray, white, black or blues – and see what colors you can achieve! Test on scrap paper.
  • Starting at the top of the tree, make a quick gentle stroke down and angled.
  • Continue with the strokes all the way down on both sides to create the tree shape. Grab more paint and water as needed.
  • Grab some brown pigment and add water to it to create the brown you want for the trunk.
  • Make a few simple strokes at the base of the tree
  • Paint your stamp with watercolor paint – avoid using too much water.
  • Quickly stamp it at the top or the bottom of the card

*PRO TIP: Use a ruler to mark subtle lines with a pencil to keep your painting straight. I did not worry about that since I was embracing a handmade look and not wanting to worry my kids about perfection. But it would help!

Super easy and beautiful DIY watercolor Christmas Cards


If you want to add a unique touch with a wax seal, find a set that works for you. I grabbed this one set from Hobby Lobby for the letters, and then some wax that is intended to be used with a glue gun. This is a beautiful stamp set on Amazon, and similar rose gold glue gun wax sticks.

Using a wax seal on your handmade Christmas Cards

I simply added the wax stick to my glue gun, and add a puddle at the envelope closure. With the pretty cursive “G” for our last name, I stamped it in the center of the puddle and held it there for a few seconds.

When removed it created the most beautiful wax seal. A really fun touch to our already super unique Christmas card idea.


  • Do this same thing, but make your watercolor painting into a Christmas ornament.
  • Paint this design on gift tags
  • Wrap your card with a delicate ribbon
  • Add a 4×6 photo to the inside of the card! They are much more affordable to print than a pre-designed Christmas photo card.
  • Write a unique and special message inside the card, to really make them feel special.
Super easy and beautiful DIY watercolor Christmas Cards

I truly hope you enjoyed this frugal Christmas idea! I’d love to hear if you give it a try! Feel free to reply in the comments or let me know on Instagram @camitidbits .


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  1. Handmade Christmas cards (or cards for any occasion) are so nice, to give and receive. It’s so much more personal. I took care of my aging sister this past year until she passed, so I didn’t get to make handmade cards this year. I love making my own greeting cards from scratch. Yours and the kids’ Christmas cards are lovely. Thanks for always sharing!

    1. It sounds like you have served in exactly the way you needed to this year. What a gift for your sister. Thank you for your kind comment and Merry Christmas!