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Lately I’ve been wondering why Halloween is really not my thing.
I swear I used to love it. I remember my mom slapping Halloween stickers and random spooky pictures all over our windows, growing up.  It was the coolest thing ever.
Why is it, I just can’t seem to do that myself.  I know my kids would love it.
When it comes to decking a house out in Halloween decor, I truly struggle with finding a purpose or desire.  So I hide the spooky Halloween props, and decorate for Fall.  Now that is fun.
However, I decided to search my own site to see if there was anything that I loved about Halloween.
I was proud to find plenty of things I get excited about!
Making costumes for my kids, putting a unique smile on the face of a trick-or-treater, and crafts with the kiddos.
Glad I’m not a total Halloween Scrooge.
Here is a round-up of all things Halloween-y that you’ll find on Tidbits!  (Some are sorely outdated, but fun nonetheless).
(Coming soon – 2014 Halloween Costumes for my kiddos!)
A fun alternative to candy!
This one is a blast with the kids!
Let your kids mix and match shapes to make some adorable pumpkin faces.
Great for a quick costume for you or a baby – which doesn’t include a major costume.
Was she ever that little!
Cute enough to bring out every year, even if that is all you do for Halloween Decor!
Of course, the costume is what really makes Halloween fun!
She didn’t want to be a Witch, she didn’t want to be a Princess.
It had to be a Witch Princess – if there is such a thing.
That year, little sister followed big sister with the princess theme.
Snow Princess.  As you wish!
And the year before that, it was Belle.  
What girl doesn’t want a dress like Belle’s (I do!).
Still a popular tutorial.
Was it really 4 years ago, that my little angel wanted to be –
Very fitting for her personality.
I am super excited to show you this years costumes.  The best yet, in my humble opinion.  The girls beg to wear them every day, which is a good feeling.
But just in case you need a real quick costume to throw on a little one (and you don’t sew), this one has been a fun one!
Elsa Cape . . . . You know, so she can fit in with every other girl on the street!  Ha!
My tutorial can be found here, and Make it and Love it.
And what do you know – I do love Halloween!

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  1. Cami, you are amazing! AMAZING! I so love love reading your blog, and if possible would love to get some good tips from you! (pretty please?!?) <br />Seriously your talents are endless, I so admire your creativity and beauty! Thanks for being so inspiring!