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A non-candy class Valentine printable idea as cute as squishy little cheeks – “I SHALL CALL HIM SQUISHY AND HE SHALL BE MINE. HAPPY VALENTINES!” Get your FREE Valentines printables here!

Non-candy class Valentines idea with free printable.

I was just casually scrolling through Amazon, when I stumbled upon the most darling little squishy toy my eyes have ever seen.

Non-candy class Valentines idea with free printable.

I thought about getting them for my kiddos birthday, but when I noticed how affordable they were I couldn’t help but think how perfect they would be for a class Valentines idea!

Squishy toys for class valentines

Coming in sweet pastel colors, with an irresistible call to “squish me”, my kids were all on board.

I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine, class valentines.

I immediately thought of the quote from Dory on Finding Nemo – “I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy.”

So I made some printables to go with the squishy Valentines, for you to print and enjoy as well!

For a complete list of all my class valentine ideas, see 13 of the Best Free Printable Valentines Day Cards for Students. You’re sure to find something you’ll love!

free class valentines printables

Every year I challenge myself to come up with a non-candy idea for class Valentines. I’m not totally against treats, but it doesn’t take long to realize what a bag full of sugar will do to your child when they come home and consume it all before you even have a chance to see it.

But finding a non-candy idea is not always very affordable.

Squishy toys for class valentines

These cute squishy toys come to about .40 cents each. More than a bag of tootsie rolls, for sure, but I can guarantee they will be a hit in the classroom. My kids adore their squishy texture and darling little animal faces.

Non-candy class Valentines idea with free printable.

Everything you need for this class Valentines project can be found below:



I have also put together a TIDBITS & Company Valentines Moonsift page. There, you’ll find links to items used in this post, as well as my other favorite valentine products. Check it out for full details!

And grab your FREE printable from me below, just after you soak in all the cuteness from these little critters.

Squishy toys for class valentines


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Non-candy class Valentines idea with free printable.

If you want to kick it up a notch on your non-candy class Valentines, check out my “Love you for all time, Valentines” idea. Because my preschooler has a small class, that’s the one I will have him pass out.

girls watches class valentine

But when my niece refused to use the word “love” to the boys in her class, the “squishies” were made just for her!

Squishy toys for class valentines


Check out some of my favorites:

Thanks so much for reading! If you already have your kids class Valentines finished this year, be sure to pin this post to remember it later!

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