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This is part of a series of reviews on subscription boxes for kids.  To read why I am reviewing these boxes, go here

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Have you heard of the Kiwi Crate?  Chances are, if you know about subscription boxes for kids, you have heard of the Kiwi Crate.  It is one of the more commonly well known boxes for 1 good reason.


Kiwi Crate was super kind to send me not only 1 free box to review for you, but they included a sibling kit so 2 of my kids could enjoy it!


And did they ever.

Kiwi Crate Review - Subscription Box

So let’s dive in to the Kiwi Crate!


I will be writing my opinion on 7 things which I believe will be helpful for you in deciding if the Kiwi Crate is the best subscription box for your child.

#1 – Area of Interest

The specific box we received was geared towards baking and kitchen fun.  My kids happen to love that stuff, but taking a look at all the other themed boxes included in a Kiwi Crate subscription, I came to the conclusion that Kiwi Crate was perfect for children who are makers and dreamers.  Every kit they offer has your child getting their hands “dirty” (figuratively and literally) and making all sorts of things they can be proud of.  Along with that, the things they make and learn really encourages pretend play and imagination.


My two kids (ages 4 and 6) really took their new role as chefs pretty seriously after they explored their box.


 If you want your child to learn something as well, this box is perfect for you.  They will be learning all sorts of science facts found in the booklets and brochures included.  There were yeasts experiments, and measuring facts and so much more to learn and discover.  As embarrassing as this is to admit . . . I even learned a few things.


 Kiwi Crate has such a variety of theme boxes, and I am certain any maker and dreamer would like each and every one.  They have boxes about dinosaurs, fairy’s, space heroes and even the wild west (to name a few).  There is really something for everyone.

 #2 – Age Range

The Kiwi Crate itself is targeted for kids ages 4-8.  But what is so great about this company, is that they haven’t forgotten about the other kids.  If you take a look at their website, you’ll notice at the top there is a box called the Koala Crate, which is for children ages 3-4.  Then there is the Tinker Crate, designed for kids 9-14.  But they don’t stop there!  For ages 9 and all the way up into the teen years, there is the Doodle Crate which looks so fun (even for me).  They definitely have us covered!


#3 – Single or Multiple Children

Something I thought you would need to consider if you have multiple kids, is whether more than one of your children can participate in the monthly subscription, or if you would need to buy more than 1.  Basically, how much bang for your buck.


Is goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), you need to consider how well your kids can be trained to share.  Being the frugal thinker I am, I would say I could have stretched this kit to delight 2 children.  One color the hat, one color the apron and so forth.  But what is so great about the Kiwi Crate, is they have the sibling add-on option, in which they stock double the supplies, and the add-on is about half the price of a full kit!  So you basically get 2, and only pay for 1 1/2.  Love how they have thought of everything!


#4 – Length of Engagement

So, is this box only going to buy my kids 1 hour of entertainment – or is there enough material to make it worth my money?

Good question.

Again, depends on your kid.  But I couldn’t believe what they packed in this box.  There were the 2 main activities, which were decorating an apron and chef hat, (which my kids loved) . . .


. . . and making a cake – the non-edible type (think spreadable frosting that hardens forever).  Adorable!


Not even considering the time it took them to finish it, just these 2 activities have provided hours of play for my little imaginative girls.  But then there is a booklet full of activities to do, recipes to try, experiments to discover – the fun just doesn’t stop.  To get through everything included in this box, will take you days (assuming daily life is involved in there as well).  We are still working on it!  That is money well spent.

#5 – Assistance Needed

How much you are involved in the process is really up to you.  I was probably just as excited about the box as my kids were, so I sat and explored with them – which was great mommy time.  For my Kindergartner who can read, there are wonderful instructions and illustrations to guide them through each step.  She could have done it on her own.


The illustrations are even helpful if your child can’t read.  Everything they needed for the activities was provided, all except scissors.


The activities were very age appropriate and my kids did them without any intervention (except when I couldn’t resist).


#6 – Cost

What you really want to know, right?

There are a whole bunch of price and add-on options which you can explore on the Kiwi Crate site.  I am going to give you 3 numbers here, to help you compare with the other boxes I am reviewing.  (Full list for that is here).

Option 1: Cost per single box – $19.95 + shipping costs

Option 2: Cost for monthly subscription billed each month – $19.95, free shipping

Option 3:  Cost for 12 month subscription payed in full up front –  $203.40, comes to $16.95 per month, free shipping

Any way you buy it, they are going to love it.


 #7 – Deals and Promotions

Lastly, I want to give you a heads up here if they are running any deals for you.  They do always have the option that if you refer someone, they can get $10 off and you can get $10 off (details on site).

You can also sign up for their newsletter and they will send you promotional deals as they happen.

And that wraps up my Kiwi Crate review!

If you love the sound of it, and you have some makers and dreamers yourself, go to the Kiwi Crate and join in!

Please remember all opinions are from my own view, and are given in all honesty as I have experienced them.

As always, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments as well.  Have you tried the Kiwi Crate?  Does it look like something your kids would enjoy.  Is there anything else you would like to know?  Let’s share!

*Also note, all links on my site for Kiwi Crate are affiliate links.  This means if you click on my links I will get a percentage of any sales, at no extra cost to you – which is so very much appreciated.  You can rest assured I never recommend a product I don’t use and love.

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  1. I love hearing that you have tried it too! It is a pretty incredible box. My kids have also combined everything with their play kitchen stuff. So fun!

  2. One thing to be aware of if you get multiple crates (Koala, Tinker etc) is that they do not ship at the same time. That has caused some minor difficulty at our house, but now that everyone understands that something is coming at some point (Tinker seems always last to arrive) it’s been easier for the kids to cope with. I tried intercepting them so that they wouldn’t know they’d arrived yet, but it doesn’t always work out. Just something to note. We really do love the play they inspire.

    1. That is wonderful input! Thank you for sharing! I could definitely see how that could be a problem with siblings. It is like Christmas morning when those boxes show up on the doorstep – and who likes to be left out of that! And I agree, they inspire wonderful play.