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Get 13 of the best free printable valentines day cards for students in one easy stop. Each card comes complete with darling gift ideas. Everyone will love these class valentines!

Non candy class valentine ideas for classmates

Have you thought about class valentines yet? Or valentine gifts for family or friends? It’s definitely that time of year.

I love dreaming up cute and creative class valentines ideas, but I know not everybody feels the same way. If you’re not one of those people who wants do design your own valentines or buy them pre-made from the store – never fear. I have got you covered!

I’m here to help make your Valentine’s Day prep easier than ever. I’ve collected 13 of my free printable Valentine’s Day cards for students along with clever gift ideas. All of these ideas are darling, fun, easy to make and candy free!

What Makes a Great Class Valentine?

In my busy-mom-world I always want class valentine ideas to be

  • Unique
  • Thoughtful
  • Fun for everyone
  • Candy free
  • Easy to make
  • Affordable

That’s exactly why these valentines that I’m about to show you are on the list. They hit all the requirements for perfect non candy class valentines.

Tips for Making Your Own Valentine Cards

Before we jump into the list, here are a few tips for making your homemade valentine cards look and feel like a store-bought quality card or better.

  1. Use card stock, matte photo paper or other thick paper to give your cards a substantial feel.
  2. Printing your cards in color or on colored paper isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice way to make your cards pop.
  3. Add your own personal touch to your printable valentine cards. You can add fun things like stickers, colorful washi tape or hand written to/froms to personalize them.

The Best Free Printable Valentines Day Cards for Students

In no particular order, here are 13 of the cutest, easiest and most fun free printable valentine cards and gift ideas for students, family, friends, and loved ones.

1 – Don’t Play with My Heart, Valentine

Don’t Play with My Heart, Valentine is the gift idea that keeps on giving! Your family or classmates can have hours of fun playing with their new game cards. My printable valentine card is designed to fit the card box perfectly.

Stacks of playing cards  and sit on a table

2 – How About a Hug, Valentine

If you want the cutest class valentine idea, you’ve got to try How About a Hug, Valentine. A simple hugging critter combined with the free printable valentines cards makes a perfect gift for students. Add a pencil if you want some extra flair. This one is sure to make everyone smile!

"How about a hug, Valentine!"  free printable valentines cards and koala bears attached to pencils

3 – You Have Made a Mark on My Heart, Valentine

Tell someone You Have Made a Mark on My Heart, Valentine with this adorable card and magnetic bookmarks. This valentine is perfect for both young and older kids. Adults love it too!

Bookmarks and free printable valentines day cards for students

4 – You Are Worth Remembering

This class valentine is super sweet and perfect for anyone. In fact, this You Are Worth Remembering idea and free printable card can also go beyond Valentine’s Day. Use it any time you want to show someone a bit of love.

"You are worth remembering" valentines with free printable cards

5 – Stuck on You

Stuck on You is an adorable non candy valentine idea. My free printable valentine cards paired with sticky pads shaped like cute animals are a total crowd-pleaser. Not to mention they are super easy to make!

Sticky animal note pads used for class valentines

6 – You’re One in a Million

Another fun way to wish some a happy Valentine’s Day is with this You’re One in a Million valentine. Kids love the fake million dollar bills and you’ll love the free printables that make this valentine a snap to throw together.

Fake million dollar bills and printable valentines cards for students together on a table

7 – Have a Colorful Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite class valentine ideas is Have a Colorful Valentine’s Day! Crayons, colored pencils, or other craft supplies of your choice (basically anything colorful) combine with darling printable cards for a perfect small gift that everyone loves.

"Have a Colorful Valentines Day" cards on boxes of crayons and colored pencils

8 – Love You for All Time, Valentine

This Love You for All Time, Valentine idea is really fun. Use these free printable cards along with a nice watch for your sweetheart or buy a bulk pack of fun sand hourglasses for classmates. Lots of ways to customize this one!

Watches and free printable valentine cards for students

9 – You’re Going Places, Valentine

Some cute luggage tags make the perfect gift idea for this You’re Going Places Valentine. This class valentine is a hit at Valentine’s Day school parties. It’s a useful gift too!

Non Candy Valentines Idea with a luggage tag - "You are going places Valentine"

10 – You ARRRR a Treasure, Valentine

Let someone know how special they are with You ARRRR a Treasure, Valentine. This ideas is a fabulous candy free valentine that your kids classmates will love. This is a little boy favorite!

You ARRR a treasure valentines with free printable valentine's day cards for students

11 – “Slappy” Valentine’s Day

Another fan favorite class valentine idea is “Slappy” Valentine’s Day. With a valentine gift like this, your kids classmates won’t even miss the candy. They’ll be having too much fun! And the free printable valentine cards make it even better.

Slappy Valentines Day - Free printable for a non candy class valentines.

12 – I Shall Call Him Squishy and He Shall be Mine

My I Shall Call Him Squishy and He Shall be Mine is the small gift idea that never fails to delight. Kids go crazy for these cute little squishies and they are very affordable to buy in bulk. It’s a favorite among my website readers!

I shall call him Squishy Valentines with free printable valentine card

13 – Honey Stick Valentines

For those who have a sweet tooth, try these Honey Stick Valentines. These are unique, fun and kids love them as much as candy. Add the free printable valentine card and you’re good to go!

Honey Stick Valentines free printable cards and gift idea by TIDBITS

Where to Find Supplies for Class Valentines

I often find that they best way to get supplies for class valentines is to order them in bulk online.

If you’re looking for the valentine supplies used in any of these projects, checkout my TIDBITS & Company Valentines Moonsift page. There you’ll find links and full product details for these items and other of my favorite valentine products.

More Valentine’s Day Crafts and Projects

I hope you found a fun valentine’s day card idea that you can use this year. I also hope these free printable valentine cards make your holiday prep easier, more fun and less stressful. Most of all, I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!

For more of my valentine projects, please see:

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