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This post contains several great TV show suggestions.  For a newer, much longer list of movie and TV show recommendations, please see Wholesome, Uplifting and Clean Movies – The Master List! and Wholesome, Uplifting and Clean TV Shows – Huge List!  Both of these lists will be updated frequently, so check them often for new recommendations!

Looking for a great show to watch? Look no further! Here are the top 10 clean TV shows on Netflix that you can watch anytime.

The top 10 clean, feel good TV shows to watch on NETFLIX.

I am jumping out of my norm here today.

Instead of crafting, sewing, decorating, or making with my kids, I’m talking about one of the things I like to do when I am not doing all of the above.

Today I want to share with you my all-time favorite, absolute must-see, TOP 10 clean feel-good TV shows to watch on NETFLIX.

To see my selection of clean feel-good shows on Amazon Prime, GO HERE.

To see my selection of clean feel-good shows on the Hallmark Channel.

Whenever I get together with friends or family, the topic “what are you watching right now” seems to come up often.  I love getting recommended TV series to dive into, and it seems others are hungry for the same information – so I figured why not write about it.

First of all, I love when a movie has a series because I know what I am going to watch for quite some time.

I’ll be honest, I don’t watch a lot of TV.  Between keeping up a blog and a house and 4 kids – who has time for TV!!

Well actually – I make the time because I enjoy a good show.

My general rule is, I can only watch a show if I am running on my treadmill, or killing time between kid drop-offs and pick-ups.

Knowing that I have a TV series going on that I am dying to see is a sure-fire way to get me running!

And yes, I run for about 1 hour on my treadmill and it speeds by with a good show.

Second of all, I am pretty picky about what I watch. I don’t like shows that leave me feeling yuck after I watch it.

I am very selective about filling my brain with clean, feel-good, and for the most part – family-friendly shows.  For most of the shows I am about to recommend, I wouldn’t mind one bit if my kids watched with me.

However, some are just more mature and I don’t think my young kids need to be exposed to it quite yet. I’ll mention that in my reviews below.

But these 10 TV shows/series I feel are clean enough for me to enjoy and I feel good enough about recommending them.

Let me be a little more specific.

I don’t like violence or movies saturated with . . . ahem . . . the 3 letter word that has to do with the birds and the bees . . . if you know what I am saying.

Some of them may suggest such material but do not have scenes that would make me blush or cringe if my kids walked in. I also don’t like shows that are full of cussing.

I just like shows that leave me feeling uplifted, inspired, and happy – and these 10 shows do that for me.  Most of them are online streaming with Netflix, or with your amazon prime streaming.

I am going to send you the amazon links (affiliate links) of each show so you can read reviews and other information (or purchase if you don’t have Netflix). Or you can simply log on to your Netflix account and search the title.

I would love to hear if some of these are your favorites as well, or please – suggest other titles that are clean must see’s – so we can all enjoy them.

1.  The Paradise

the paradise

I’ve got “The Paradise” at the tippy top of my list for a very good reason.  If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life – this would be it.  It is the most breathtaking little love story found in England’s first department store set in the 1870s.  I just love all the fashion and architectural detail and the actors – UNBELIEVABLE!  I’ve watched all they have available on Netflix, twice – and I never watch a show twice.  Not one I would watch with the kids because it is so love-y dove-y but this is a wonderful put-the-kids-to-bed-and-watch kind of show.

2.  Heartland


In my next life, I am going to be a cowgirl/horse whisperer.  Until then, I’m taking lessons from Heartland.  Super clean show with great life lessons.  I watch this with my kids all the time and it got me through my last pregnancy.  Love all the family values it teaches!  This is a must-see.

3.  Downton Abbey

downtown abbey

Downton Abbey – have you heard of it?  (hehe)  Of course, you have, and I am a total shameless sucker for this show.  If not for the incredible acting and British accents – then for the decor and thousands of tables-capes.  Bit mature for kids – but the hubs even approve.

4.  Merlin


Medieval attire, adventure, magical powers, a little romance, loyalty, and good vs evil – this show is nail-biting addicting!  I started it and the hubs couldn’t resist.  He insisted I only watch it with him and I had to pick a different show for my treadmill.  It’s a bit scary for my little ones – but I imagine pre-teens would be a good fit for this show.  Being Arther and all, there is a bit of sword fighting and such, but never bloody gross.  There is evil/sorcery in it, but not the kind that made me want to sleep with one eye open.  Wanted this show to last forever!

5.  Once Upon a Time

once upon a time

This is all your Disney/Storybook Characters come to life in one big story that will have you on the edge of your seat.  I LOOOOVE all the twists and turns in this show and unexpected moves.  This is another good vs. evil kind of show and will have you dying to know what happens next.  Once again, perhaps a bit scary for kids – they rip hearts out and such – but in a weird pretend kind of way.  I was more disturbed watching Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” animated film than this show.

6.  Call the Midwife

call the midwife

Darling show from my BBC friends!  There is a lot of mama’s giving birth – and let me tell you, each childbirth looks so real – I could swear they hire people to have babies on film.  Who knows!  This show was hard to watch running on the treadmill.  I was sobbing over almost every episode, it made it very hard to breathe!  This 1950’s London-based show is so very charming!  However, the husband didn’t want anything to do with it 😉  You’ll be smiling and crying through every episode!  (Just a side note – my 8-year-old walked in during one moment and swore she was never going to have kids.  Something you might consider before letting your kids watch it).

7.  When Calls the Heart

when calls the heart

I just discovered this one, and I’m not sure I can wait for Netflix to get the rest of the seasons up and going.  In my opinion, this is a well-done charming show done by none other than – Hallmark.  I think of it as a mix-up of Dr. Quinn Medicine woman and Christy (if you’ve heard of that).  A rich inspired woman treks over to the wild west and finds love and fulfillment in a town of poverty.  I would love to enjoy this with my girls.

8.  North and South

north and south

This was a quick little series from BBC, and I believe there are several versions of this 19th-century novel – but I thought it was an adorable love story.  I am pretty sure I was supposed to be born in this era.  But then again – not sure I could trade my yoga pants for corsets.  I think I will also add here if you are a BBC/Jane Austen kind of fan – be sure to check out this mini-series version of EMMA.  Way cute – but probably a bit boring for kids.

9.  Cedar Cove

cedar cove

Another fantastic Hallmark series with gorgeous filming in a picturesque town in Washington.  Clean, inspiring, just enough romance, and I’m pretty sure I want to have the grace and beauty of Andie McDowell when I am her age.  I would feel okay with my kids watching this – but they probably wouldn’t want to.

10.  Land Girls

land girls

Land Girls is all about British gals during world war II and remarkably done by BBC.  It is interesting to imagine the struggles and changes the women faced during that time.  These realities are most likely more than I would want to expose my kids too but provided wonderful inspiration for me.

I hope my list has been helpful to you, and I hope you give some of them a try!  I’m currently looking for another great, clean, and feel-good show so if you know of any – do share!

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  1. You must add a movie I watched last night! It’s called Forgotten Love, I’m usually asleep by 10pm but this movie was so beautifully done that I stayed up until 2am to finish it. It reminded me of Dr. Zhivago. The plot was intricate and unpredictable, the characters were deeply developed, the acting was superb, the scenery was georgeous, and costumes were authentic for the time period. There is a serious challenge to finding a movie, and especially streaming episodes with the absence of foul language, vulgarity, nudity, sex, and violence, yet captures your interests and engages your heart and mind in very complex plots.

  2. I just love some of the shows you have on your page. I have some shows to pick from know.
    Some of the new shows I have not seen or heard about can’t wait to see some of those shows.

  3. I also love those shows. One of my favorites not mentioned that I noticed is mcleod’s daughters. It is a really good series that lasted 8 seasons and 212 episodes. One my favorite for quite a while. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. Great list! I was looking for a new serie to watch and now I´ve a bunch. I’ve also loved Chesapeake shore. Beautiful story about a family in a small town.

  5. Heartland is good, as well as cedar cove and north/south. When calls the heart is okay…I like the style/plot/period of downtime Abby but not for some of the agenda they put in it. ‘‘Tis a shame cause otherwise would be really good (though compared to must “popular” modern shows use game of thrones, Westfield, modern family, scandal etc its a heck of a lot better…) Same for once upon a time- really liked it until they added agenda crap that definitely would not have been in the original fairy tales…

    1. I loved so many of these shows ! Virgin River, Sweet Magnolia and Parenthood (no nudity but has a little scenes with Insinuating love scenes) are good shows to watch! Thank you for a the ideas! What is the best streaming app that has many of the shows on? I looked a few of them up and did not see many on Netflix.

  6. Thank you so much for these lists. My mom lives with me, so I’m always looking for good things that we can watch together. I would also like to recommend the following on Netflix:
    -Good Witch (I think that’s from the Hallmark channel)
    -The English Game (by the same guy that did Downton Abbey)

    Keep up the good work:)


  7. Thanks so much for the list! We’ve watched four of the ten and love them all.
    A couple suggestions I have is Home fires. It takes place during World War II in a small English village.
    The second recommendation is Father Brown which also takes place in a small English village in the years right after world war II.

  8. Useful information, it’s what I’m looking for. That was great for me. Thanks for your sharing

  9. So glad my all-time favourite show Merlin is on the list. In fact, it’s this show ending that makes me search ‘clean Netflix shows’ these days : (

    My other recommendations would be the Lark Rise to Candleford and Victoria. For a show that is partly a love story (between the young queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert) it’s good to see things are tastefully done so far. : )

  10. Great list I have watched 6 if the series and lived each one. I recently discovered the joy of Netflix binging.

  11. I was looking for clean things to watch online and found your list. I am SUPER particular about what I watch. I was a little disappointed in your list. North and South, and When Calls the Heart are the only things on your list that I can agree without reservations are “clean”. Perhaps a few of the others are “cleanER” than a lot of what is out there but they still include greed, deception, sex, lust, adultery, etc. NOT what I consider clean entertainment. I truly believe that what we watch affects us – I think that if we are going to talk about clean entertainment then we should be looking for things that encourage us, uplift us, and challenge us to be come the best version of ourselves. 🙂 <3

  12. I haven’t seen anyone mention Doctor Blake! I love this show!! So excited season 4 is out!!
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that isn’t disgusted with the lack of quality tv! Seems like every show I try watching on Netflix or prime has nudity, the f-word and lots of other swearing! EVen some that are TV-14!!!! No 14 yr old of mine is going to be allowed to watch that smut!! C’mon, streaming networks, put out some good clean stuff for us!!!

    1. Are all the poldark series suitable? A lot of series start out ok and then change. I’m talking about nudity and swearing really?

  13. You are a woman after my own heart. You named some of my favourites too (sorry not spelling is different, not American)! I’m just binging on “When Calls the Heart”. What about Signed, Sealed, Delivered? It’s also from Hallmark.

    1. Hoping for more suggestions. I’m re-watching When Calls the Heart, but having fun watching Doc Martin along with Lark Rise to Candleford. Also able to watch Rosemary and Thyme on Youtube.

        1. You’re welcome, I also found a place where I can stream from my laptop to TV and it has the series of Signed, sealed and delivered so will watch that soon, thanks for that tip 🙂

  14. Love these suggestions but have almost gone through them all. Anymore out there that are recent. My all time fave is When Calls The Heart! Thank you.

  15. Unfortunately, Netflix just pulled “Notrth and the South” I loved that show. They also recently pulled “Murder Sge wrote” which I was bummed because we are also looking for movies that don’t make you feel “yuck” afterward. “Psych” was another series that was clean. I’m aBrendan Doyle fan, so if you YouTube search: “The Glass Virgin” a great -and clean movie comes up- slight violence when the young girl lead gets attacked – but hero (Doyle) comes to rescue. Another period piece. Feel good movie. Thanks for your post. Clean series are hard to find. Has anyone tried “Pure flicks”? A new company?

    1. I don’t subscribe to Pure flixs but have seen several movies that are listed on their site and they are all good christian movies. One of my favorites is The Encounter.

        1. They had that on Netflix for a bit but it disappeared! Thank you for letting me know where else I can find it!

  16. Thank you so much for this list! I would recommend From Time to Time with Maggie Smith as a great film – clean, intelligent, intriguing, and amazing scenery, characters, and message.

  17. Pingback: Collection Blog
  18. THANK YOU for this awesome list–I had so much fun reading through the comments and making quite a long to-watch list! Just finished the first two seasons of Poldark–an awesome BBC series. Can’t wait for season 3 to come out this summer!

  19. “Wind At My Back” was a wonderful series from Canada that I watched on TV, however I don’t know if it’s on Netflix. I think you can buy the DVD series though. “The Paradise” and “When Calls the Heart” are two of my favorites. These are all good, clean shows. Another one is Anne of Green Gables. Last year for Christmas one of our daughters gave us the Little House on the Prairie DVD series and that was absolutely the best Christmas present ever. My husband and I watched two, and sometimes three episodes, every evening for about three months or more. Then I purchased the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and read all of them. This year she gave us The Waltons DVD series and now we’re watching those. Cedar Cove was a real good series that I also enjoyed watching, and lately we watched a series on Netflix called The Throne. I’m pretty sure that’s the name of it. It’s about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and is very good.

  20. Jeeves and Wooster is an hilarious, early 1900s BBC show that my kids about 10+ have enjoyed along with me, and my husband even decided it was good! We’ve liked most of the shows you mentioned, and I’m glad to have ideas for more. Thanks to all the commenters also!

  21. Just discovered your site today, while searching for additional quality shows to entertain during housework and hobbies. Coincidentally, I’ve watched (and enjoyed) all but one that I can now add… Merlin. I haven’t checked yet, but I hope it’s still available on Netflix. A couple to add that both my teenage daughter and I both enjoyed are Bomb Girls and Bletchley Circle. Being 17, she’s mature enough for both.

    Thanks not only for the blog but kudos to you, Gwen (and to hubby Kevin, too) for sharing your life and ideas with us. I, too, have four children, although my youngest is already 14. Unfortunately there wasn’t a computer in our home when most of our kids were preschoolers (I would have particularly utilized the idea to ‘lock their toys away’), but I’m so grateful that Moms of today have such wonderful (and beautiful) resources like ‘Tidbits’. Well Done!

  22. Great list! I am searching for some new shows while hubs is gone this week.

    You’ve got to try Psych, Monk, and White Collar! Some really great PG shows from USA a few years back.

  23. What an awesome resource. I already watch 5 on your list, so I know I won’t be dissaplonted by the others!

  24. This post was perfect and exactly what I needed. I love watching Netflix but have trouble finding a series I really enjoy because of the reasons you listed. I started watching How I Met Your Mother but every episode left traces of that icky feeling you talked about. Friends is great but there is still too much “birds and bees” for me. I watched the first season and a half of Young and Hungry because I got addicted to it but I realized it was the same way and I didn’t like the kind of drama it involved. I went on Google this morning and typed in “clean sitcoms” and your post was the first thing that came up. I am so glad I found it and am excited to get started on some of these shows! I have always wanted to watch Downton Abbey and didn’t realize it was available for free streaming with Amazon Prime! Yay!! Thank you for your post.

  25. THANK YOU for this list! I read your post and thought “this lady is my spirit mom!” I tell everyone that I will only watch shows that I wouldn’t have to turn off if my kids came in the room (so I have some things on my own personal faves list that have mature content but none of the “quick! turn off the TV!!” stuff). I don’t have a ton of time in my day and I want to spend my free time feeling uplifted! A few of my own Netflix faves – Psych, Chicago Fire (with the hubs), and Switched at Birth (mature content in later seasons but a good show). I also love watching Just Add Magic, Gortimer Gibbons, and Annedroids with the kids on Amazon Instant Video. Thanks for sharing this list, and please add more as you come across any new shows!

  26. A mom like me! Okay, not exactly, but a mom that can give me some uplifting, clean, good ideas for myself and family. I see so many TV shows, Facebook posts, news reports, etc. that make me feel yuck. Looking through your blog, even if that’s all I do, makes me feel good. I’m happy.

  27. “When Calls The Heart” and “Heartland” are at the top of my list. They’re the cleanest and least scary on your list that I’ve seen. And “Cedar Cove”! LOVE it! I’ve read all the books. I tried “Once Upon A Time”, but it got too dark for me. I’m a little sensitive and should probably be lumped in with the kids when it comes to screening shows for me to watch. 😉 I look forward to trying some of your suggestions that I haven’t yet. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Love once and Merlin (darn shame it was cancelled) I just finished lark rise to candle ford it was a lovely 3 season show set in two small towns while they are still wearing dresses and using horses you see some industry beginning. Not sure if it’s on Netflix but it’s onhulu

  29. Thank you for sharing! I have seen about half of these and am always on the lookout for shows that have appropriate content!

    I also like Murdoch mysteries ( the first few seasons) and Bletchey Circle!

    1. I appreciate your recommendations. I haven’t tried any of those but can’t wait. I am out of a movie at the moment so thank you!

  30. I am so excited to watch some of these shows. I am so disappointed with most of the tv shows on right now and just want some clean enjoyable shows to watch. Thanks for this list.

  31. Great list! I, too, love Murder in Paradise, Psych, Monarch of the Glen, Midsomer Murders (may be too much for kids), Doc Martin, Keeping up Appearances (hysterical) and several others that were mentioned. I added some others that were listed to my queue. Thanks to all that listed shows! Gotta love Pinterest!

  32. I just googled around for some new Netflix shows and found your blog. Almost all of the above are my favourites! Love them!


  33. I know this a little different from those on your list, and I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned it in the comments, but “Psych” is a great show that is light-hearted, generally pretty clean and so much fun! They are solving murder mysteries, so if that upsets you, maybe take a pass, but there’s hardly any blood or guts. Plus, the jokes and references to the 1980’s are hilarious!

  34. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m always on the lookout for some decent TV shows that don’t have me covering my eyes in the first 10 seconds!

    I LOVE Heartland!! One of my favorite shows! I started to watch Cedar Cove, but MAN, the acting is SO BAD! LOL, sometimes it’s tough to watch! I’m also a HUGE fan of Dowtown Abbey!!

    I’m about to check out The Paradise!

    Have you seen Reign? It’s not to awful – it’s kind of cheesy, but I can’t recall any nudity, or any cringe worthy scenes.

  35. Loved your list….here in Canada not sure we get all these but I’m going to go look! My daughter discovered North and South and now all of us (I have 4 daughters) get together and watch it at least every year! Love it…we also love Call the Midwife and Downtown Abby. Have you been able to watch White Collar? My husband and I love it and are so happy that it’s so clean but funny, adventuresome and the writing is awesome….Mozzie has some wonderful lines!!! Thanks again for the ideas!

    1. Glad you liked it and hope you can find a few to love. I bet you’ll love heartland, as I believe that is filmed in Canada. Actually, I just recently finished watching White Collar, because so many suggested that to me. I did love it too. Something my husband and I could both enjoy. Thanks for coming by!

  36. Forgot to mention that I love your list. We have enjoyed many of you picks: Heartland is one of my all time favorites, When Calls the Heart and just about all the PBS and BBC series!

  37. My son got me hooked on “Hart of Dixie”. About at NYC doctor who does not get the residency she wants because she needs to better understand the heart of people. She ends up in a little town in Bluebell, AL…where she begins to learn all about the heart – southern style. With character names like Lemon and Meatball, you know there is always going to be a surprise around the corner. Hope you enjoy as much as we have. There are 66 episodes on Netflix ND another 10 or 12 on AmazonPrime.

    1. Becareful with Hart of Dixie though, it starts to get raunchy after the first season when she starts hopping in bed with her neighbor

  38. Heartland and When Calls the Heart are my favorites. I haven’t watched some of the others but I will have to check them out.

  39. Love your list, I have to mention Doc Martin, it’s such a lovable, laughable , cozy show! And of course Gilmore Girls, I have gotten so many people to watch this series, it is wonderful. My son even enjoyed watching it, also my daughter and myself watch the whole series every fall.

  40. Another British favorite is “Doc Martin”. Just waiting for next season. The British seasons seem to be much shorter than ours.

  41. If you like murder mysteries that are clean and somewhat funny, too – then I’d recommend “Death in Paradise” from the BBC. I just watched 3 seasons straight through while exercising on my bike. 3 seasons is all that Netflix has right now – I just finished yesterday and I feel like I lost a friend for my exercise! 🙂

  42. I was pretty shocked to see this list did not include Gilmore Girls! Clean, great, and 7 whole seasons on Netflix.

  43. Have you seen Haven? It’s from the SciFi channel and I think the first 5 Seasons are on Netflix. It’s based on a Stephen King novel and set in Haven, Maine. I had a surgery in June and watched the whole thing. I loved it because it is good, clean Fun with genuine characters. Each episode is its own story so You can watch it over a Period of time and really enjoy it!

  44. I loved “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” on the Hallmark Channel, and also “The Good Witch”.
    I have been happily watching all of these shows listed, for a long time now. Especially from the BBC…
    I read all of Agatha Christie when I was little, and was beside myself when they were adapted for TV.

  45. I love your list!!! If you ever want to try an American show (lol) I love – ROYAL PAINS- It is about a concierge doctor in the hamptons that works with his brother the gooffy one. Its funny and mysterious and still maintans family values. I dont recall much cussing or burds and bees time…. I do watch it with my 6 year old daughter. I have epilepsy and she likes medical shows, so she will know what to do if someone is hurting (I love it). It is sad to say that no matter what I always have the remote close to me so I can FF if I ned to. But as far as I remember this is safe and sound!- and lots of episoes

  46. I forgot to mention on my earlier post about Gilmore Girls, a sweet story about the strong bond and relationship between a single mom and her teen / young adult daughter. Midsummer Murders is an excellent series.

  47. I agree with the ladies that posted about Miss Fisher’s Mysteries, Foyles War, Doc Martin, and Monarch of the Glen. I’m finding that British shows are my favorites. I just found a show on PBS (free download) – Crimson Field. It’s about 3 volunteer British nurses serving in a British Army hospital during WWI. The field hospital is located just 30 miles from the front. There are only 6 shows but I really enjoyed them a lot. Thanks for the suggestions you and others have posted. Several are my favorites as well.

  48. GREAT list!!! Some I’ve watched, some already in my queue to watch and a few brand new suggestions!!!

  49. No longer on Netflix, but you might enjoy ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ if you can find it. Aussie TV show that ran for 8 seasons,about 2 sisters running the family cattle ranch in the outback. Super cast! Some episodes were a bit dark, but it was meant to portray life. You might want to read through a list of Aussie terms first, though. ?

    1. That sounds really really good. I’ll see if I can get my hands on it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. It’s on Hulu! I’m glad someone gave this show the cred. It deserves! Great show! I felt like I lost a family of friends when it finally ended. Husband and I both loved it so much! Thanks for helping me add to my list!

  50. Try “Last Tango in Halifax”….it has the sweetest love story between two widowed people in their seventies. Their grandchildren put them both on Facebook, and they find each other. It’s quite sweet.

  51. Lovely list,thank you. I discovered 3 that I am no interested in and at such a great time when most shows are on break 🙂

  52. Great posts, thanks for all the input everybody. Our favorite now is Heartland, we need more actually so this posts was really helpful. Sorry I don’t have any to add. We tried watching Cedar Cove and it was just too soap oprah-ish. And bad acting. Sorry just the way I felt. And we both have trouble understanding accents.

    1. I agree Cove started off good but then got a bit cheesy and artificial as it progressed. The rest are good picks especially loved granite flats, heartland, and midwives. Another great one is Madam Secretary! My husband and I loved watching it together and that’s tough to find. Wish there were more seasons.

  53. Ooohhh thanks so much for this! We are Netflix-Blogging Kindred Spirits 🙂 I only get to watch “my shows” when I work out as well, and many are the ones already on this list!

    Two that I’ve watched that you didn’t mention here that are clean (but a bit more actiony but not enough for hubby to enjoy them) are Dr. Who and also White Collar.

    I only had a few of these on my list–so just went and added the rest–super excited! Thank you!

  54. Phenomenal list and I could not agree more with these choices! Once Upon A Time is my ultimate favorite TV show and I also love Heartland. I grew up reading those books and loved them. So happy they made it into a TV series. Great list and thank you for sharing your suggestions. I plan on watching them all! 🙂

  55. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this list! I happened upon your blog while searching for clean shows on Netflix. After finishing Call the Midwife recently, I was stumped as to what to watch without being disgusted. Definitely will be checking some of these out, along with those suggested by other commenters!

  56. I also loved The Paradise so much and also Call the Midwife. I work in an OB/GYN office for a good while and there’s nothing like birthing babies! Hi to lean toward the BBC and period pieces. I can’t wait to check out your other choices and have been meaning to tackle Downtown Abbey for quite a while. Thanks for the great suggestions as well as all of the suggestions and your comments. I’m also enjoying Sherlock quite a bit, at the recommendation have my 17-year-old stepson but then Benjamin Cumberpatch make that very easy! LOL

  57. larkrise to Candleford is a wonderful show. Great characters and family values. i’m not sure it’s available on Netflix, I think maybe Amazon prime

  58. Murdoch Mysteries is great! A detective in the 1890’s that solves cases using early and innovative forensic sciences to solve his cases. My favorite part is when they make reference to an invention that we have now a days, but seems absurd to them.

    1. We like Murdoch Mysteries as well. In fact, we got so hooked on the characters that we subscribed to Hulu Plus so we could watch other seasons. I think Netflix only has the first three. Thanks for the list! I writing them down.

  59. I also loveGranite Flats and When Calls the Heart. Another Hallmark series is Signed, Sealed and Delivered. Hopefully a new season will be coming up soon. I also loved Early Edition way back when and watched all the seasons on Youtube with my hubby who had never seen it before. He watched all of them with me and loved it.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about those other Hallmark shows! Can’t wait to give them a try. Nothing quite as good as a predictable feel good hallmark movie 😉

    1. I believe they have the first season on instant streaming. Then I watch the rest on my Amazon Prime, or if you have the Netflix plan where they send DVD’s to your home, they do have the whole Downton Abbey that way.

      1. For Downton Abbey, do you pay extra on Amazon prime to buy the seasons or are they included in your Amazon Prime membership? I can only find the ones you have to buy the seasons. Thanks for this list! 🙂

    1. Oh man. That is a serious bummer. I’m hoping The Paradise is at least one you can get 🙁 Amazon Prime has a few of them, so that might be an option to look into.

    1. I second Monarch of the Glen! It took a couple episodes to really take off I think but it’s so addicting! I’m not one to rewatch things, but I’ve watched it over again… 🙂

  60. I loved ‘Finding Normal’. It’s not a series, but a wonderful movie for the whole family to enjoy. Thanks for your list.

  61. Thank you so much. A few series I attempted to watch lately on my own and I had to turn it off I was so disgusted .
    This is amazing to know which will be safe with my children. Thank you so much

    1. Yes, it is hard to know if something is going to be decent. So many NR’s are totally okay but then there are some that are horrible! I too have had to shut down many and am so grateful when I find a good one! Thanks for commenting for me!

  62. If you are looking for an awesome movie – “Unconditional” is a great one! I wish it could become a series!

    1. try the movie souls of the night i think robert redford … loved it
      loved most on your list looking forward to an update

  63. “Heartland” is my #1 favorite show! I’ve told lots of friends and family to check it out…and I’m so happy that you love it, too! Thanks for taking the time to list your top ten shows.

    1. I love Heartland so much and have hooked others. Bough Season 7 sincr it is not on Netflix yet and have friends in Canada looking for Season 8 on dvd.!

  64. Some of my favorites too… Downton, Once Upon a Time, The Paradise (I hope there are more seasons!), When Calls the Heart (in the middle of that one now-disappointed that it’s nothing like the book it’s based on, but still good!), and Call the Midwife. Looking forward to checking out your other recommendations!

  65. Cami you totally got me hooked on The Paradise! I’ve stayed up way too late every night this week watching this show!!! I love it, good recommendation. I just wish there was more than 2 seasons 🙁

  66. I just wanted to say that I think number one is supposed to be Mr. Selfridge? I think The Paradise is about prostitutes in a bar? Not sure but you might want to check before you send people there, if you’re not sure that is. 🙂

    1. The Paradise I recommended and watched was nothing of the sort! It is about a department store, but very different from Mr. Selfridge. I’ve watched The Paradise twice, and would never recommend something I didn’t watch. But thank you for checking.

      1. The only problem with The Paradise is that there are only two seasons. I came across it a couple weeks ago, and I love it!! Trying not to watch it too quickly, because I’m going to be sad when it’s done. Thanks for the list of other shows to watch…although I’ve probably already watch over half of them. Keep us posted if you find more. 🙂

        1. I agree! Major bummer there isn’t any more. We should protest! Ha. Thanks for leaving a comment for me.

      1. So I watched both seasons (already, that was fast) and really liked it. Really very clean for a show this day and age. Those are really hard to find. Thanks so much for sharing your finds. I look forward to checking out more of your suggestions. I wonder where I got the idea about the prostitutes. I read something somewhere that gave me that idea. So either they were misinformed or I misunderstood what I was reading about. Anyhow, thanks for your post. If you find anymore let us know! 🙂

    2. The Paradise – sweetest show. Not about a bar at all. It is much like Selfridge. My opinion so much better:)

    3. I LOVED The Paradise! Very well done and they spared no expense keeping the characters in the proper period-style clothing. I too was so disappointed they only had 2 seasons. Bring back The Paradise!

    1. Yes! Doc Martin is amazing! Can’t wait for the new season that is supposed to come out next year! One of the best BBC series out there!

  67. I’m so glad Merlin made your list!!! I love that show! I’m watching it for the third time. Also When Calls the Heart. I may have watched it in 2 days. :/ Sad that it only has the one season right now. Great list! I’m going to look up some of these others.

    1. I do love Merlin! Glad to hear someone else is a fan. I made it through When Calls the Heart pretty fast too. Hoping the next season comes soon!

  68. We just finished watching Wolf hall which was really wonderful. I love that so many of your picks are BBC, being an ex pat I love to watch pbs and all the British things they show. Am looking forward to watching Poldark which starts later this month.
    thanks for some great recommendations. one of my other favorites is Midsummer murders.

  69. I’ve started watching Grand Hotel – Spanish version of Dowton Abbey. It’s in Spanish so you do have to read the subtitles but I enjoy foreign shows

    1. I’ve noticed that on Netflix. Ironically, I tried to watch it before I wrote this post, but couldn’t stand reading the subtitles. Think we can convince them to do a English version?

  70. I too don’t have much time for tv, but I love to have Netflix binges ever so often…lol. I have always loved:

    Poirot, and occasionally watch those episodes twice.

    Rosemary and Thyme is lovely. A who-done-it series. Mostly in the English countryside.

    Vicar of Dibley…wonderfully funny series. A female vicar in a small English village. Oh the antics that follow. Occasional innuendos, but nothing the kids would catch on to.

    Cadfael..a monk solves mysteries with only his surroundings to guide him for clues.

    Keeping up Appearances..truly hilarious.

    Oh my, I realize that I have just listed mostly comedies and mysteries. Well, we all need a laugh now and then. Take care~

    1. Thank you so much for sharing those titles with us! I have seen those but never clicked on them, as I was unsure of what they were about. Looks like you’ve added to my list!

    2. Gwynn, I read your comment and just had to comment back. First of all, your name. Second, all the shows you listed were my late mom’s favorites. Too cool! 🙂

      1. Hah! Awesome name ya got there! And, coincidentally, the shows I listed were all on my late mother’s list of favs too. She got me hooked on them. But I am truly glad for it. 🙂

  71. Dr. Who!!!! It is my absolute favorite show! You never know if it will be a happy, serious, or scary. The Doctor hates violence, so there is some but it is very little. BBC does some amazing work.

    1. Yes, we would be lost without BBC. I know many who love Dr. Who. Gonna have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Great list! My new favorite is Granite Flats! It’s about a group of kids solving mysteries in the 50’s. It’s got espionage, double agents, Cary Elwes and Christopher Lloyd.

    1. I am so excited to try Granite Flats! Just heard about it today through this post. Thank you for taking the time to share!

      1. Another one is “Lark Rise to Candleford”. I found it on Netflix. After 5 seasons they quit because it was a good thing going and they didn’t want to wear it out. Love it!

    2. Great list but I would add Blue Bloods and NCIS. These have a more modern feel. The characters are interesting like a good book.