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An organized master list of family-friendly, clean TV shows that kids and adults can enjoy. This list of wholesome and uplifting TV shows will be updated frequently, so check back often!

A family laughs while watching clean, family-friendly tv shows

As a mom, I’m very picky about the media that my family consumes. There is enough negativity, violence, sexuality and vulgarity in the world – we don’t need to invite it into our homes. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for good TV shows that are free from these things.

I also try to go a step further and look for entertainment that will be the opposite. I want media content for my family that is wholesome, uplifting, inspiring and joyful. Things that are enjoyable to watch and that leave us feeling good!

With that in mind, I’ve created this organized master list of clean TV shows that are family-friendly. It goes along with my other recent list of wholesome, uplifting and clean movies. Most of these recommendations come from my own experience, but some were given to me by trusted friends and other home school moms with similar viewpoints.

This list can be a great reference for anyone, regardless of age, who is looking for some good, wholesome TV shows to watch. I plan to update this list frequently, so make sure that you check back often for new additions!

How is This List of Clean of TV Shows Organized?

I’ve arranged this list of clean TV shows by genre (drama, comedy, fantasy, etc.). Within those genre categories, I included show information in the following order:

  • The show title
  • The type of series (if applicable)
  • The year the show was released
  • My opinion on the best age range for the show (all kids, older kids or adults)
  • The show’s TV rating

Keep in mind that just because I may label something as “all kids” doesn’t meant that adults won’t enjoy it as well. I really like watching lots of these shows with my younger kids! Additionally, if it is labeled adults – they are still clean shows, but I feel like the content theme may not be suited for kids, or there may be a scene or two that would be difficult for kids to process. There may also be very mild offensive content in them, so please check parent guides whenever possible.

Clean TV Shows

Enjoy this list of the best clean TV shows!

I’ve linked the shows on this list to Amazon, IMDB or BYUtv where possible and to help you find the right one, but many of them can be found on other streaming services that you may subscribe to as well.

Period Drama | Period Films | Iconic Eras

Modern Drama and Romance

Fantasy | Action and Adventure



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Important Things to Keep in Mind About Clean TV Shows

Terms like “wholesome” and “clean” are relative. I try to be selective and use my best judgement when deciding on appropriate TV shows, but my standards may be different from yours. Please use your own judgement when deciding what media is good for yourself and your family. But it might be worth noting, I am highly sensitive, so you’ll likely find my list erroring on the safe side.

Do Your Own Research

Parent guides can be a great tool for helping you decide on media for your family. You can check out IMDB, Kids in Mind or Common Sense Media for parent guides and details on the TV shows you’re interested in watching.

Discuss Important Themes with Your Family

Due to the changing times, lots of today’s media is more crass than it used to be. Because of this, you’ll find a lot of classics and older TV shows on this list. Many of them are great and can still be enjoyed today! However, there are some classic TV shows that aren’t politically correct by today’s standards.

Remember to do your research so you can discuss with your family or avoid any themes that you don’t like.

Where to Watch These Clean TV Shows

Here are some examples of streaming services that offer clean TV shows. Please keep in mind that not all of these services are dedicated to family-friendly TV, but you may find options for clean content in their selections.

Filtering Services for TV Shows

Some people like to use filtering services to make their screen time more family-friendly. If you’re interested in trying a filtering service, there are a few to choose from.

You may also have parental controls on your television or other devices that allow you to make user profiles and set boundaries for what type of content is available on those profiles. Safe Search Kids has some good information about how to do this.

More Ideas for Clean TV Shows and Movies

I hope this list will help give you some good inspiration for clean TV shows that are wholesome, uplifting and worth watching. Make sure to save this list so you can reference it often. Also, make sure that you check back regularly to see new updates and additions!

Do you have any favorite clean TV recommendations? I would love to hear it! Comment below to share your thoughts.

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  1. Thanks you SO much for these lists. I’ve printed them off. Our children are grown but I’m excited to use these lists for my husband and I to watch. Hallmark can only go so far and now that they’re woke, it a channel I have to wade through.

    VERY much appreciated!

  2. Thanks Cami. I agree with the exception of The good witch… I agree also that choices are individual. But no matter the label, witchcraft is witchcraft.

  3. Other ones I enjoy…
    Tom and Jerry,
    Yours Mine and Ours,
    Hogan’s Heroes,
    I Love Lucy,
    The Lucy Show,
    Perry Mason,
    The Apple Dumpling Gang,
    The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, and my personal favorite Road to Avonlea

  4. Thanks for the list! 🙂 I am always looking for clean entertainment. I’m not sure if these were included, but the TV series Brooklyn Bridge | 1991-1993, State of Grace | 2001-2004, and Major Dad | 1989-1993 are all warm, positive, and family-oriented. Touched By An Angel | 1994-2003 is also excellent. And recently the Wingfeather Saga | 2023 has been released (from Angel studios), which is an animated fantasy and might be appealing to middle grades kids (especially boys).

    1. Thank you so much for adding your input! You have some I haven’t seen. I’ll give them a watch and add them for others on the list!

  5. I don’t consider things like Downton Abbey and Call of the Midwife wholesome, uplifting, and clean when people are cheating on spouses and having murdering their unborn children to live a better life. I stopped watching those shows after those kinds of episodes.

    1. I was sure to add for adults on those ones. I suppose after watching those I mostly feel very happy and good – but I’ll admit there are some episodes that are very disturbing. It’s so hard to find show that are clean all the way through! Thank you for your input so others can read and evaluate.