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I have been so excited for today!  I am really hoping that what I have to share with you will be useful and you might be as thrilled about it as I am.

Today is the day I am going to share 6 wonderful resources for inspiring, teaching, exciting, and encouraging a child in your life.

To do this, I have reached out to 6 different companies, all who make and send subscriptions boxes to kids of all ages – full of educational, creative, entertaining and inspiring material for your child to dig through.

Activities for Kids on Your Doorstep

Why would I do that, you ask?


Well, about 2 months ago my sister discovered a subscription box, and gifted one to my 8 year old daughter.  My daughter was enthralled! – (to say the least).  It was the first thing she played with when she woke up.  It was the first thing she ran to when she got home from school.  She made the very most out of every single thing in that box, until she was ready to store it in her closet.  That subscription box still makes its way out to play every now and again.

{And just in case this is the first time you’ve heard about a “subscription box”, it works just like a subscription magazine where you pay up front and they deliver your goodies every month in the mail.}

I was so impressed with this box I began searching for more to buy her.  That’s when I realized there were so many subscription boxes for kids – how is a mommy supposed to know which is the best for her child!  (Of course in a perfect world I could afford them all).


That’s when I decided to use the power of being a “mommy blogger”.

I wondered if a subscription box was something you already knew about.  I wondered how I might share the goodness of these products with my readers.  I wondered if you had a favorite, and we could chat about it.  I wondered how it was possible to know what was truly inside and which one my kids would love the most.

And then, I wondered . . .


. . . is it possible that I could find some companies that would send me a box for FREE to review and write about and share with all my lovely TIDBITS readers – so we could all decided which one is best for our children?

And get this!!  5 of them said, “YES!”  Whoa, I was so excited!  1 of them did not offer this option, but I had to buy it anyway to review for you because I thought it was still worth hearing about (I will disclose later which one this is).

So if you are as excited about this as I am (cue thoughts of long summer days with nothing for your kids to do), I have an entire weeks worth of posts to roll out, each featuring a detailed review of one of these fantastic subscription boxes.

In each post I’ll have a new box ready for review with loads of pictures of my kids in action.


I will be providing information such as:

  • Look at cost
  • Engagement
  • Area of interest
  • Deals and Promotions
  • Age Range
  • Assistance Needed
  • Links for purchase (all affiliate links)
  • Other

What I will not be providing is statements such as, “This one is the best” or “totally buy this one and not this one”.  Why?  Because I have hand picked all the best ones out there and you can’t go wrong with any of them.  Also, each child has different interests and personalities.  What is best for my child is not best for yours.  But I will be sharing what sort of interests and hobbies they are geared to so you can spend your money on the most worthwhile one for your child.

Lastly, I want to give you a quick line up of what boxes you will find in my reviews (in case you want to do any research on your own beforehand).

I would love to hear if you have tried subscription boxes before!  Is there one you love that isn’t on my list to review?  Is there anything else you would like to know?

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I will get a percentage of sales if you use my links.  As always, I never recommend a product I do not use and love, and using my links is so appreciated.

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  2. Thank you Alissa! Just trying out one of the thousand ideas we got at that conference! Here’s to hoping it works!

  3. I have never heard of this, but it sounds awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing! I think my kids would love this.

    1. Kelli dear – thanks for commenting! I always smile when I hear from you. All these boxes are really great . . . and they might even ship to no-where Wyoming 😉

      1. Hi, I was wondering if you did freelance blog writing on the side for other blogs. If so please reach back out to me. Thanks!

  4. There are two cooking subscription boxes I’d be interested to see what you thought: Raddish and Kidstir. We’ve tried one of the Raddish boxes, not the subscription, but a single box and everything the kids made they loved (and we did too). We love Kiwi Crate and their other crates as well. We’ve done Koala and Tinker. Lots of fun.

    1. My sister did Kidstir and really really loved it. I’ll have to look into Raddish, as I had never heard of that one. If I see a great enough interest in my reviews, I just might have to do more! And I agree – Kiwi crate is fantastic!

    1. Thank you! All of them are so great – but one of them is certain to be best for your kids! I hope I can help. And I agree, when each one showed up at our door my kids went ba-zerk!

  5. Cannot wait for these posts. Thanks for doing the research and asking the questions of the companies. I am excited. This might be one thing that helps get me thru the summer. I already have a list of things, but would love to add something else to my arsenal!

    1. So glad to hear it Kristie! I, too, am excited to use these this summer. I do believe they will save my sanity! I just love how they provide all the ideas, materials and activities so I don’t have to think about it! Sometimes, my creativity is wore out 😉 Hope you enjoy!