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I hope you don’t mind a before without an after – yet! Join me and I’ll show you the progress we’ve made on our fenced in garden area.

We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.

-Jenny Uglow

I worried not about the strung out hose, the packets of seeds on the ground, the unfinished fence, and the plants that you have to zoom in to see.

I’m just too excited to share the progress we’ve made in the garden!

We’ve dreamed and schemed about creating our garden area on this new property from the moment we signed the papers and it became ours.

Our raised garden beds we built last year helped satisfy us for a season, but the time came to create something that would actually supply our family of 6 with a substantial harvest and more self sufficiency.

But when you live in the country, such as we do, there is no point of planting a thing without first protecting it from hungry critters!

We deal with skunks, deer, raccoons, our chickens, roaming bunnies, fox, mink, wild turkeys, cats, dogs . . . just to name a few lovely animals that would delight in sharing our garden.

Getting a tall fenced in area was first and foremost!

We wanted something pretty, but it also had to be budget friendly. This is why we opted for the wood X’s and posts instead of a full wood fence. Thick wire keeps it solid in between the wood.

This will also allow for sunshine to come in, while keeping the critters out.

I actually got Mr. TIDBITS to join me in a video to explain his whole process for the fencing and arched entryway.

You should watch it if you want to learn more and discover all the plans he has for this garden space.

He also explains in the video all about his concept of rectangular garden beds instead of doing rows and rows of vegetables. If you are curious about how we prepped the dirt and are trying to contain weeds – it’s all covered in the video!

In all honesty, we have not had a lot of garden wins in our life together. But both our mother’s were passionate and successful at growing gardens and we both feel inspired to keep learning and growing.

I hope to share a bountiful garden with you in the near future!

In the meantime, we are holding dear the moments spent in this garden with our kids and each other. Feeling the dirt in our hands and holding on to the miracle of growth. It has been absolutely beautiful.

To read more about our Lavender Farm Dreams and progress, I wrote a separate, heart filled post.

Now, I know there are many of you experts out there with some garden tips for me! Let me hear it all in the comments!

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  1. wow thanks for sharing your journey in the beautiful world of gardening. I am excited to see more from you. keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for sharing your gardening experience. It is important to plan before starting any work. And you paid attention to it. I learned a lot from the 16-minute video.

  3. Wow. Absolutely amazing work on all of your gardens.
    Kevin is quite knowledgeable!! I’m trying to just keep one pot of lavender alive here in Florida. I’m definitely going to plant it in a sunny spot in our yard. Thank you for sharing 💗