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It’s time for a French Country Bathroom Inspiration round-up. This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing before you dive into your own bathroom makeover!

French Cottage Bathroom Inspiration

How do you prefer to get started on a project?

Are you a total design natural, and you know exactly what you want right away?

Do you need someone else to come in to give suggestions?

Or, are you like me, and need a good Pinterest session to help you find just the right starting point?

How I Plan for Home Projects

I’ve gathered some of my favorite French country bathroom inspiration images that are helping me figure exactly the feel I want for our current bathroom remodel.  

While these bathrooms vary in size and shape, I love to pick and choose favorite elements from each space and figure how I could work or rework them into our bathroom.  This is typically how I always start a project, proceeded by planning a design board and what products we need to purchase.  (View our before images and design board here).

French Country Bathroom Inspiration

Feel free to relax and get comfortable while I show you some wonderful inspiration below, and I’ll follow it up with some design sketches my husband did for our space while we were in planning mode.  If you simply want more bathroom inspiration, take a look at my curated Bathroom Pinterest Board which has all sorts of goodies.

*Disclaimer – I work hard to find the original source for these images.  However, I don’t always succeed in my search.  Where the original source cannot be found, I have linked to the Pinterest source where I did find that image.  Hopefully that helps.

1 – Open Shelving

I think open shelving adds character to any space.

Open shelving in a french country bathroom

Source:  Pinterest

2 – Small Space Design

We have a small bathroom, with almost this exact layout.  This image is proof that even small spaces can be very beautiful . . . and when possible, adding a window can make a huge difference.

Small bathroom inspiration with marble tile

Source:  Pinterest

3 – Marble and Glass

I love the marble border here with the drop in tub, and the glass doors make it feel very spacious. This look would work for either a vintage or modern bathroom style.

Marble and glass shower/tub combo

Source: Home Bunch

4 – TIDBITS French Country Master Bathroom

I have to throw in our own Master Bathroom makeover – simply because I want to be sure our home flows together well 😉

French Country Master Bathroom Refresh + My Bathroom Cleaning Essentials
French Country Master Bathroom Refresh + My Bathroom Cleaning Essentials

Source:  TIDBITS

5 – Bead Board and Two Toned Walls

This bead board and two-toned wall paint looks great in this space.

Bead board bathroom walls with two toned paint

Source:  Pinterest

6 – French Country Bathroom Vanity

This French style dresser turned into a white vanity is absolutely stunning!

A white French country bathroom vanity

Source:  The Pretty Blog

7 – Built In Shelving

Dreamy Whites never disappoints!  There is much to love about this space, but I’m always a big fan of built in recessed shelving.

Old-fashioned built in bathroom shelving

Source:  Dreamy Whites

8 – Simple Charm

The simplicity in this space is lovely to me, and I can’t get enough of that small marble shelf above the sink.  Brilliant!

Simply designed sink and faucet in a bathroom

Source:  Vintage Whites Blog

9 – Marble Tiles

This classic marble tile floor and tub surround will never go out of style.

Marble floor and tub surround tiles for bathroom inspiration

Source:  Maison De Pax

10 – Ornate Frames and Antique Elements

Just look at that large mirror and ornate candles. No one does French country style quite like Courtney from the French Country Cottage.  Her bathroom spaces are full of inspiration.

Ornate bathroom mirror and candles in a french style bathroom
A chandelier hangs in a french country bathroom

Source:  French Country Cottage

11 – Armoires and Chandeliers

I love the use of an armoire in this bathroom to store towels and linens. The large crystal chandelier is another gorgeous touch in this french country bathroom design.

French Country Bathroom Inspiration.  An armoire stores bathroom linens

Source:  French Country Cottage

12 – Brass Fixtures

Here is another great example of open shelving. Notice the brass faucet? I think it looks perfect in this french bathroom.

Brass faucet, a pedestal sink, and an open shelf in a bathroom

Source: Pinterest

13 – Pastel Color Palette

I’m convinced any cottage space needs a touch of blue. The pastel colors used in this french country bathroom are so soothing

Pastel colors used in a french country bathroom

Source:  Chans Furniture

14 – White and Bright

A lovely example of delicate white on whites. And that clawfoot bathtub with those white tiles is totally dreamy!

An inspiring bright and white french style bathroom

Source:  Pinterest

15 – Bead Board Cabinetry

I’m still debating the wall treatment for our space, or if I should just leave it plain.  But this bead board wall and cabinetry seems to add a nice country layer to this bathroom.

Bead board on bathroom walls and cabinetry add french detail

Source:  Pinterest

16 – Gold Hardware

A marble top vanity and shower with white walls and touches of gold!  Yum!

Marble tile and gold hardware in a french-inspired bathroom

Source:  Decor Pad

17 – Flowers and Styling

This is some lovely styling for a bathroom.  Flowers add the perfect touch to a french country bathroom The styling stage is my absolute favorite!

A vase of flowers next to a bathtub

Source:  Designenthusiasm

18 – Cabinet Curtains and Vintage Flair

This lovely image is so perfectly cottage to me. I adore that little run of cabinet curtains.

French Cottage Bathroom Inspiration.  Cabinet curtains and french details.

Source:  Witch Cottage

19 – Neutral Colors

A touch of neutral color in a well designed small bathroom.

Neutral bathroom colors in a small bathroom

Source:  Tidbits and Twine

20 – Decorative Wall Trim

I’m looking at the wall trim and open boxed shelving in this image.  Some things to consider.

Decorative wall trim adds interest to a bathroom

Source:  The Golden Sycamore

21 – Curves and Detail

Love the curves and detail on this vanity below.  Not to mention the mirror and all that white!!

French Cottage Bathroom Inspiration.  A claw foot tub and detailed vanity in a french country bathroom

Source:  Beautiful South

22 – Vintage Details

Another bead board wall detail and curvy vintage vanity. This bathroom looks like it belongs in the french countryside.

Vintage details in a french-style vanity and claw foot bathtub

Source:  Heart Handmade UK

23 – Beautiful Lace

Proof that a lace shower curtain can be a beautiful touch!

French Cottage Bathroom Inspiration.  A lace shower curtain in a country bathroom.


Our French Country Bathroom Design

Finally, while we were designing, my husband took some of my ideas and sketched them up.  I think he missed his calling in life 😉 . These are some great sketches, don’t ya think?

French Cottage Bathroom Inspiration sketch of a vanity, toilet, and bathtub
French Cottage Bathroom Inspiration sketch of a tiled bathtub and shower combination

As we’ve begun this project, some things have changed due to availability and resources.  But those initial sketches helped us immensely in getting a better visual feel for what we could and could not do in our bathroom.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated with our progress!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I completely remodeled my home and the girls’ bathroom is so similar to what you show. Pink sprigged wallpaper, a pink vanity with pink/gold ceramic pulls, glass and gold accessories , clear seamless glass shower with soft pink porcelain tile, white and shaded gold marble counter top. Art in pink, purple and white. ADORABLE!

  2. WOW – Your hubbies sketches are awesome! Loved every picture…I have to go back now and PIN them ALL! Look forward to your vision and seeing what you choose. How fun!

  3. Amazing sketches, Cami! My compliments to your hubby!

    Looks like you are loving the marble! It will be interesting to see what you end up with.

    I LOVE your cabinet in your master bath! I dream of finding one that will fit in my bathroom. It’s funny how subjective the word ‘small’ can be. Any bathroom with a double vanity would *not* equal ‘small’ to me. 😉 However, compared to some of the baths on Fixer Upper, I guess it could be true. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to what you decide on!