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How about a hug, Valentine! For the cutest Valentine gift, try this darling idea + free printable Valentine cards. It’s sure to make someone smile!

Small koala bears hug free printable valentine cards

I have been having tons of fun coming up with cute valentine gift ideas for you. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Recently, I shared my Have a Colorful Valentines Day!, You Are Worth Remembering, You’re One in a Million, Don’t Play with My Heart, Valentine, and Stuck on You valentine ideas. All are super cute, easy and low cost class valentines.

Now, I’ve got another goodie for you, and it’s my favorite. Can I say that every time?

If you’re looking for the cutest valentine gift or class valentines, then you’re going to love this “How About a Hug, Valentine!” idea. I made these valentines using my free printable valentine cards and little koala bear clips. It’s so adorable!

Your family, friends and classmates will be so delighted with this unique gift idea that they won’t even miss the candy, I promise!

For a complete list of all my class valentine ideas, see 13 of the Best Free Printable Valentines Day Cards for Students. You’re sure to find something you’ll love!

 A person holds a valentine cards with a pencil and a small koala bear

Why You’ll Love this “How About a Hug, Valentine!”

A girl holds "How About a Hug, Valentine!" cards with small animal clips on them

These hugging valentines are a hit, and I’ll tell you why:

  • They are cute, cute, cute!
  • Super fun to play with and give away
  • Loved by boys, girls and adults
  • A great way to show a little love
  • Different and unique
  • Low cost
  • Quick and easy to throw together

You’re going to love this valentine idea! Let me show you how it’s done.

Printable valentine cards and koala bear clips for "hugging" valentine

How to Get the Free “How About a Hug, Valentine! Printable

First, you’ll want to get your free “How About a Hug, Valentine!” printable. To do this, just fill out the sign up form below. You’ll be able to access this cute printable and much more.

*Already a subscriber? No need to fill out this form again. You have constant access to the through the TIDBITS Subscriber Library link and passcode shared on each newsletter.

Supplies for this Valentine

Along with your free printable valentine cards, you’ll need some cute clip-on critters.

If you want to jazz things up even more, you can add another element, like a pencil, for your little critter to grip.

Printable valentine cards, pencils and koala bear clips for valentine gifts

Where to Get Valentine Supplies

If you’re wondering where to get these cute little koala bear clips, you’re in luck.

I have put all my valentine supplies, including these pencils and koala bear clips in my TIDBITS & Company Valentines Moonsift board. Click over there for links to these fun products as well as many others.

Ideas for Putting it All Together

Once you’ve got your free printable valentine cards and animal clips, it’s as easy as just clipping them together.

A collection of "hugging" valentines laid across a table

If you want to make your valentines a little more elaborate, you can also clip in a pencil or something similar.

And that’s all there is to it! You’ve got a darling and fun valentine ready to give to classmates, friends, or family. This is a good one!

More Great Valentine Ideas

"How about a hug, Valentine!" cards and koala bears attached to pencils

I hope you enjoy this candy free valentine idea as much as I do. If you’re on the hunt for more Valentine’s Day inspiration, please feel free to take a look at some of my past projects. Talk to you soon, my friend!

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